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Direct debit SEPA (debit payment)

módulo Direct debit SEPA (debit payment)

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With this module, you can offer your customers the possibility to pay directly by direct debit using IBAN. No additional payment provider is required.

O que este módulo oferece


Conversões Sugere um pagamento adaptado a seus clientes

On eCommerce it has proven to pay with SEPA direct debit. Your customers enter the IBAN and BIC before ordering.
The SEPA module automatically generates an SEPA mandate and sends it to the customer automatically after the purchase order. The bank details are displayed in the order details in the back end of the shop. Please also have a look at our DEMO shop.

In order to submit direct debits to your house bank, companies must a creditor identification number. The application is free of charge.


Front end / customer area
  • Easy payment via SEPA direct debit by entering the IBAN number
  • Use without additional payment agent directly with your house bank
  • Real-time verification of bank data (IBAN validation)
  • Automatic generation of a SEPA mandate and shipping to the customer immediately after the order

Backend / Dealer Area Settings
  • Entering the withdrawal time (time of the withdrawal after the order)
  • Enter your own assigned creditor identification number

Backend / Dealer Area Orders
  • View the bank data on the order details page (SSL certificate recommended)
  • Easy download of the generated SEPA mandate
  • SEPA mandates are kept on the server

Support in German, English and Spanish.

Geralmente comprados juntos

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O que seus clientes apreciarão

In addition to PayPal, SEPA Direct Debit is the most frequently used payment method in Germany on the Internet. This is not surprising, as it is a comfortable way to buy products on the Internet. The merchant books the invoice amount on the agreed date from the account by direct debit.

Experiences show that with SEPA direct debit comes to less purchase breaks and abandoned warehouses.


You must have the consent of your bank as well as a free creditor identification number to participate in the payment procedure.

Legal compliance

Regulamento Geral sobre a Proteção de Dados (GDPR)

Este módulo está de acordo com o Regulamento Europeu Geral sobre a Proteção de Dados

Suporte e atualizações

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The installation is very simple. After purchase, you will receive a ZIP file which you upload and install in the module area of the shop backend. After installation, you will be prompted to enter your personal creditor identification number, as well as the time between order and direct debit. asked.

Your customers can already buy with SEPA direct debit (direct debit).

The module has been developed for PrestaShop version 1.7.

What's New in Version 1.0.7(2018-06-26)

  • Add SEPA payment date for each customer group individually

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  • Compatibilidade v1.7.0.0 - v1.7.4.2

  • versões 1.0.7 (2018-06-26)

  • Disponível em en de es

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