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Yucca Logo Maker Pro

módulo Yucca Logo Maker Pro

desenvolvido pela Community developer
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Create customized logos for any event!
Logo consists of multiple images, icons and text. Each image, icon or text comes with multiple style options to change colors, add borders, change dimensions, and much more!
start creating logos for your events!

O que este módulo oferece


Conversões Contribui para o sucesso de suas promoções

  • Create fully customized logos for your shop using images, icons and text
  • Create beautiful logos for different festivals and events to attract customers
  • Promote a specific product through your custom logo
  • Attract customers through effective logo designs and styles
  • Use web fonts to create a stunning store logo
  • Add animations to your logo to enhance user experience


  • Create image, icon or text sections for your logo
  • Add multiple sections together to create full logos
  • Add styling options to your logo sections to customize each section according to your need
  • Create and save multiple logos for different events and set on website whenever needed
  • Add web fonts (google web fonts and many more) and use in your sections to stylize your text
  • Add animations to any part of your logo to animate logo at store front
  • Master switch with master selector to control logo activation on website
  • Arrange logo sections after creation to move sections one before the other or vice versa

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O que seus clientes apreciarão

This module provides a better user experience through the following points:
  • A customized logo for complete overview of what the store is all about; this all in a glance of the eye. Certain events can have custom logos telling the user that the store acknowledges the events.
  • See what the store is selling latest at the moment. This allows user to quickly move to the product of his choice and purchase directly. This helps in improving your sales as well.

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  • Install module in store
  • Create your own new logo or customize the built-in logos to match your needs
  • Set this logo to be displayed on store
  • Enable this logo through the master switch
  • Save settings to use module
  • What's New in Version 1.0.0(17/06/2018)

    • logo maker Pro module created

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    Community developer

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    • Compatibilidade v1.6.1.0 - v1.7.4.4

    • versões 1.0.0 (17/06/2018)

    • Disponível em en

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