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POS - Point of Sale System

moduł POS - Point of Sale System

Opracował Webkul
V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.8.8
Od V1.6.0.4 do V1.7.8.8


A web-based POS solution to manage multiple physical stores and synchronize them to your online store. Sales agents can search products by scanning barcodes, place orders, manage customers, process offline orders.  

Co ten moduł robi dla Ciebie

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PrestaShop Point of Sale System (POS) module is compatible with framework version 8.x.x and multi-store feature of PrestaShop.

1. Quick Checkout Process   
Connect your POS system to the barcode scanner, printer, and cash drawer to complete the checkout in a few clicks. Improve the shopping experience in your offline stores with a fast checkout service.   

2. Offline Orders   
Our POS system provides the functionality to process the orders even in an offline mode. Sales agents can view all the orders processed offline under a separate tab. Once the internet connection is restored, the offline orders are automatically synced to online orders.   

3. Hold Order  
During checkout, a sales agent can put a cart on hold in case a customer wishes to check some other products and start a new cart.  

4. Custom Product  
Suppose a customer has selected an item and that item has not been added to the POS system yet. Don't let your customers wait, add the product to the cart in a run time with a custom product feature. Sales agents can add custom product in POS by filling name, price, and quantity.  

5. Search Products Easily   
Your sales agents can easily find the products via product name, product id, EAN, or UAN. Or the sales agent can simply scan the barcode and the extension will automatically search the product. 
6. Products & categories  
A sales agent can view all the products assigned to the POS outlet by scrolling on the POS panel. On the top of the panel, all the store categories are displayed. View the child categories and products assigned to these categories.  

7. Flexible Payments / Split Payment  
Prestashop Point of Sale System offers multiple payment methods such as cash, credit/debit card, and cheque. Also, a customer can make a split payment. For example, a customer can pay some amount via cash and the remaining amount by debit card.   

8. Dedicated Dashboard   
A statistical dashboard is available in the Prestashop back office to analyze the performance of each POS outlet. With a report dashboard, you can track the daily, weekly, and monthly sales of a POS outlet.   

9. Return/Exchange   
Help your customer easily return/exchange products (orders) purchased from your physical shop. 
10. Guest Checkout   
Some customers don't prefer sharing their personal information. In that case, you can set up a default email id and use it for placing guest orders. 

Oto co spodoba się Twoim klientom

  • Hassle Free Checkout: Customers now don't have to wait in long queues as their orders will be processed in just a few clicks with our fast POS system. 
  • Return Facility: Provide assurance to your customers by offering them the ability to return the products. 
  • Customers can pay using more than one payment method.


Prestashop Point of Sale System supports standard way of Prestashop Installation.

  • Go to the back  office-> modules -> Upload a module
  • Upload zip file of "Point of Sale System" module
  • The module will automatically get installed on your Prestashop


The process to configure Printer
Before using the printer, follow the instructions given below:
1. Install Java 8 or the higher version from the link:
2. Download the QZ tray from the link:
3. Install it as a typical program on your PC
4. Launch the QZ tray application
5. Configure the printer name in the backend POS configuration page.

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Języki modułów

en, ca, de, es, fr, gl, it, nl, pl, pt, ru +5

Kompatybilne wersje PrestaShop

V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.8.8

Zgodność z wieloma sklepami 


Moduł / Wersja szablonowa

V 5.2.0

Liczba pobrań


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Punkt sprzedaży (POS)


  • Create/Add Outlets: Add multiple POS outlets and assign products to them.  
  • Employee Allocation: Add multiple sales agents and associate them with a POS outlet.  
  • Seamless Check-out: Speed up your checkout by integrating your POS system with the barcode scanner, printer, and cash drawer.  
  • Offline Mode: Process orders in the event of an internet outage. Orders made offline are automatically synced once the internet connection is restored.  
  • On Hold Cart: Orders can be put on hold for later checkout processes.  
  • Custom product: Add custom products to the cart which are not available in the catalog yet.  
  • Easy Product Search: A sales agent can search the product by product name, product id, product tags, EAN, UPC, etc.  
  • Barcode Scanner: Quickly add products to the cart by scanning their barcodes.  
  • Print Receipt: Print the sales receipt once the order is completed.  
  • Cash Drawer: Manage daily transactions of a POS outlet with the cash drawer. The cash drawer will open on the command of invoice printing.  
  • Multiple Payment Modes: Make payment for orders via cash, card or in split form(partial payment via cash or card).  
  • Accurate Reports: Monitor the daily performance of each POS outlet. Check sales, orders, average cart value, and net profit of your offline stores. View top-performing sales agents and reward them.  
  • Low stock warning: A warning sign appears on the POS panel whenever product quantity goes below than specified quantity.  
  • Customer Search: The sales agent can search the customers by name, email, and phone number.  
  • Add customers: If unregistered, then the sales agent can add new customers by entering basic details like name, address, email address, phone number, etc.  

  • Update Stock: Synchronize the stock between PrestaShop store and POS just by clicking on a button given at the top of POS panel.

  • View Available Stock: Sales agents can view the available stock for each product in POS panel.
  • Discount: Apply discount on specific products or the whole order.  
  • Return Order: Place the return request for an order and process the refund.  
  • Multi Language/Currency: Assign multiple languages and currencies to a POS outlet.  

