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You are currently the holder of an Addons account created from your Paypal account, which allows you to connect to our marketplace.

In order to increase security and simplicity, we are implementing a single authentication system. Therefore, signing in with PayPal won’t be possible on our marketplace, from April 2nd on. Read morearrow_right_alt

To continue to access your personal space on PrestaShop Addons, we simply invite you to reset your password as of now by clicking on the link below.

You will receive a new password allowing you to directly sign in to your Addons account, without using PayPal. Once logged in, you will be able to change this password in your personal space.

Your Addons account will not be affected in any way by this development.


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Your data will be transferred to the Partner when you download this module.

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Od V1.6.0.4 do V1.7.8.0


Optimise your shop's performance (WPO) and improve the user experience (UX). Improve load times by eliminating what makes your online shop slow. Keep the database optimised, server requests will be faster.

Co ten moduł robi dla Ciebie

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With this module you’ll improve the user experience (UX) of your customers, getting them to browse your shop faster, having removed elements that consumed the resources of the server on which your online shop is hosted.
They will also be able to keep the database and the cache of your shop clean and optimised. You’ll be able to do automated cleaning as often as you want, to keep your shop always optimised.
This module helps you to improve the WPO of your online shop, which will have a positive impact on a better SEO positioning and an increase in sales.
The faster your shop loads and the better your database works, the less time it will take for the customer to place the order and therefore, the abandoned cart rate will decrease, increasing your turnover

Oto co spodoba się Twoim klientom

Your customers will be able to browse your shop more efficiently and faster, as this module will have optimised your shop's database and deactivated all the options that consume hosting resources.


Multi-store usage
The module is compatible with multi-store mode. You can have the module installed in all the shops of your multi store and use different configurations in each one, or configure it only once for each shop of the multistore. But remember that if you want to use it on different installations of PrestaShop or Thirty Bees (independent shops), you have to buy a license of the module for each of these installations.


Our guarantees
IDX's team of certified developers will help you with everything you need. We’ll do our best to solve your problem in the shortest possible time. Thanks to our high qualification as a PrestaShop certified agency, we’ll be able to offer you fast and quality solutions. We assure you that you’ll be satisfied with our products and our support.

We offer you the best support. If you have a problem with one of our Prestashop modules, you can contact us so we can help you. 

  • Are you having problems with the module? If the module warns you that an override has already been modified by another module, contact us and we’ll tell you how to mix both modifications so that both modules work correctly.
  • If you have doubts when installing or configuring the module, contact us and one of our technicians will explain to you how to do it.
  • Constant updates: Our modules are always updated to ensure optimal operation with all versions of PrestaShop and Thirty Bees.
  • If you have problems and want us to help, we’ll need to access your online store via FTP and to be granted administrator access. If you don’t give us access, we won’t be able to help you.
  • We only refund modules if they meet the requirements set by PrestaShop in their terms of sales and if the module has a problem that we can't fix. If you don’t intend to give us access to check the problem, don’t request a refund because you won’t receive it.

All the modules we develop are tested with PrestaShop 1.6 and 1.7, as well as with Thirty Bees (evolution from Prestashop 1.6). They’re tested with the official templates of each version. It’s possible that if your template is not an official one, you may have to make some aesthetic adjustments to the module. Such modifications aren’t included in the price of the module. You can request to IDX any needed modification as additional work and it will be quoted for you.

Compatibilities with third-party modules and custom developments
Our modules are guaranteed to work with the official PrestaShop and Thirty Bees modules included by default in all shops, as well as with our own modules. They’re not guaranteed to work with third party modules, since there are thousands of them available and it would be an impossible task. You can request, however, a quote for compatibility with any other modules you might need. When we have many requests for compatibility with a particular module, we’ll do it ourselves on our own module(s) and will release it as an update.If you need additional functionalities for the module, you can once again request a quote.Also, you must take into account that we don’t always have the availability for this kind of job, our deadlines to get into this type of custom development can be several months.

