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 Purchase on invoice with partial payment option

moduł Purchase on invoice with partial payment option

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Purchase on invoice is a must-have for every shop in Switzerland. With this module, you will provide your customers with invoice and gift cards payment options.

Korzyści wynikające z tego modułu


Konwersje Oferuje środek płatności dostosowany do Twoich klientów

This module allows you to provide payment by invoice and gift cards to your customers.
MF Group offers an all-in-one turnkey solution for invoicing: we take care of all the processes and risks (as credit check, invoicing and debtor risk) and you can focus on your core business. Your customers can buy easily on invoice, use the instalment option and you as a merchant benefit from sure cash-flow thanks to the financing & payment guarantee. Our pricing bases on a pure commission model, if you don’t use our services no costs will occur.
The gift cards are both physical and virtual, and can be used in your subsidiaries and your online shop. Use them to gain new customers and reward the loyal ones.
Download our plugin, let us take care of the payment and increase your sales!


  • Purchase on monthly or order invoice
  • Instalment option
  • Mail or E-Mail invoicing available
  • Multichannel gift cards, useable in your online and offline shop
  • Refunds directly in back office
  • Direct or delayed confirmation
  • Multipayment: invoice and gift cards
  • Customer service in German, French, Italian and English
  • Financing and payment guarantee
  • Identity and solvency check

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  • Set custom number of orders, invoices, delivery slips and credit slips.Customize the format of invoice number, order number that they are in line with your accounting. 

  • Zwiększ współczynnik konwersji o 15% (lub więcej) dzięki e-mailom przypominającym o porzuconych koszykach!


Oto co spodoba się Twoim klientom

Payment made simple: no card, no registration, no risk.
Invoice payment allows to receive the products before paying, giving trust in your online shop. Furthermore, thanks to the part payment option customers can invest in better products and pay flexibly over several months.

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Co nowego w wersji 1.0.0(2017-02-24)

  • PowerPay by MF Group v1.0.0

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PrestaShop Partners

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  • Kompatybilność PrestaShop v1.6.0.4 - v1.6.1.18

  • Wersja 1.0.0 (2017-02-24)

  • Wymagana subskrypcja zewnętrznej usługi Tak

  • Uwzględnione w PrestaShop Tak

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