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8 good practices to boost your themes sales!

Follow our advice to easily complete your product page, guarantee quick marketing validation and encourage customers to buy your theme!

The first purchase a seller makes in the 7 days after creating their store is for a theme. Show e-merchants how your theme can increase sales!

Don't forget that when selling your products on PrestaShop Addons, you're talking to agencies, freelancers and developers, but also many online e-merchants who often have very little technical knowledge.

So you need to make your product page easy to understand. We'll help you to make it as simple to understand as possible. Follow us!

1 - Name

  • Choose a name that's clear, concise and representative

    IMPORTANT: the name of your ZIP file must be identical to the theme name given on the product page. This makes it easier for the merchant to find your theme in the list of modules within the shop's back-office.

  • Banish the terms "theme", "template", "responsive" and "PrestaShop" from the name of your product; these will be automatically added to the title of your product page.

  • Avoid specifying the theme version in the title; this information is already automatically included in your product page

  • Avoid copying the names of other templates on the marketplace: stand out from the crowd!


"Pizza & Mozzarella Reponsive International Template for PrestaShop 1.5 & 1.6"


"Pizza Store"

2 - Price

  • Choose the price that seems the most suitable for your theme from the price list, which ranges from €29.99 to €4,999.
    Is your theme responsive? If so, the minimum is €59.99.

  • If other themes offer similar functions to those of your product, avoid offering a lower price: your product will appear to be poorer quality.

3 - Languages

  • English is mandatory. This is the default language for your product page whatever the language selected by the visitor, if you have not provided other languages.

  • Provide your product page in multiple languages! By doing so, you will gain visibility (especially thanks to the "Translations" layer), and increase your theme's conversion rate.
    IMPORTANT: Translations absolutely must be professionally translated, understandable, and error-free (machine translations are not permitted). Don't hesitate to contact a translation agency!
    The main languages used on PrestaShop Addons are: English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German.
    Boost the visibility of your themes by having your product pages translated by professionals!

  • Tip: it's also a good idea to translate your theme zip into several languages, as this can be the deciding factor for an online seller when making a purchase (as the module will already be translated into the shop's languages).


"Perfectly Theme is adapted to sell men, women and children in clothes."


"This theme is perfectly tailored to sell clothes for men, women and children."

4 - Description of your theme

  • The short description of themes is only visible from the product page, beneath the visuals and demo. It allows you to demonstrate the key arguments and essential features of your theme.

  • Be motivational and concise! Use action verbs where possible to engage potential customers and demonstrate the use of each function. Your text should be equally comprehensible for online e-merchants, who don't necessarily have a lot of technical knowledge, and for developers.
    Feel free to regroup features into main categories to make the text easier to read and to optimize understanding!

  • If your theme is perfectly suited to a certain type of store or activity, don't hesitate to say so! This can help online e-merchants to reach their target market.

  • Present the features in a list (bullet points) so that it's easier to understand the essential features of your product.
    Also highlight your theme's strengths and competitive advantages! Stand out from the crowd!


    The main features allow you to personalize your store, and to make it attractive. There are also general features themes usually have which are included here.
    This theme is compatible with browsers, many stores, many languages...
    It uses HTML5/CSS3 and RTL.


    Main features:

    • ...
    • ...
    • ...
    • ...

    Various compatibilities:

    • browsers

    • multi-store

    • multi-language

    • ...

    Code used:

    • HTML5/CSS3

    • RTL

    • ...
  • As with the theme title, there is no need to specify the theme version in the description; this information automatically appears on your product page.

  • Don't commit to the terms and conditions for refunds or the duration of technical support: this essential information is already included in the Terms and Conditions read by the seller. A reference to the terms on your product page may discourage the seller and stop them purchasing your theme.

5 - Features of your theme

  • Select the features included in your theme. They will be clearly displayed on your product sheet. These features will also enable customers to find your product using the layered navigation or the search bar.

  • If you have added features in your theme that are not listed in the features, please specify them. This field is limited to 1100 characters; be concise to keep customers' attention

  • Specify if your theme contains PSD sources or files. If you choose to deliver these files to the seller when they purchase the theme (in which case you can increase the price for this), make sure you don't forget any files!

6 - Images

  • Screen grabs of your theme are of course THE essential element to encourage all visitors to purchase. The main visual will be displayed on the category page, so it will be this image that attracts the attention of visitors and leads them to click on your theme demo or on the product page!

  • Your screenshots have to be easily readable for merchants. Please use a screenshot per functionality!

  • Give an overview of the main pages. As a minimum, provide one screen grab for each of the following: the home page, one category page, one product page, one cart summary page.

  • The main screen grab (home page) should be in a square format (1000 x 1000 px). Avoid overloading this screen grab, simply show the final appearance of the theme (and choose visuals that showcase your theme).

  • If you offer your product page in several languages, you should then create screen grabs for each language :)

7 - Demos

  • Your videos should only be hosted on Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion so they can be accessed by all our e-merchants. Do not include external links in the video's description.

  • Your demos must be in HTTPS.

  • For access to your demo, use the username "demo@demo.com" and the password "demodemo". You can adapt the domain name for each of the translations.


    user name: johndo@john.com
    password: johndoerocks


    user name: demo@demo.com
    password: demodemo

  • Remember that it is strictly forbidden to insert links or personal details in your demo or video, so that all support is provided via the internal inbox. We can then help you in case of any dispute!

8 - Documentation

  • The documentation is a useful tool not to be neglected. It allows the seller to understand how to install and set up the theme by themselves.

  • It absolutely must be written in English and the other languages in which you provide your product page.

  • Where possible use simple screen grabs and sentences

  • Well-designed documentation will significantly reduce the need for after-sales services! So don't waste time, optimize it!

Now, you just need to submit your product page!
Happy selling on PrestaShop Addons!