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Froggy Cart To Order

moduł Froggy Cart To Order

Opracował Froggy-Commerce
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Convert a cart into order become easy with Froggy Cart to Order.
With this module, you can, with a few clicks, transform a cart into an order, allowing you to fix the possible problems that may occur when a customer place an order.

Korzyści wynikające z tego modułu

It may happen that a payment module does not validate an order or that a customer is blocked during the validation ... These cases occur from time to time payment module. To fix this and transform cart into order, Froggy Cart To Order is here to help you.

You can search the customers carts two different ways: displaying carts associated to the customer e-mail address or select the cart among the list of the last 50 created on your site.
Once you selected a cart, you can specify the payment method of your choice, and also choose the status of the future order.

When your cart is converted into an order, the customer will receive the order confirmation e-mail and all transactional e-mails for each status change.

Beware, the payment method name is only used for display, no payment will be automatically made, you’ll have to handle this part directly with the customer.


  • Search carts among the last 50 orders
  • Search associated to a customer e-mail address
  • Choose the payment method displayed
  • Choose the order status for the validation
  • Send confirmation e-mail
  • Converting cart into order

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Froggy Cart To Order
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  • Froggy-Commerce Opracował

    PrestaShop v1.4.0.1 - v1.6.1.18 Kompatybilność PrestaShop

  • PrestaShop Opracował

    PrestaShop v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.3.0 Kompatybilność PrestaShop

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    PrestaShop v1.5.3.1 - v1.7.3.0 Kompatybilność PrestaShop


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Co nowego w wersji 1.0.4(2015-08-19)

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O wydawcy, Froggy-Commerce


Former core developers of the PrestaShop solution, we chose to focus on the development of modules for PrestaShop.With our experience in the PrestaShop company, we have a global vision of the software and we use all our knowledge to create modules that will improve your shop to make it more handy and more efficient.We will be happy to answer any questions or requests for information.

The Froggy-Commerce Team

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  • Kompatybilność PrestaShop v1.4.0.1 - v1.6.1.18

  • Wersja 1.0.4 (2015-08-19)

  • Dostępne w języku en es fr

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