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Business Quotation

Модуль Business Quotation

Разработал Community developer
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Create product price quotes for products that are sold by quote only. Customers can shop & request quote by shopping cart or admin can generate quote on backend & send to customer.


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Конверсии Стимулирование B2B-торговли

For businesses that rely on direct customer involvement and interaction to make a sale, this module will allow you to quickly & efficiently generate, manage and quotes for customers and convert those quotes to sales. The module integrates with your current e-commerce website, allowing you to add your products that are only available for quote to your current catalog. When a user browses to your website and sees your item that requires a quote request, they are able to add it to their shopping cart just like a normal product. When they go to checkout, they will provide limited information that is necessary to process the quote request. If your business has sales reps, the customer can select the rep they have been in contact with while checking out so that the rep is assigned to the quote and receives credit for it.

After a customer has sent in their quote request, the admin can view the quote from a new “Quotes” page under the “Orders” menu. The quotes page will display all quotes and track if they are still valid. When the admin opens a quote request, they will be shown the products and quantities that the customer has requested pricing for. The default price of the product (as set in a products information page) will be automatically inserted into the quote request but if the admin wishes to adjust the price or quantity of each of the products, they can do so. When the admin is satisfied with the request details, the admin can then click a button to have the quote sent to the customer as a pdf attachment in an email. The admin can also download the pdf manually and e-mail the document as an attachment from their preferred email client.

When the customer receives the e-mail from the quote module, they will be presented with a standard greeting (that can be changed through the configure page of the module) along with the attached quote pdf. The customer will then be able to open the pdf and review the prices for the products they requested pricing for. Should the customer decide to purchase the product at the quoted price, a link is provided in the e-mail that the customer can click on and they will be taken back to your website and their products will be placed into their shopping cart and they will now be able to finish the purchase using the normal ecommerce system.

From the backend, the admin is able to manually generate quotes for customers that did not view the website. This will typically happen with customers that phone in or with sales reps that are out in the field and they need to create a quote request for a potential client. The admin is able to choose an existing customer from the customer database or create a new customer. They can build out the quote by assigning products, quantities, specifying billing and shipping addresses and selecting shipping options. The admin can change the number of days that the quote is valid for (default is 30 days) and also assign a sales rep to the quote so that the rep can be tied to the quote and receive credit if the quote converts to a sale. Once the admin is finished building the quote, they will process it and the quote will now be ready for sending to the potential customer.



  • Add your products that are only available for quote to your website so customers know they are available

  • Easy customer quote request process that uses the current shopping cart system

  • Admin can review all quote requests, modify quantities & prices if needed

  • Simple one click to email quote to customer as an attached pdf

  • Easy conversion from quote to sale, customer clicks on embedded link in email and can now complete purchase using shopping cart system with products inserted into cart at quoted price.

  • Create quotes for customers that call in or are contacted by sales reps in the field.

  • Assign sales reps to quotes so they can be credited for any sales they generate through their efforts.

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The customer benefits with being able to easily request a quote for a product or service where the price is not typically displayed. Instead of having to fill out a contact form and copy/paste the details about the product they are inquiring about, the customer is able to use the very familiar shopping cart method. The process of converting a quote to a sale and completing the sale is as easy as clicking on a link in the quote e-mail sent to the customer and then the customer just follows through the rest of a normal checkout process.

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Install the module like any other module. In the config section of the module there are options to specify some of the text fields that will appear on the pdf documents and emails. These fields will be used as default fields and recalled every time a new document is generated.

Once installed, you must tell the module what products are available for a quote request. Go to a “Product Global Information” tab on a products settings page. There will now be a new checkbox titled “Available for Quote”. Note that a product that is set available for quote cannot have the price shown for it.

When the product is available for quote, your customers on your website will now see a large button stating “Add to Cart for Quote Request” instead of the standard “Add to Cart”. To create quotes from the backend (for phone or in person customers) go to the “Orders” tab and at the bottom there will be a new “Quotes” menu item. The rest of the process is fairly straightforward. Note that if you have a multi store setup, the admin must select a store in order for the “Add New” quote button to appear on the backend.

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