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Ostatnia aktualizacja


Języki modułów

en, ag, br, de, es, fr, gb, it, mx, nl, pl, pt, ru, ve +8

Kompatybilne wersje PrestaShop

V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.8.0

Zgodność z wieloma sklepami 


Moduł / Wersja szablonowa

V 1.1.2

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Wydajnośc strony


Deactivable options for performance improvement
  • Addons requests: Allows you to disable the connection to the PrestaShop ADDONS API to avoid sending requests for updates and thus, improve the speed of the shop, as it would consume fewer resources.
  • Dashboard update: Allows you to deactivate the dashboard update (Back Office home dashboard) where you can see all the shop data.
  • Dashboard, products and sales: Allows you to disable the back office dashboard if you aren’t interested in seeing information about our products and sales, such as recent orders, the most viewed, etc...
  • Dashboard, activity summary: Allows you to deactivate the dashboard at the start of the back office in case you are not interested in seeing the daily summary of the shop, such as online visitors, active carts, etc.
  • Dashboard, global statistics: Allows you to deactivate the dashboard at the start of the Back Office in case you are not interested in seeing the global statistics of the shop such as the sales graph, the orders graph, etc.
  • Social Networking: Allows you to disable the social networking module. It will restrict users from sharing posts, products, etc.
  • Data Mining for Statistics: Allows you to disable the data mining module. This will stop data from being collected from the shop.

All these options slow down the shop, as they consume important resources of the server on which it’s hosted, which are necessary for customers to load and display the pages they view quickly.

Types of cleaning
  • Run manual cleaning: You can manually clean the database and cache of the shop with a single click, once you have configured the options you want the module to clean and optimise.
  • Execute automatic cleaning: By configuring a CRON task on your server, you'll be able to run automated data cleansing as often as you want, so that your shop is always kept in an optimal state.
  • Log of deleted data: You'll be able to have a record of the data cleanup you have executed. This way, you'll know what the module has done each time you do a cleanup.
  • Cleaning options: You have a section where you can configure everything you want to clean from the database and the cache of your shop. These options are for both, manual cleaning and automated cleaning with a CRON task.

Shop cleaning and optimisation options available
  • Shopping cart cleaning: Allows you to activate the cleaning of carts. This option is used to clean up old carts and not having multiple abandoned carts. Also to optimize the database.
  • Discounts cleaning: Allows you to activate the cleaning of discounts. This option is used to clean old discounts, thus avoiding having multiple discounts and assigning wrong ones to products. As well as optimizing the database.
  • Cleaning of temporary files: Allows you to activate the cleaning of temporary files. This is used to save space on the server.
  • Clear cache: Allows you to enable cache clearing. It's useful to make the shop run faster and when making a change, it allows you to clear the cache so that the change is instantly visible.
  • Optimise tables: Allows you to activate table optimisation, which is useful for improving your website. The optimisation function reorganises the table and index data, which reduces space and improves I/O (Input/Output) efficiency.
  • Clean tables: Allows you to enable table cleanup, useful for improving the fluidity and speed of our database.
  • Truncate pagenotfound table: Enables pagenotfound truncation, useful to optimise the table and keep it in optimal conditions.
  • Truncate table connections: Allows to activate the truncation of connection tables, useful to optimise the tables and keep them in optimal conditions.
  • Truncate table record: Allows to activate the truncation of the log tables. This is useful to optimise the tables and keep them in optimal conditions.
  • According to date: Allows you to select the deletion of carts, discounts... prior to the selected date. This option is useful to delete only carts, discounts... that are obsolete and/or don't contribute anything to the shop, keeping the latest data. You can keep data from the last week, last month, last 6 months or last year.


It's advisable to use an automated CRON task to do periodic cleanups of all old data in the database and caches that are too large. For example, a CRON task can be created on the server running the module to do the clean-up and optimisation tasks once a month.

Co nowego w wersji 1.1.2(12.07.2021)

  • New module

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W momencie zakupu subskrypcja Business Care za Twój pierwszy rok jest automatycznie włączona. Następnie ma miejsce automatyczne odnowienie na koniec okresu.

Możesz anulować subskrypcję w dowolnym momencie przed końcem bieżącego okresu.

Usługi zawarte w abonamencie:

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  • Aktualizacje kompatybilności
  • Ulepszenia i dostęp do przyszłych funkcji
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