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Birthday Coupon

módulo Birthday Coupon

desenvolvido pela Community developer

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Birthday Coupon is the orginal and most feature-rich addon to send voucher for your customers' birthday that you can ever find! Super user friendly! Let's install it in a few clicks and let it do the rest.
Now available for 1.6. X version too!


O que este módulo oferece


Relacionamento com o cliente Permite fidelizar seus clientes

Make your customers smile: give them a gift voucher for their birthday!
This module allows you to increase your sales by boosting your customers automatically have abandoned their orders.
With the new version 1.6 of the module, the vouchers will be automatically sent in the user's language!
(option available only for PS 1.6.x)


Birthday Coupon Module will allow you to automatically create vouchers for your customers' birthday.
Very simple to use! You can customize it the way you want! You can decide:
  • the type of discount: you can decide between amount or percentage
  • how many days the voucher will be valid starting from the birthday date
  • the order minimal quantity
  • the voucher language (voucher will be automatically sent in the user's language- available only for PS 1.6x).
On the day of their birthday, your customers will automatically receive an email confirmation with the code they can use in your e-shop.

You can also choose to send the voucher some days before the birthday of your client: just select the option in the configuration panel and choose how many days before the birthday you want to send the voucher!

Very simple to manage!
Your customers can see their coupons in their account (My Vouchers).
In backend, you can manage the vouchers under Cart Rules.

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Changelog 1.6.3 (1/09/2015)
* German translation added

Do you have any idea for a new Birthday Coupon's feature? Contact us by using the Prestashop official marketplace Contact Form and we will try to implement it. Buy the addon with the "update option" to be able to have your feature as soon as possible.

The developer is fluent in the following languages: English and Italian

O que seus clientes apreciarão

Your customer will be super happy on their birthday and will remind that you give them a present!
They will become super loyal!


You can customize the email message following these instructions:
in the back end go on Localization/Translations
in modify translation select “E-mail template translation”
select the language
edit the “e-mails for Birthdaycoupon module” clicking on “Edit this e-mail template”
connect to your server in ftp
change/add translations in the directory /modules/birthdaycoupon/mails

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In order to generate automatically birthday coupons you can choose between sending theme when a site's page is uploaded or using the cron option. In this last case you will have to setup a crontab on your server.
In case your server uses Linux and you need to access to crontab, add the line below to your crontab:

1 0 * * * /usr/bin/wget http://YOUR_SITE_NAME_HERE/modules/birthdaycoupon/cron.php

What's New in Version 1.6.3(2015-08-28)

  • * German translation

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Community developer

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  • Compatibilidade v1.5.0.0 - v1.6.1.20

  • versões 1.6.3 (2015-08-28)

  • Disponível em en de es fr it

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