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Discount Generator

módulo Discount Generator

desenvolvido pela Community developer

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Discount Generator helps you create important amounts of vouchers in one clic. Vouchers generated are all different and unique. Discount generator extends cart rule functions and therefore is compatible with all features of a regular cart rule.

O que este módulo oferece


Conversões Contribui para o sucesso de suas promoções

Discount Generator is your best companion in preparing marketing campains (end of season sales, discounts, clearance...). You get a full control on voucher code structure and conditions (see Fonctions section below). This module will help you save your time while preparing sales campaigns.


  • The module generates important amounts of vouchers in one click (up to 10000 have been tested) and uses all features generally available during cart rule creation.
  • Voucher structure is personalizable : you can determine a prefix and set up a combination of random letters and numbers.
  • Excel files with vouchers created are available for download.
  • Excel files with an instant overview of vouchers used or unused can also be downloaded.

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  • The inevetable addon to please all your customers while developing your sales.Do not miss this unique day and offer your customers a discount. You can propose many promotions such as: amount or percentage discount, free shipping, gift product...

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O que seus clientes apreciarão

Using vouchers is easy for clients ! They will just have to enter the voucher code into a common promotion field visible in the cart.

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Discount generator does not require any specific installation. Standard procedure applies.
Before starting using it, please activate the module ("Activate" button in your Module list).
After being installed and activated, the module will appear in your Cart rule : and to use it, you will have to check the box "Generate many unique vouchers" :
For more details, please view the Documentation file below.

What's New in Version 1.3.0(2015-11-01)

  • Search fields fixed
  • File download changed from XLS to CSV format
  • Internalization fixed for CSV download
  • Combination with other discounts for Presta 1.4 fixed

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  • Compatibilidade v1.4.0.1 - v1.6.1.20

  • versões 1.3.0 (2015-11-01)

  • Disponível em en fr

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