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V1.7.0.0 - V1.7.8.7
De V1.7.0.0 a V1.7.8.7


Manage shop order events or issues in a more regulated manner.
You may manage and monitor post-sale support queries with this module. From the My Account area, let customers handle their support tickets.

O que este módulo faz por você

event_available Facilita o gerenciamento de seu Serviço Pós-Venda
1. A single point of contact
An all-in-one resource for all customer support, questions, requests, complaints, and assistance requirements is a help desk management solution. It enables your customer service personnel to easily manage all customer requests and complaints from one location.

2. Effective Tracking and Monitoring
Using an intelligent help desk management solution, you can effectively monitor and track the current status of any complaint or service request made by your customer. It enables you to keep an eye on the entire problem-solving cycle, from the point at which it is first registered through the final resolution in a sensible way.

3. Enhanced Customer Relations
Your company can easily gain high client satisfaction by offering top-notch customer support and help. Additionally, it would enable you to keep up positive, lucrative relationships with both old and new clients.

4. More Timely Problem Resolution
Your customer support team will be able to save valuable time and effort by using a sophisticated help desk management solution to streamline many difficult and time-consuming daily activities. This cuts down on the overall amount of time needed to solve a problem.

5. Quality Assurance
An advanced help desk management solution enables firms to raise the standard of customer support and assistance. You can ensure that your clients receive thorough and accurate assistance with all of their issues and inquiries in mind by using a variety of tools and capabilities.
6. Enhance brand reputation and image
Customer happiness is largely dependent on providing excellent customer care and assistance, which is only possible with cutting-edge help desk management software. A satisfied and devoted customer would constantly refer other people to your brand. It would assist you in developing a solid brand identity and solid reputation in the cutthroat market.

O que seus clientes apreciarão

  • Boost customer contact with the store. A possible issue involving an order can be sent by the customer.
  • Available in your customer account is the message history for the incidents.
  • Demand the return of goods related to the same occurrence.
  • Possibility of including documents, films, and other attachments that serve as proof of the incident.


How to install and configure the module -
Step: 1 Install the zip and configure all the various selections based on your requirement.
Step: 2 Check out in front, new Help Desk tab will be added at my account section.
Step: 3 Admin can manage all customer request from a separate controller in back office.  

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Versões compatíveis com PrestaShop

V1.7.0.0 - V1.7.8.7

Módulo / Versão do modelo

V 7.0.0

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Suporte & Chat on-line


General Setting
  • Every time a client creates a ticket, the admin receives an email alert.
  • The admin can specify several email addresses to receive this email alert.
  • Customer email alert If an admin responds to a client message
  • Admin can choose the appropriate file extension.
  • The admin can choose the default reason that will be shown on the front end.
Ticket Setting
  • Admin can use flag to identify significant ticks.
  • Admin can modify the status of a ticket as needed.
  • A Admin may create various statuses.
  • Admins have the ability to customize ticket priority.
  • A Admin may set up many priorities.
  • Multiple Reason can be created by the administrator.
  • Administrators can see customer and product data in conversation history.
  • The images can also be sent to customers via chat by the admin.
  • To save time, administrators have the ability to save predefined messages.
  • An administrator may generate an unlimited number of predefined messages.
Customer Benefits
  • Customers have the option of attaching one or more products to the same quiry.
  • A suitable reason for the complaint may be chosen by the customer.
  • The images can be shared by the client as documentation of the incident
  • The customer's ticket can be managed under the "my account" area. 


Our guarantees:
  • We were permitted with “superhero” understanding stage & we were able to attain this with lesser response time and the quality service.
  • We intend to provide 100% pride to our clients with their buy.
  • We can additionally help you with set up and configuration of the module in case if it’s required.
  • If you have any doubts or queries concerning our module, please send us a message. We would be extra than happy to assist you.

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  • Initial Release

Suporte e atualizações

No momento da compra, a sua assinatura de Business Care do seu primeiro ano é automaticamente incluído e depois renovado no final do período.

Pode cancelar a sua assinatura a qualquer altura antes do término do período em curso.

Serviços incluídos na sua assinatura:

  • Atualizações de segurança
  • Atualizações de compatibilidade
  • Evoluções e características futuras
  • Apoio ilimitado

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