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módulo Servientrega

desenvolvido pela Community developer

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The Servientrega module allows you to manage the freight value in more than 1200 destinations in Colombia, assign a value to fixed freight (Customers Credits) or customize each destination (Customers Cash) and works only if COP is activated

O que este módulo oferece


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Servientrega offers more than 1200 national destinations and the possibility to customize the calculated value by weight and individual route for all destinations
  • Set a unique value of the freight (Credit customers) or variable (Customers counted)
  • Customize the freight value per destination site
  • Assign an additional value per kilo when it exceeds the limit weight
  • Print the label (Sender / To) to place in the package
Follow the Servientrega guides in real time Easy to configure and intuitive


  • Custom freight Configuration for credit clients and cash customers
  • Additional value per weight exceeded Fixed value of freight up to a certain weight in Kgs
  • Form to add the freight value to multiple cities at the same time
  • Automatic update of guides
List of destinations covered by servientrega at the National Level

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O que seus clientes apreciarão

  • Easy to configure
  • Easy to assign values
  • Easy to enter guides and follow up
  • Freight calculation by weight
  • Automatic update of guides


Keep in mind:
For a correct operation of the module you must enable the option of Department, State or Prividence in the shipping address, otherwise, it will take the highest configured value.

Suporte e atualizações

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  • Technical support for 3 months once the purchase is made
  • Automatic updates available

What's New in Version 1.1.0(2018-03-22)

  • Fix Bug when user define diferents default countries, fixed
  • Fix bug in PS 1.6.17, toggle buttons was not working, fixed
  • Now you can set diferents value for credit client depending the weitgh range
  • Admin can set the reference value, by default is 6 kgs
  • Admin can adjust value using state filter
  • Admin can readjust city type

sobre o desenvolvedor

Community developer

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  • Compatibilidade v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.3.4

  • versões 1.1.0 (2018-03-22)

  • Exige assinatura de serviço externo Sim

  • Disponível em en es

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