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Модуль EtsyXpressApi

Разработал Community developer
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EtsyXpressApi  Import module is a smart module designed to achieve import & search operations from to your store .

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EtsyXpress is a plugin that used to import products from Etsy Into your store in Prestashop , Import any products you like and in few clicks you have a product ready to sell .
Products imported with all data needed like title,description , quantity ,price, images .
We provide also all SEO data like rewrite-url , keywords,metaTitle, metaDescription .
Our search engine offer a millions of products in result , you may use many filters included like categories , price , language or just a keyword or productId .
For more details see the preview video or enter to the demo store .EtsyXpress plugin is based on the official Etsy API.


  • Full features listSearch Etsy products by keywords , url or  Product ID.
  • Search Etsy for products by different filters: keywords, category, price , feedback score, high quality items.
  • Paginated results with lazy loading requests .Import Product in two click .
  • Possibility to change prices , quantity , category and cover image before import
  • Possibility to create a list of product waiting to import .
  • Manual update of particular products price/stock-availability.
  • Find links to Etsy product and seller pages on the admin catalog product .
  • Use the Price rules to set own rules to add your markup/margin to product price.
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    No special installation required

    Что нового в версии 1.5.2(22.04.2018)

    • Create the interface with search box , filters and products cards grid
    • Create the Restfull API calls and manipulate data in Js
    • Create modalPopup to show product data form and import It
    • Add loading icon when query sent to server
    • Add information page in product page (contain informations with related product etsy)
    • Add page to a product already existing in store with an etsy product
    • Add waitList page

    О разработчике

    Community developer

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    • Документация включена
    • Совместимость v1.6.1.0 - v1.7.4.4

    • Версия 1.5.2 (22.04.2018)

    • Доступно на en

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