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 Credit Slips advanced search, report & export

Модуль Credit Slips advanced search, report & export

Разработал Community developer
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Displays the list of credit slips found by search parameters. Summed amounts and tax details are displayed for the listed credit slips. Exportable to PDF and CSV file.

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With this module, merchant can:
  • generate lists of credit slips based on various filter keys simultaneously
  • print all listed credit slips to PDF with one click or select credit slips from the list to be printed with one click
  • use an advanced search for credit slips
  • have information on summed amounts and tax details for all listed credit slips - report
  • Export credit slips report to PDF
  • Export credit slips list with to CSV - exported fields include total values for products and shipping (if repaid) and tax details for every tax type used in credit slips, separated by product and shipping taxes.


List of credit slips can be created based on advanced filter keys. Keys can be used simultaneously. For example, you might need to search for credit slips of the certain customer, created within the specific date interval.
Following keys can be used for the credit slips list creation
  •       Date-from (lists all credit slips with date equal or later than specified date)
  •       Date-to
  •       Order reference
  •       Shipping (filter by repaid shipping cost)
  •       Customer first name and last name
  •       Currency
    •       Shop group, shop (credit slips are filtered automatically by shop when multistore is set)  
    • Individual credit slips can be downloaded to PDF.
    • All listed credit slips or selected credit slips from the list can be downloaded tp PDF with one click
    • For the list of credit slips, report is generated automatically and displayed in the browser bellow the list
    • Report displays summed values for listed credit slips (tax excluded & tax included) for products and shipping. Tax details are displayed by different tax tyes and tax rates, separatelly for taxes on products and shipping.
    • List of credit slips with report can be exported to PDF file. Details on search filter are written to PDF, so it is clear what search filter was used to generate the report when PDF is printed or sent to your 3rd parties.
    • List of credit slips with tax details for individual credit slips can be exported to CSV file. Data can be imported from CSV file to Excel or Googledocs sheet or any other CSV supporting application, to further process your data.
    • Exported CSV file contains detailed data for individual credit slips. Following fields of individual credit slips are exported to  CSV table:
    - Credit slip date
    - Order reference
    - Customer first name and last name
    - Currency
    - Products tax included
    - Shipping tax included
    - Tax details by tax names and tax rates, specified separately for tax on products and shipping
    - Shop (if multistore)
    • Multiple currencies are supported - when there are credit slips issued in different currencies, report calculation is groupped by currency (values are summed separately for each currency).
    • Module is dynamic - not bound to any local settings. It supports any taxes, tax rules, currencies etc., that are used in your store. All values are read from your database and displayed dynamically.
    • Translations are not provided directly for this module at this point, however, module can be translated easily. All texts in the module are coded by supporting Prestashop translate functionallity. See installation section for more details.

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    You customers can get detailed report on credit slips for their orders.

    Note: This module does not provide any front office functionallity directly accessible to your customers. But you can for example inform your customer that report on their  credit slips can be sent to them on request by sending them PDF or CSV file.

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    - extract the downloaded .zip archive of this module to the /modules folder of your PrestaShop installation
    - In your PrestaShop backoffice, navigate to Modules and Services
    - under List of modules, navigate to 'Taxes & Invoicing'
    - find module named 'Credit slips report' and click install

    => Localization
        => Translations
             => MODIFY TRANSLATIONS 
                                  - Type of translation: Installed modles translations,
                                  - Select your theme: Default Bootstrap
                   => Modify
                       -  Module creditslipsreport

    Что нового в версии 1.0.4(2017-03-11)

    • PS 1.7 compatibility fix

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    Community developer

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    • Разработано Top Developer
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    • Совместимость v1.5.1.0 - v1.7.1.2

    • Версия 1.0.4 (2017-03-11)

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