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Knowband - One Page Checkout, Social Login & Mailchimp

Модуль Knowband - One Page Checkout, Social Login & Mailchimp

Разработал Knowband

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Mobile responsive One Page Checkout with Facebook/Google+, MailChimp and Ship2Pay feature. It can be used with any theme & any payment method. Compatibility with 30+ Payment & Shipping Methods.

This One Page Checkout Module is GDPR compliant.

Данный модуль предлагает вам:


Конверсии Стимулирование посетителей к завершению оформления покупок

This one-page checkout module is a feature-packed addon for your store. It helps to reduce the checkout steps of the website.Let’s take a look at the functionality of this one-page checkout addon:

Show/Hide any Fields: The store admin can decide which fields he/she want to display on the checkout page with the help of fast one-page checkout module. This quick checkout module has the functionality to show/hide fields like Company, VAT, Address title etc.
Customize buttons: You can change your page buttons color to match them with your theme template by using color picker tool of responsive checkout module admin panel. No coding knowledge is required. You can do it in just a few clicks.

GDPR Settings: The Prestashop Quick checkout addon offers the admin to add multiple checkboxes to get the customer consent before placing the order. Admin can also add the link to the Privacy Policy page. The admin can make any of the policies mandatory or optional for the customers. The simplified checkout addon allows the admin to edit or delete any policy whenever needed.
Customer Consent: The quick checkout module Prestashop provides the e-merchants to record the customer consent along with the order reference id, email id, customer name, type of accepted consent, date as well as time too. The admin can check the desired customer consent just by entering the order reference id or email id.
Mailchimp: The Prestashop store admin can send customer email id directly to Mailchimp either when customer come out from email field or when he places an order after selecting the checkbox for newsletter subscription. If any customer logins via social login options(Google or Facebook button), even then the email will be sent to Mailchimp.
Change Shipping/Payment method name or image: This one-step checkout module allows the store admin to change the shipping/payment methods name or image easily without any change in the code.
Make any field optional: There is an option in this responsive one-page checkout addon using which admin can make any field optional or mandatory.
Sort address fields: The Prestashop store admin can also manage to sort all address fields using drag and drop feature. Example: Phone number field can be placed just before First name etc.
Drag and Drop: You can change the position of all blocks using drag and drop features. You can also show payment method first and shipping method below as per the requirement.
Ship2pay: Using this feature the store admin can disable payment methods based on customer shipping method selection.
Custom CSS and JS: There is an option in admin panel to add custom CSS and JS. Admin can use this feature to make desired changes without editing core files of one step checkout addon.
Custom HTML: This simplified checkout addon also has an option to add multiple custom HTML block at any place. Admin can promote any product, display any promotion OR provide any messages to our customers regarding deal, shipping or payment method information etc.
Testing mode: The one-page checkout addon has a testing mode using which admins can test the module on their live site without affecting their ongoing business. If the testing mode is enabled, all customers will go to default checkout of Prestashop and admin can test the module page using a URL which will be shown in one step checkout module's admin side.
FAQ tab: We understand the value of your time and therefore we have added all basic queries related to this quick checkout module in our admin panel so that you don't need to contact us for small issues/queries.
Custom Fields: System Admin can add any number of custom fields on the checkout page.


Google and Facebook Login: This Prestashop One page checkout/One step checkout module allows your customers to signup or login to their Google or Facebook account.
Inline Validation with error message: Our one-step checkout page also has inline validation and shows proper error message along with tick and cross sign so that customers can quickly identify their mistakes while filling the form.
Mailchimp Integration: This Mailchimp integration feature allows admin to automatically send customers email id to desired Mailchimp list.
Ajax Based update: Our one-page checkout plugin uses ajax based updates so no more irritating page reloads on the checkout page.
Free Products: This quick checkout addon is compatible with free products. In case of free products, it doesn't show payment methods.
Virtual/Digital Products: The fast checkout module is compatible with virtual/digital products, in case of virtual products it doesn't show shipping methods and can also hide delivery address form automatically to show only invoice address form. You can also configure it to ask customers only email id, first name, and last name.
Customizable products: The responsive checkout module is also compatible with customizable products and shows complete cart information with all customization details along with an option to change added product quantity or to remove it completely from the cart.
Multiple Shipping methods: Our single page checkout add-on works fine even if there are products in the cart which require multiple shipping methods.
Some shipping methods compatible with our module are
  • Mondial Relay
  • So Colissimo
  • Ulozenka Delivery
  • Zasielkovn Delivery
  • LP Express 24 Delivery
  • Paczkomaty InPost
  • Zasilkovna
  • Poczta Polska (owppoczta)
  • Webshipr
  • Paczka w Ruchu
and many more.
Automatic Customer Registration: Our responsive checkout module has an option to register guest customers automatically. If enabled, it generates a random password for the guest customer and sends it to the customer via email.
Any Payment method: This one-page checkout module can be used with any payment method like

