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BeCommerce is the Belgian Non-Profit that contributes to the strengthening of consumer confidence in e-commerce by a formal labeling process of e-commerce sites. Thanks to its trustmark, BeCommerce contributes to the growth of the sector.

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Конверсии Повышение уровня доверия клиентов к вашему сайту


Продуктивность Повышает безопасность вашего сайта

1. Confidence and the BeCommerce Trustmark
Consumer trust is crucial and our Trustmark contributes to the increasement of the trust level in e-commerce. In order to use our Trustmark, the webshop has to go through a certification process performed by an independent audit office, Bureau Veritas. Bureau Veritas checks your webshop on about 40 points. Once the certification has been successfully completed, it can carry both the BeCommerce and the Ecommerce Europe Trustmarks. We have also negotiated an advantageous price for our members for a rating and review system for your consumers. In addition, BeCommerce also provides twice a year a free penetration test of the webshop urls, so you remain protected against hacking and phishing. Both the BeCommerce and the Ecommerce Europe Trustmarks generate extra trust and can yield more conversions and therefore extra revenues.
2. Research and Data
We provide our members regularly with relevant facts and figures. The BeCommerce Market Monitor gives some insights in consumer spendings on e-commerce in Belgium.  This study of about 70 pages clearly shows the trends and evolutions in Belgian e-commerce, and this on a quarterly basis. You can see who is buying online, how are they buying online, the different analyses by sector, the different payment methods, etc. In addition to the BeCommerce Market Monitor, BeCommerce also publishes the BeCommerce Shopping100, which is a top 100 of the webshops where Belgian consumers most often shop online, including a top 25 cross-border webshops.
3. Networking Events
Every year we organize several recurring events on topics such as Logistics, Mobile and Cross-Border.  Various companies share their business cases, CEO’s debate some hot topics, and the attendees can discuss this during the network moments in between. The BeCommerce Awards are our yearly competition where various outstanding webshops can obtain prestigious prizes: it gathers the most important e-commerce players in the Belgian market.
4. Dispute Resolution
We provide an independent ADR-mechanism for e-commerce consumers in Belgium, whereby we refer complaints to the webshop in question or to the ombudsman competent in the issue concerned.
5. Regulatory and Governmental Affairs
We offer our members legal support and keep them up-to-date on new developments in e-commerce.  Together with Ecommerce Europe, we defend the interests of e-commerce at both the European, national and regional levels. Ecommerce Europe is constantly monitoring the European Commission and can always influence new proposals that could affect e-commerce.


Community - Networking events
ADR platform
Research & Data

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The certificate provides at least these 5 guarantees to the consumer:
  • Knowing who they are doing business with and how they can easily approach the company
  • Safety and privacy
  • Cooling off period: 14 days
  • Secure payment
  • Independent complaints mediation

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