Hardware & Devices 
Our POS module supports most POS (Point of sale) hardware devices. 
1. Barcode scanners: Devices that can scan EAN-13, UPC, ISBN, and MPN. You might choose to use Zebex Barcode scanners (Z-3100) or Honeywell Barcode scanners
2. Thermal Printers that support QZ Tray and ESCPOS Language and for generating thermal receipts. 
  • EPSON TM – series (Thermal ESCPOS Language support) 
  • Star Thermal 
  • Dymo Thermal printers 
  • Zebra Thermal printers 
  • Citizen Thermal printers 
3. PDF Printer 
For generating PDF receipts and docs you can use printer like: 
  • HP  
  • Canon   
Also, these printers can be used with HTML printing configuration. 
4. Cash Drawers 
Cash drawers are connected with the receipt printer via RJ11/RJ12. The receipt printer is connected with POS. 
5. Display 
The following devices will work with POS. 
  • Android Tablet 
  • iPad 
  • Laptop 
  • Mac 
  • Desktop PC 
Other POS display (NEC) 


Q: I don’t have a reliable internet connection, can i still make POS work for me?
A: Yes, the module even in an offline mode or in poor internet connection. The sales agent will add the products in cart and takes the cash from the customer and generate an invoice for the order. Only the Cash payment method will be applicable as there is no internet connection. Once the internet connection gets established in the sales agent’s system, all the orders which are processed offline will be synchronized to online orders.

Q: What payment methods does the module support?
A: There are two payment methods available i.e. Card and Cash.

Q: What printers does the module support?
A: Our module is compatible with the printers that support ESCPOS language.

Q: How to configure the printer?
A: Install Java 8 or the higher version from the link:
Download QZ tray from the link:
Install it as a typical program on your PC
Launch the QZ tray application
Configure the printer name in the backend POS configuration page.

Q: Can the cart be put on hold in case if customer forgets something?
A: Yes, the sales agent can put the customer’s order on hold and start a new cart.

Q: Does POS support scanning barcodes?
A: Yes, you can search for products by barcode scanning. If a product exists, it will be automatically added to the shopping cart with quantity of 1. In case the product has combination, then the product gets listed first and then you manually have to enter it into cart.

Q: Does POS work on an Apple computer, or an iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, etc?
A: The module will work fine on tablets (for the printout the system will be required)

Q: Do I get a free trial?
A: Unfortunately, we do not provide free trial. However, you can always request a demonstration online.

Q: Can I use the module for multi-store?
A: The module does not support the multi-store functionality of Prestashop.

Q: Do I need to purchase another copy of POS for my other live domains?
A: The module is licensed to be used on a single domain only.

You can use the same module for your Test domain as well as your Live domain but it would not be possible for the same module to run on various domains. You need to purchase the module again for it to work on your other Live domain.

Q: On what all parameters I can search the products in POS?
A: Product id, Product name, Product tags, EAN, UPC, REF.

Q: Can I add customers while creating their order?
A: Yes, with the module you can add any new customer at the run time.

Q: Is it possible to change the price of the product at run time?
A: Yes, you can update the product price once you add the product in cart.

Q: Can we apply vouchers on order?
A: Indeed. You can apply the vouchers available for the customer to order to give him a discount on his complete order.

Q: Can we also give a discount on a particular product?
A: Yes, once the product is added in the cart, you can apply a discount on the selected product.

Note: Kindly note that this POS module is not compatible with the Advance Stock Management Feature of PrestaShop 1.6. 
Note: Add this custom hook to maintain & sync the stocks automatically 
File: src/Core/Stock/StockManager.php 
                'id_product' => $product->id, 
                'id_product_attribute' => $id_product_attribute, 
                'quantity' => $stockAvailable->quantity, 
                'delta_qty' => $delta_quantity 
In line 197, After this hook: 
                'id_product' => $product->id, 
                'id_product_attribute' => $id_product_attribute, 
                'quantity' => $stockAvailable->quantity, 


1. Our guarantees: 

✪ We are a PrestaShop Gold Partner agency with a team of experienced PrestaShop developers. 
✪ We have been accredited with “SuperHero” Expertise Level & we were able to achieve this with lesser response time and quality service. 
✪ We intend to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers with their purchase. 
✪ We will also help you with the installation and configuration of the module in case if it’s required. 

✔ We can customize the module according to your requirement. You can contact us for a quote. 
✔ We would really appreciate your 5-star rating and comments about our modules & support. It helps us with the development of new modules and the improvement of the already developed modules. 

If you have any doubts or queries regarding our module, please send us a message. We would be more than happy to assist you.

2. Integrate the following modules with the PrestaShop Point of Sale (POS) System module for better inventory/transactions management, improving user experience, and increasing revenue. 
  • POS Loyalty Points and Gift Cards 
  • Point of Sale (POS) Cash Register 
  • POS Stripe Terminal Reader 
  • POS French NF525 
  • POS Barcode Inventory Management 
Kindly contact if you need any of the above-listed modules. 

Co nowego w wersji 5.2.0(05.04.2022)

  • Multishop compatible
  • Add the custom product in a cart through POS
  • Configuration to set Login page background color
  • Configuration to set POS button colors
  • Product specific price is now applicable in POS
  • Partial voucher can also be redeemed from POS
  • Refund voucher can be configured partially
  • Returned order stock is assigned to the same outlet
  • Improved configuration page UI
  • Configuration can be set in multilanguage
  • POS contact number is also displayed in the customer address box
  • Fixed wrong combination name issue at admin outlet product
  • Fixed wrong product name at POS end while adding product to cart
  • Fixed stock synchronization issue in outlet and PrestaShop
  • Fixed issue of barcode scanning wrong combination to the cart
  • Fixed redirection issue at admin end on POS dashboard fixed
  • Fixed a few security issues and small bugs related to flow
  • Fixed pack item stock management

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