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moduł Opening hours and exceptional closures

$59.99 $59.99
Opening hours and exceptional closures

moduł Opening hours and exceptional closures

Simply manage the opening hours of your shop for each day of the week.Also define exceptional schedules of closures (holidays, public holidays, etc.).
Od V1.6.0.5 do V1.7.6.5


$59.99 $59.99


Simply manage the opening hours of your shop for each day of the week.
Also define exceptional schedules of closures (holidays, public holidays, etc.).

Co ten moduł robi dla Ciebie

event_available Ułatwia zarządzanie serwisem posprzedażnym
Quickly inform your customers of the opening hours of your shop by displaying a message in a popup.

If you wish, define periods of exceptional closures.

In case of closure, choose whether or not you authorize browsing on your store.

Oto co spodoba się Twoim klientom

Customers will be notified of the closure of your shop and will be able to see the opening hours / dates of your shop.


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Karta techniczna

Ostatnia aktualizacja


Języki modułów

en, es, fr, it, pt

Kompatybilne wersje PrestaShop

V1.6.0.5 - V1.7.6.5

Moduł / Wersja szablonowa

V 1.1.0

Liczba pobrań





Community developer

Języki wsparcia

fr, en


Narzędzia administracyjne


Daily opening hours
For each day of the week, you can define one or more opening periods.
You can also set the day or days of the week that will be totally closed.

The exceptional closing of your shop
In addition, the module allows you to define your schedule of exceptional closures (holidays, public holidays, ...).

Block or allow browsing on your store
In case of closure, you can choose whether or not to allow browsing on your store.
If you allow navigation, you can display reminder messages on your product page and / or your order page.

Customizing messages
You can define a message library and choose the message that will be used for your two closing modes (daily / exceptional).
Variables are available to dynamically display information in your messages:
  • the name of your shop
  • the logo of your shop
  • your email
  • the opening hours of the current day (for the daily schedule)
  • the next opening time (for the daily schedule)
  • an advanced display of opening hours (for the daily schedule)
  • the start / end / reopening date for your exceptional closures

What else ?
  • Choice of the type of popup to use (only for Prestashop> 1.7 and for compatible themes)
  • Customize the appearance of the popup
  • Display the title of your popup (defined in your messages).
  • The maximum size of the popup
  • The height of your popup
  • The color of the background of the page, as well as its opacity
  • The color of the background of your popup or make it transparent
  • The border color of the popup, as well as its size.
  • The background color of your message in the hook
  • The border color of the message in the hook
  • Customizing the CSS directly from the backoffice
  • Test mode available by controlling the IP address to configure the module without impacting your customers


PHP compatibility
This module uses PHP functions only available from PHP 5.2.0.

Hide / Disable HTML Elements
In case of closure, when you authorize navigation on your store, the module allows you to define the selectors to hide / deactivate HTML elements.
The selectors that you define will allow the module to identify elements that the module will have to hide or deactivate by Javascript.
Upon installation, the module provides the elements relating to the Standard Prestashop theme (Starter Theme for Prestashop 1.7 / default-bootstrap for Prestashop 1.6).
The selectors can be different depending on the themes. It will therefore be up to you to correctly declare the selectors according to your theme and the desired behavior.

Co nowego w wersji 1.1.0(03.04.2020)

  • Allow browsing : possibility to allow browsing on the shop (allow the popup to close).
  • Display in hooks : possibility to display a message in hooks (if popup closed).
  • Block HTML Elements : possibility to disallow/hide HTML elements by CSS selectors (if popup closed).

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