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iFeedback - Advanced ratings

módulo iFeedback - Advanced ratings

Desenvolvido pela Community developer
Mais vendido
V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.8.0
De V1.6.0.4 a V1.7.8.0


Trust is fundamental to be able to sell in an online store. Thanks to iFeedback you can now give your customers the option to express their opinion about your products.

O que este módulo faz por você

headset Permite fidelizar seus clientes
With iFeedback you can automate the reception of your clients' opinions after receiving their orders, this module manages the sending of the email, the reception of the client's opinion, as well as the moderation of the comments by the store administrator.

Showing these opinions will give more confidence to potential customers who are visiting your products in the store. These opinions are filterable by the clients and you can see the most positive or negative ones as well as the most recent or the oldest ones.

iFeedback also inserts the necessary tags in your product listings to enable google rich snippets, so that your search results in google stand out above the others, adding stars, number of ratings and the average.

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Versões compatíveis com PrestaShop

V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.8.0

Compatibilidade com várias lojas 


Módulo / Versão do modelo

V 3.3.0

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Community developer

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Opiniões de clientes


If you are still doubting whether or not to incorporate iFeedback into the structure of your online store, here are some of the main features of this module.
  • Automate management. Thanks to iFeedback, you can automate the sending of opinion requests to your clients once they have purchased any of the products from your online store or any service.
  • Offer rewards for your participation. Establishes a reward system for participating. Thanks to this functionality you can encourage your customers, for example, with a discount coupon on your next purchase.
  • Customize opinion requests. The email templates that you use for your clients to give their opinion can be completely personalized. In this way you can incorporate your corporate colors or some distinctive elements that you consider key. This way they will know at all times where this email comes from. An ideal way to enhance branding.
  • Post opinions on Facebook. This module for PrestaShop allows you the possibility that the opinions that your customers pour on your products are reflected in Facebook. Can you think of something better than the largest social network in the world to talk about the benefits of your service?
  • ReCAPTCHA system. Integrated reCAPTCHA system to avoid sending spam or offensive comments (manually or through Captcha).
  • Information management. Through AJAX technology, without page reloads.
  • Integration of visual widgets. iFeedback allows you to create widgets to be implemented on the sides of the online store. So your customers can know the average note of that product, some opinions of it or if you prefer, see all the references of that product.
  • Integration of spam filters. Spam is not going to be a problem for you with this module. And it incorporates different filters, a ReCaptcha included, which minimizes the possibility of sending automated views to your platform. In addition, thanks to this functionality you can avoid insulting or offensive comments.
  • Easy installation and handling. It does not require code editing nor is it necessary that you have programming knowledge since both the installation and administration are done from the configuration panel. Your customers can access their opinions, and leave new ones through a link in their account panel, they can also see in each store opinion the products purchased by the customer of each of the opinions.
  • Give a single response to the comments. You can also enjoy the possibility of giving a unique response to the comments of your customers as well as choosing if you prefer that the approval of the same be carried out automatically or manually.
  • Use of Widget. You can use the Side Widget to display the average of opinions, giving access to the main page of opinions where you can see them all or the column Widget to show random opinions.
  • Integrated translation manager. It is prepared with a "Translate" tab so you can easily translate it into the language you want.
  • Responsive design. It does not matter what device your online store is displayed on. iFeedback adapts to personal computers, tablets or smartphones. In this way you can take advantage of all the mobile traffic that is generated daily in the network of networks.


Portugais Apprenez à prononcer O que há de novo na versão 3.3.0(02/09/2021)

  • #IFB-236: It does not allow configuring carriers managed by modules in the option "Configure the days number by carrier".
  • #IFB-227: Failed to import when feedbacks or responses contain apostrophes.
  • #IFB-213: The information saved in the option "Configure the days number by carrier" is deleted when modifying the information of a carrier.
  • #IFB-163: Visual error in some templates when pressing the "See more" button on the product page.
  • #IFB-143: "Show random feedbacks" option does not work.
  • #IFB-141: Does not show reviews when "Feedback to show" option is empty.
  • #IFB-129: Option "Character limit for feedbacks" does not work correctly.
  • #IFB-127: Displays inactive languages in the language list of the feedbacks page.
  • #IFB-120: Allows you to install the module in PrestaShop 1.7.
  • #IFB-117: "General" criterion repeated in multi-store.
  • #IFB-114: Warning when entering a product page without reviews when debugging mode is enabled.
  • #IFB-110: It does not allow to send an opinion with the "Anti-spam (Captcha)" option enabled.
  • #IFB-21: Error saving icon in home page layout.
  • #IFB-2: Displays wrong total reviews in Google's rich snippets on the product page.
  • #IFB-237: Notify the customer when they receive a response to a feedback.
  • #IFB-225: Show the combination of the purchased product in the feedbacks list.
  • #IFB-217: Optimization in the import of feedbacks from the "Import - Export" tab.
  • #IFB-210: Convert reviews from 10 to 5 stars when importing and exporting.
  • #IFB-186: Option to display product feedbacks in tabs or in a block in the footer.
  • #IFB-184: Improvement in the responsive design of the module.
  • #IFB-105: Option to restrict the number of feedbacks per customer on a non-purchased product.
  • #IFB-103: Design and structure change on the "My feedbacks" page.
  • #IFB-100: Performance optimization of the store feedbacks page.
  • #IFB-99: Optimization of the performance of the page "My feedbacks".
  • #IFB-98, #IFB-97: Improved performance of the product page.
  • #IFB-88: Performance improvements in the feedback list of the module settings.
  • #IFB-74: Visual improvement of opinions in the left column of the store.
  • #IFB: Performance improvement by showing the stars in the product list.
  • #IFB-247: Template: MegaShop - v1.9.3 - Design by templatin.
  • #IFB-73: adpmicrodatos - v2.2.5 - Adalop.

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