  • PayPal
  • Advanced Paypal
  • Authorize.ne AIM
  • Boleto
  • PayU
  • Stripe
  • Sage Pay
  • Mobilpay
  • Ogone
  • Pago Facil
  • ePay
  • ccAvenue
  • Quickpay
  • Firstdata
  • Paysera
  • Braintree
  • Moneybookers
  • Mercado Pago
  • Redsys
  • 2Checkout
and many more
If your Payment Method works with default checkout of Prestashop but not with Super Checkout, we will fix the same for FREE within a valid support period.
Default shipping and payment method: Set which shipping and payment method should be selected by default for customers.
Reduce Abandoned cart: Study shows that more than 60% abandoned cart is because of the complex or slow checkout page since our single page checkout module makes checkout process easy and fast, hence reduces abandoned cart rate.
Multiple Layouts: Choose how many columns you want to show to your customers and also define the column size. Define which section appears where. Choose from 1 Column, 2 Column, and 3 Column layout options.
SEO and SSL: This fast checkout module is compatible with SEO URL structure and can also be used if SSL is enabled on the website.
Newsletter and voucher field: Option to show or hide newsletter and voucher field on the checkout page.
Complete Cart summary: Full cart summary, show product image directly or when a customer "move the cursor over product name".
Fully Responsive: This quick checkout module is fully responsive and compatible with all devices and browsers.
Custom Fields: We have added a new tab called “Custom Fields”. This tab adds up the functionality in our module to Add, Edit, or Delete custom fields on our module’s checkout page right from the back-end. The admin can now:
  • Add as many custom fields in different sections of the checkout page
  • Edit a custom field already added 
  • Delete any custom field already added
  • Provide a field label to the added custom field
  • Add help text for the newly added field 
  • Define the position of the field on the checkout page
  • Define validation type of the field
  • Make it as a required or optional field

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  • Reduce loading time of your shop in optimal way with this full page cache! Go from some seconds to some milliseconds and get more happy users! The strategy of our module is to cache the whole page so browser cache can be used and it's extremly fast!

  • Easily export your products catalog to many comparison websites including Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, LeGuide and many others.



In case of any assistance needed with the plugin/module please feel free to contact us. Our SuperHero Certified Support Team is always there to take care of your problems and provide you with the best of the solutions.

Ваши клиенты оценят это

  • Fast and Secure One page Checkout/One step checkout
  • In-built Facebook/Google+ Login
  • Product image preview in cart section
  • Option to add coupon code from checkout page
  • Option to change product quantity in the cart
  • Terms and conditions in popup on the same page
  • Option to remove any product from the cart
  • Mobile/Tabs Responsive
  • Compatible with all browsers


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Legal compliance

Общий регламент по защите персональных данных (GDPR)

Этот модуль соответствует требованиям европейского Общего регламента по защите персональных данных.

Поддержка и обновления

Вы автоматически получаете право на 3 месяца технической поддержки для этого продукта.

Вы можете рассчитывать на функциональную техподдержку, а также располагаете доступом к имеющимся в наличии обновлениям для этого продукта в течение 90 дней после покупки.

Получите гарантию надлежащей работы этого продукта в вашем магазине в течение 12 месяцев благодаря опции Zen!

Благодаря опции Zen вы получаете доступ ко ВСЕМ обновлениям продукта в течение года после покупки. Разработчик продукта остаётся на связи, отвечая по электронной почте на все ваши вопросы, связанные с функционированием продукта и его техническим обслуживанием.

Что такое опция Zen?

Опция Zen включает в себя две услуги:

  • послепродажное сопровождение в неограниченном объёме в течение периода действия опции;
  • доступ ко всем обновлениям этого продукта в течение данного периода.

Опция Zen доступна по выгодной цене в момент покупки этого продукта, а также, если вы передумаете, вы можете приобрести её после совершения покупки продукта, в своей клиентской учётной записи.rnОна доступна в течение года после даты покупки вашего продукта. Чем раньше вы её приобретёте, тем дольше вы сможете ею пользоваться!

Что включает Вариант Zen?

В опцию Дзен включены:

  • вопросы, касающиеся использования модуля или темы;
  • решение технических проблем, связанных с модулем или темой;
  • доступ ко всем обновлениям модуля или темы.

В опцию Дзен не входят:

  • индивидуальная настройка и специальная разработка;
  • выполнение установки и обновления модуля или темы;
  • решение проблем, касающихся сервисов третьих лиц, хостинга, сервера и программного обеспечения PrestaShop.


To install the module smoothly kindly follow the detailed User guide provided with the Module. No Programming knowledge necessary. In case of installation or configuration related issues please contact us, we offer free support.

Что нового в версии 5.0.4(2018-09-25)

  • [ADD] Feature in Admin panel to display product availability in cart summary
  • [FIX] Minor Bug Fixes

О разработчике, Knowband


Our team of skilled and experienced developers has been working on Prestashop for more than 8 years. Velocity has been developing plugins under the brand name of Knowband for over 3 years and has more than 50 Plugins for Prestashop.

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  • 3 месяца поддержки бесплатно (Подробнее)
  • Разработано Top Developer
  • Документация включена
  • Совместимость v1.5.0.0 - v1.7.4.3

  • Версия 5.0.4 (2018-09-25)

  • Доступно на en bg cs de el es fi fr hu it nl pl pt ro ru sk sv tr uk

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