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In order to increase security and simplicity, we are implementing a single authentication system. Therefore, signing in with PayPal won’t be possible on our marketplace, from April 2nd on. Read morearrow_right_alt

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8 good practices to boost your themes sales!

Follow our advice to easily complete your product page, guarantee quick marketing validation and encourage customers to buy your theme!

Did you know ? 7 days after having created his online store the first purchase an e-merchant makes is for a theme. Well complete your product pages is essential to sell well and facilitate the validation of your contributions !

Don't forget that when selling your products on PrestaShop Addons, you're talking to agencies, freelancers and developers, but also many e-merchants who often have very little technical knowledge.

Follow our 9 advices to create an impacting product page !

1 - Choose a representative name

Find a name that relates to the category of your page so that merchants will then be able to identify more quickly with its universe. Remember that the name of your ZIP file must be identical to the theme name given on the product page.

  • Choose a name that's clear and concise (within 55 characters).

  • Banish the terms “PrestaShop”, “theme” or “responsive” from the name of your product.

  • Avoid specifying the theme version; this information is already automatically included in your product page

  • Avoid copying the names of other templates on the marketplace: stand out from the crowd!

IMPORTANT ! Use of these trademarks is strictly regulated and governed by a number of rules. As Sellers, you are therefore required to verify that you may use third-party trademarks for the listing, distribution, and promotion of your Addons modules. If you sell a module using a trademark on PrestaShop Addons, we encourage you to immediately review your agreements, and if needed, to contact the trademark owner(s) in order to obtain a license or familiarize yourself with the guidelines for using this trademark.

2 - Create a well designed icon

  • Your icon should show the type of theme you are offering at a glance. Sellers will so be able to identify its type quickly.

  • The icone must measure 57x57 pixels for optimal resolution on the site (jpg, png or gif format).

3 - Precise your theme style

  • What kind of store is your theme for? What are its benefits? Its main characteristics? Remember to describe them to help sellers see themselves designing their store!

  • Use action verbs and short phrases. Make an impact with up to 250 characters max!

4 - Add quality screenshots

Screenshots of your theme are of course THE essential element to encourage all visitors to purchase. The main visual will be displayed on the category page, so it will be this image that attracts the attention of visitors and leads them to click on your theme demo or on the product page!

For a successful highlight, please careful of:

  • Add at least 3 screenshots and one per functionality. Give an overview of the main pages. As a minimum, provide one screen grab for each of the following: the home page, one product page, one cart summary page.

  • Adapt screenshots in square format (1000 x 1000 px) and respect the png, jpg or gid format.

  • Create screenshots for each languages if you offer your product page in several languages

  • Make sure your content is visible and pay attention to your visuals’ pixels.

  • Do not put any external contact inside of them.

5 - Check all the features that your theme has got

Buyers first and foremost choose theme for its features!

Do not forget to select all the features included in your theme. They will enable customers to find your product uind the layered navigation or the search bar.

Finally choose the main colors of your theme as well as its structure.

6 - Select the fair price

Choose the price which seems the most suitable from the price list from €59.99

Do not forget that the 3 months of support are included your selling price.

7 - Translate your product sheet

Do you want to sell your theme to a large number of clients? It's easy, just check the countries where you want your product to be sold.
Here are a few countries where we're experiencing rapid growth : France, UK, Spain, Italy and Poland.

Countries check

To ensure your product page is understood as well as possible, don't forget to translate its content into the language of all countries where your product is available.

It is a good idea to use a translation agency to handle languages you aren't familiar with. We recommend the translation agency Milega.
There are also free tools suach as Deepl, but we recommend that you have your content proofread by native speakers so that your product sheet is perfectly understandable!

8 - Add some demos

Front-office demo is mandatory to complete so that all customers can understand and see how the theme is built. Be sure to make all your links and buttons there clickable.

You can also add a video hosted on Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion showing how to install and configure your theme.

Remember that it is strictly forbidden to insert links or personal details in your demo or video, so that all support is provided via the internal inbox. We can then help you in case of any dispute!

9 - Make complete documentation available !

The documentation is a useful tool not to be neglected. It allows the buyers to understand how to install and set up the theme by themselves.

  • Documentation absolutely must be written in English and the other languages in which you provide your product page.

  • Where possible use simple screen grabs and sentences. Think to make your documentation easy to understand for all kind of buyers!

Remember, the more detailed your documentation is, the more you will limit the questions your customers ask.

On the last page, do not hesitate to add a “FAQ” section grouping all the questions which you have already answered !

Have you completed all the fields requested? It's time to submit your listing for marketing validation!

Our Team in charge will then check the completeness of your product sheet and for the other languages chosen within a maximum period of 10 working days.

If it’s a new theme, the team in charge of the technical validation will have to check your ZIP file before your theme is posted on PrestaShop Addons.

On the other hand, updates will be online the day after the marketing validation.

Need more help ? Feel free to contact us via the Help Center !

PrestaShop Addons Team