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In order to increase security and simplicity, we are implementing a single authentication system. Therefore, signing in with PayPal won’t be possible on our marketplace, from April 2nd on. Read morearrow_right_alt

To continue to access your personal space on PrestaShop Addons, we simply invite you to reset your password as of now by clicking on the link below.

You will receive a new password allowing you to directly sign in to your Addons account, without using PayPal. Once logged in, you will be able to change this password in your personal space.

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  • Automatic Rich Snippets JSON-LD Integration - SEO

  • JSON-LD Rich Results Video: View videos on Google via Rich Results in JSON-LD

  • Search and Clean Incorrect Microdata - SEO: Locates duplicate or misconfigured JSON-LD structured data

O que este pacote oferece

person_add Otimiza o referenciamento natural (SEO) em todos os motores de busca

O que seus clientes apreciarão


  • Add new structured data and improve the existing ones in your online shop automatically. The module fills the structured data automatically using the information already stored in Prestashop
  • Full integration of all structured data in JSON-LD (Recommended by Google)
  • Full integration of Video-specific microdata in JSON-LD (Recommended by Google)
  • Add Open Graph metadata automatically to help you share information through any social network (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc...). The module fills the Open Graph metadata automatically using the information already stored in prestashop
  • Add Open Graph metadata specific for Facebook. It will help you to integrate correctly the facebook pixel
  • Add Open Graph metadata specific to Twitter
  • Improve your click through rate (visits from customers who prefer to visit your website rather than others when making an enquiry)
  • Benefits your SEO on all search engines, helping your visibility and rankings
  • Helps you in Google Merchant to ensure your products are published correctly
  • Installation is very easy and the module does all the integration for you
  • Compatible with multiple Rich Snippets
  • Compatible with all templates
  • Multi-language
  • Compatible with all browsers (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and Microsoft Edge)
  • php compatibility >= 5.4


  • Clean your template from redundant or incorrect structured data automatically
  • Create backups of all affected files automatically
  • Through its installation section you will be able to know the exact paths of the affected files and download a log.txt with precise information of each file


  • Configuration section so you can enable or disable any structured data, so you can coexist with other modules for the same purpose. It also offers specific configuration options for Open Graph metadata
  • Choose according to your business between Organization or LocalBusiness
  • Choose according to your business between Store or LocalBusiness
  • Configure the number of related products you want to display on the product sheet
  • Choose between short or long description in the structured data of the product sheets
  • Set a default manufacturer for all your products
  • Set whether you want to display all the images of a product or just the cover image
  • Set the image resolution for category, product or manufacturer pages
  • Set the pages you do not want to display structured data on
  • Activate or deactivate the Facebook pixel
  • Customise which structured data to display on each page (Home, Product Listings, Product Pages and other pages)
  • Customise the behaviour of certain structured data on product pages
  • You can customise a default url for the Open Graph metadata images depending on the page visited (Home, Category or Manufacturer)

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Versões compatíveis com PrestaShop

V1.6.0.4 - V8.0.2

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SEO (Referenciamento natural)

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