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Canada Post Rates

módulo Canada Post Rates

desenvolvido pela Community developer
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Display real-time dynamic rates from Canada Post to customers.

O que este módulo oferece

Conversões Sugere um meio de entrega adaptado a seus clientes

  • Very quick to setup.
  • Save money by offering accurate rates to customers that change depending on the dimensions of the products they order.


  • Display real-time rates for Canada Post to customers on the cart/checkout page.
  • Display accurate delivery times.
  • Your negotiated/discounted rates will be shown if available.
  • The module installs the carriers into your back-office for you.
  • Accurate rates. Rates will be calculated using the package sizes that you enter into the module. The smallest package that will fit the products (according to each products' dimensions) in the cart will be used to calculate rates.

Suporte e atualizações

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  • Once installed in your back-office, go to the module configuration page and click "Sign in with Canada Post".
  • You'll be redirected to the Canada Post website. You can sign in or register here.
  • The page will ask you if you'd like to give the module permission to use your account on your behalf, you must agree to this step in order to use the module.
  • Once you are connected, fill in all the settings on the configuration page such as address info and preferences.
Q: Why are the rates not showing up?
A: This could be caused by any of the following reasons.
  • Check the products' Shipping settings to see if the carriers are enabled/disabled in Catalog > Products > (edit a product) > Shipping.
  • Make sure the carriers' zones are all enabled and at $0.00, even the ones you don't use, in Shipping > Carriers.
  • Make sure you aren't exceeding the 30kg weight limit or dimension limit. If you think you are, enable Split Products in the module's configuration.
  • If you have Advanced Stock Management enabled, make sure that you've added all the carriers to your Warehouses and make sure that each product has the correct warehouses enabled.

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What's New in Version 1.2.7(2016-12-01)

  • FIX Bug preventing from deleting a box on some servers.
  • NEW Added two new International shipping methods (parcel air, parcel surface).
  • FIX Some rate services not appearing for certain addresses.

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  • 3 meses de suporte gratuito (Mais informações)
  • Desenvolvido por um Top Developer
  • Documentação incluída
  • Compatibilidade v1.5.0.0 - v1.7.2.2

  • versões 1.2.7 (2016-12-01)

  • Já traduzido em en

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