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Pack of product promotion

zestaw Pack of product promotion

Opracował Reservation Partner LT
  • Partner
pack - Odznaki & Logo - Pack of product promotion - 1
pack - Odznaki & Logo - Pack of product promotion - 2
pack - Odznaki & Logo - Pack of product promotion - 3


 Pack includes:

  • Partners and manufacturers brand logo carousel slider
  • Pop-up Ad on Exit Pro
  • Customer badge levels loyalty

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Save up to 40% purchasing this pack instead modules separately.
With this pack and you will be able advertise your products and begin customer loyalty program.


 Partners and manufacturers brand logo carousel slider
Add interactive slider on your store and show brands of your products.

  • Slider can be hooked to: Top (header), Home, Bottom (footer), Left column, Right column
  • Pick a logos that you want to show in a slider from your manufacturers list.
  • Choose logos formation in a slider.
  • Unlimited number of logos.
  • Pick a number of visible logos in slider at the time.
  • Choose a name of slider (it can be turned off, either)
  • Turn On/Off automatic scrolling of logos
  • Adjustable scroll speed.
  • Click on a logo to get in products list.
  • Works with Responsive Design theme.
  • Logos can slide vertically or horizontally
  • Adjustable slider height and logo size in slider.
  • Pick a background color for slider for a better fit with your theme.
Pop-up Ad on Exit Pro
Show Pop-up window with you advertisements when customer about to leave your store.
               "Show Pop-up window" rules:
  • Always
  • Once per page
  • Till customer clicks on it
  • Once per page until customer clicks on it
  • Once per customer
  • Cart is not empty
                 Pop-up window can be:
  • Picture (banner)
  • Video
  • Text
  • Text tables
  • Choose a size of a pop-up window
  • Can add hyperlinks to pop-up window
  • Unlimited number of Pop-up Ads (One active at the time)
  • Country selection (Pro edition feature)
Customer badge levels loyalty
You will be able to create promotional badges for you customers to achieve
  • Discounts for orders and/or  different product categories.
  • Unlimited number of promotional badges with your own name and logo.
  • Define rules (order amount $, order count # or membership lenght.) for badges.
  • Use all rules or only one of them.
  • Calculate only last month orders (optional)
  • Calculate orders by # custom number of days (optional)
  • Choose Currency for badges.
  • Create an e-mail message for customer, he will get it when promoted to higher badge.

O wydawcy, Reservation Partner LT

Reservation Partner LT

Reservation Partner LT is a certified PrestaShop partner. We have launched dozens of custom ecommerce websites, business management systems, created and sold hundreds of PrestaShop modules. Our goal is to develop useful modules, that can expand or integrate any PrestaShop store with other systems. If you have questions, contact us!

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Oszczędź $55


  • Kompatybilność PrestaShop v1.5.0.0 - v1.6.1.18

  • Dostępne w języku en

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