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SendinBlue - Email Marketing

Модуль SendinBlue - Email Marketing

Разработал PrestaShop Partners

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Sendinblue : THE all-in-one module for your (marketing and transactional) email, newsletter & SMS.
Synchronize your Prestashop subscribers with Sendinblue, create beautiful email campaigns and communicate with your prospects and clients.

Данный модуль предлагает вам:


СРЕДНЯЯ КОРЗИНА Предложение специальной акции, соответствующей потребностям ваших клиентов


Трафик Возможность рассылать вашим пользователям информационные бюллетени

 With Sendinblue, you can:
  • Automatically synchronize your contacts on SendinBlue and pull up your sales
  • Create and send beautiful newsletters
  • Optimize deliverability in inbox of your transactional mails (subscription, order confirmation, etc.)
  • Follow results of your sendings in real time
  • Enjoy of a dedicated customer service, by phone or Email
See our tutorial :


  • Easily create stunning email, newsletter & SMS
  • Synchronize your subscribers’ list with Sendinblue (you no longer need to export your subscribers’ list from PrestaShop)
  • Automatically manage your unsubscribed email contacts  (automatic synchronization)
  • Choose your recipients through a powerful segmentation tool, and manage your campaigns
  • Track your results and optimize your campaigns
  • Monitor your transactional emails (purchase confirmation, password reset …) through improved deliverability and real-time analytics

-    Why should you use Sendinblue ?
  • Optimized deliverability
  • Unbeatable pricing – best value in the industry
  • Technical support, by phone or by email

Sendinblue meets everybody’s needs: from beginners to experts. You will find intuitive and powerful features.
  • Subscribers’ segmentation
  • Newsletter builders and HTML editors
  • Monitoring of your transactional email templates
  • Real-time, detailed reports
  • Dedicated IP for a protected reputation
  • And many other features
Your shop is in version 1.5 or 1.6? This module is already pre-installed and ready for use! To activate it, go to the "Modules" tab in your back office and click Install.
This module is available worldwide.

Legal compliance

Общий регламент по защите персональных данных (GDPR)

Этот модуль соответствует требованиям европейского Общего регламента по защите персональных данных.


  • Track your results and optimize your marketing practices
  • Let’s get started by signing up for free
  • Install the Sendinblue module for PrestaShop. You will need your API key: you can find it in the “Advanced Parameters” of your SendinBlue account
  • Follow the configuration instructions inside the module
  • Once your module is installed and configured, and according to the options you have activated

a.      All your subscribers, customers or prospects, are automatically imported in your SendinBlue account
b.      Easily create your marketing and transactional Emails with our newsletter builders and HTML editors
c.      Create and send your marketing and transactional SMS
d.      Send your emails in the inbox of your prospects and customers

Что нового в версии 2.8.0(21.05.2019)

  • Change in Abandoned Cart feature

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  • Совместимость v1.4.0.1 - v1.7.5.2

  • Версия 2.8.0 (21.05.2019)

  • Требует подписки на дополнительно сервис Да

  • Включено в PrestaShop Да

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