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Build your customer AR dream experience.
Allow your customers to create augmented reality experiences in real time that convert your products into new opportunities with a real-world ROI – bring your brand to the next level!

O que este módulo faz por você

directions_car Otimiza a experiência do usuário
Excite your customers and new visitors:
customers can experience the product in their living space with ARTY (AR) Technology and see their fully customized product prior to purchase.
Sales growth: 
give your customers the exact product they are looking for and promote additional sales.
Less back and forth:
get an approved custom order tailored precisely according to customer needs.
More time on your site:
real-time 3D product previews give visitors an immersive experience resulting in more time spent on your website, digital catalog and product pages.
Better user experience:
Easy access to product configuration options and AR mode.
2023 eCommerce KPI improvement:
Arty 3D viewer is created to highly impact eCommerce KPIs such as Average Order Value (AOV), Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate (SCAR), Cost per Acquisition (CPA), Conversion Rates and more. The results are significant on the conversion rate (+200%), sales (+30%) and product returns (-60%).

O que seus clientes apreciarão

The simplicity of use.
Access from your product page to the 3D visualization window and its various options: a 360° rotating view, access to textures/colors in 1 click, zoom and exact dimensions.
Access to the augmented reality mode with a simple click, without downloading an intermediate application, directly from the camera of the cell phone or tablet. 
Easy to place the product in the scene, change colors in real time and take a screenshot.


Arty's 3D Model Viewer plugin is the ultimate solution for viewing live 3D models in the browser.
Built on top of Three.js, with cross-browser compatibility in mind.
Arty 3D Model Viewer is super-fast and realistic, guaranteeing smooth performance, with support for all major 3D model formats: 3ds, 3mf, amf, assimp,  dae, drc, fbx, gcode, glb, gltf, json, kmz, obj, ply, stl..
From the Module Manager of your Shop, search for Arty 3D Model Viewer and install it.
Subscribe to one of our pricing plans and you are ready to go. 
On the Product page of your Catalog in the back-office, navigate to Options tab and upload a 3D model file.
It will be instantly displayed on the product page in your Shop.In the Configure section of the back-office you can find the link to Arty 3D Model Viewer Settings where you can adjust Viewer functionality according to your needs.


Get access to a complete Guidance Center and our helpdesk from your Admin Panel.
We resolve 97% of support requests within one day and frequently update our tools with fixes and new features.
Our friendly team will assist you from implementation to launch.

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Ficha técnica

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Versões compatíveis com PrestaShop

V1.7.7.0 - V8.0.1

Compatibilidade com várias lojas 


Módulo / Versão do modelo

V 1.0.1

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Diversificação & Personalização de Produtos


Cross platform
Due to WebGL technology, works on any device (desktop or mobile) and on all major browsers
Multiformat support
All general 3d model formats are supported: obj, fbx, stl, 3ds, json, gltf, glb....
Easy integration
Simple iframe-integration on any website or e-commerce platform
Fully customizable 3D model presentation
Configurable background color, shadows, env maps, autorotation, intro animations, loading screen
Customizable UI of the viewer
Buttons color, position, design can be configured without coding
Appless AR
Model can be opened in AR directly from viewer without downloading an app on iOS and Android devices
Entirely Interactive 3D
With the fully interactive 3D, you can rotate, zoom, pick the perfect finish and configuration of your products.
Dynamic Experience
Intro animation, autorotation, screenshot, pan control, loading screen animation will make your product seem alive.
High-Quality Visuals
Physically Based Rendering (PBR) technology will provide impressive photorealistic results.


The Simplest and easiest integration solution. 
Fully configurable to match with your website.(no coding required for website integration).
You will be able to integrate immersive experiences in a few minutes.
3D & AR allows end customers to project themselves very easily. 
New technologies bring to the e-shopping experience much more realism.

ARTY 3D Model viewer is perfect for the following industries:
Retail Luxury Goods and Jewelry - Consumer Goods - Furniture - Apparel and FashionInterior Design - Product development - Architecture and Interior design - AutomotiveBuilding materials - Construction - Cosmetics - Food and Beverages - MachineryFine Arts - Nanotechnology - Museums and Institutions - Commercial real estateMechanical or Industrial Engineering -Retail - Machinery - Sports goods

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