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JMango360 Mobile App Builder

Модуль JMango360 Mobile App Builder

Разработал Community developer
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Increase customer loyalty and triple your mobile sales with a stunning iOS & Android App that’s integrated with your Prestashop store. From €199,- per month your brand will have a feature-rich and beautifully designed shopping app.

Данный модуль предлагает вам:


Навигация Возможность привлекать клиентов через мобильные устройства / планшеты

  • Increase your mobile conversion with your own m-commerce App
  • Easy to manage: no technical skills required to manage your beautiful App
  • Low set-up costs combined with an annual subscription

M-commerce is exploding, and Apps are leading the way with 3.6 x better conversion than mobile websites.
Before, m-commerce Apps were beyond the reach of many online retailers, with development costs starting at €20,000 per platform. Now, JMango360 changes the game by introducing feature rich and beautiful apps, and a subscription model with low monthly costs. JMango360 is the easy & affordable way for online merchants to get their own beautiful m-commerce App. Hundreds of web stores worldwide already use JMango360. Get your own App now!


M-commerce User-friendly shopping cart experience to boost your mobile commerce
Deep integration with Prestashop allows continuous synchronisation of all products, prices, descriptions, pictures, stock levels, user management and even the shipping and payment methods setup.
Updates & Upgrades included; don’t worry about updating your product catalogue as it is completely synchronised with your webstore.
Free unlimited push notifications A powerful demand generation channel, push notifications grab the attention of your App users. Did you know that push message have an 71% open rate, and that 91% of these are read within an hour after sending?
No obligations Cancel your monthly subscription at any time, with a month’s notice.
Low, monthly fee No large investment upfront: You only pay a low monthly fee: €199 - for the lifetime of your App.
Fast & Easy Making a beautiful App is really easy. With just one click, all relevant store data is imported into your App. Next, you change the App’s design using our intuitive Do-It-Yourself platform.
Beautiful designs Delight your customers with award winning, beautiful designs! And of course, you can design the App to fit seamlessly with your company branding!
iOS & Android No need to create multiple Apps for different operating systems, just build one App for both iOS & Android!
Consumers love Apps! App users are more loyal than mobile website users. They are twice as likely to return the next day, view twice as many products and they convert 3 x better than mobile website users.
Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment E-commerce mobile websites show an average shopping cart abandonment rate of about 70% while the shopping cart abandonment rate in Apps is below 20%.
Improved User Experience Users rate the User Experience in m-commerce Apps much better than mobile websites resulting in a higher appreciation of your business.

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Consumers love Apps! Online merchants benefit from App users because they are more loyal and engaged than mobile website users. App users are twice as likely to return the next day, they view twice as many products and their shopping conversion rate is more than 30% higher than mobile website users

Higher conversion E-commerce websites show a shopping cart abandonment rate of about 70% while Apps only show a > 20% shopping cart abandonment rate

Improved User Experience Compared to a responsive mobile website, mobile Apps offer far superior user experience. Customers appreciate your company more if you have an App

Push messages Always be top of mind with your customers by sending them push messages

Speed Apps load faster as their content is already on the device. Regardless of the quality of the internet connection, your customer can shop anytime, anywhere


"By offering our sneakers fans the best mobile experiences, we've achieved a 300% increase in mobile sales and 187% more returning customers" says JMango360 customer Arno Vink, ecommerce manager Cruyff Classics.

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Getting your own App is as simple as 1, 2, 3….Install the App from the Prestashop Addon Store. The JMango360 Team will create and design the app in line with the website, validate the App and fix any bugs. As part of the set-up you are provided with one feedback round to adjust the design to make it exactly as you want it to be. When you’re happy with the designs, preview your App on your own smartphone via the JMango360 Preview App (available for iPhone & Android), and see how your App looks like real-time.

Any questions about our platform? Visit our FAQ’s & GuidesFor further questions, please create a ticket via our support centeror ask your question via Twitter: @JMango360Start your free trial now!

Start your free trial now!

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  • Совместимость v1.5.0.0 - v1.7.4.0

  • Версия 1.11.0 (2018-06-19)

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