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zestaw Apparence

Opracował Presta-Module

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pack - Oferty tymczasowe – Oszczędzaj! - Apparence - 1
pack - Oferty tymczasowe – Oszczędzaj! - Apparence - 2
pack - Oferty tymczasowe – Oszczędzaj! - Apparence - 3
pack - Oferty tymczasowe – Oszczędzaj! - Apparence - 4


Customize and add content to your store with this pack containing the 3 best front-end modules made ​​by Presta-Module and save 27%

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Nawigacja Personalizuje Twój sklep internetowy

By Presta-Module
Apparence pack has been developed by the Presta-Module team, guaranteeing full compatibility with Prestashop's e-commerce software, and a quick after sale support.


Get 27% discount on the purchase of this pack of 3 modules from Presta-Module catalog !
For more information about any modules contained in this package, please see its product page.
A demonstration of each module is proposed.
Pack contents :
  • Advanced Background Changer : This background manager module is the ultimate solution to rapidly spread full page ambiances, advertising skins or create background slideshows.

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  • Modal Cart : Add a confirmation window when a product is added to your cart, and use it to announce special offers or complementary products.

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  • Ads&Slideshow : Acting as a real tool kit for your website, this module will let you add an unlimited number of images, slideshows, carousels of products or HTML compositions on pages of your choice.

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O wydawcy, Presta-Module


PrestaModule is the first company to have been dedicated exclusively to the development of PrestaShop modules. They are a key player on Addons. Their modules are technically evolved and have a tons of really cool features. Two of them has been awarded at Best Modules Awards ceremony. It must be clear to you now that buying a module designed by PrestaModule means choosing quality, a follow-up service and enjoy one of the most responsive technical or commercial support out there.

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Oszczędź $90


  • Kompatybilność PrestaShop v1.1.0.0 - v1.6.1.20

  • Dostępne w języku en fr es ag ca gl mx pe ve

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