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V1.7.4.0 - V1.7.8.8
Van V1.7.4.0 tot V1.7.8.8


Facilitate navigation with a powerful multi-criteria filter system. Place one or more search engines by filters wherever you want on your store. Highly customizable, Advanced Search is a must-have for boosting your sales.

Wat deze module u te bieden heeft

directions_car Vereenvoudigt het zoeken op uw site
Robust and agency-recommended module, ranked in the best sellers on Addons since 2010

Do you have multiple product references, each with its own features and combination possibilities (colors, sizes, materials, prices, etc.)? Facilitate the navigation of your visitors on your site by installing multi-criteria filters and increase your conversion rate!

Few web users arrive on a site with a precise idea of the product they want to buy. However, they know their preferences, clothing size, budget, space for their new living room furniture, etc. To help them quickly find the ideal product, a filter search engine is essential. With just a few clicks, they enter their criteria and only see items that may match their needs.

With more than ten years of continuous improvements, installed on tens of thousands of stores, Advanced Search is the essential module to set up an efficient, ergonomic and fast filter navigation on your PrestaShop store, even for the largest product catalogs. Indeed Advanced Search has been developed with the aim of providing short loading times, even for catalogs containing several hundred thousand products.

A powerful and ultra-customizable filter search

In concrete terms, Advanced Search allows you to display as many different search engines as you want on the pages of your site. Multiple locations are offered to you and your technical contact can even position them in very specific places thanks to the use of widgets.

The module implements a multi-criteria search with numerous customization options to fully correspond to your needs and the type of products you sell. It has multiple functionalities that will allow you to make the customer experience optimal, such as, among others, the choice of the search perimeter, a fine management of the appearance of the filters or the display options of the search results.

With Advanced Search, your customers will be able to view products that match their search criteria with a minimum of clicks.

Advanced Search takes care of your SEO

In addition to its main function, the Advanced Search module is also designed to avoid duplicate content problems through non-indexable result pages.

If you want to go further in improving your SEO and increase your visibility thanks to facets, the PRO version of Advanced Search is for you! Indeed, it integrates a tool for generating pages optimized for your SEO, also called "facets". Thus, based on specific criteria on which you want to improve your SEO, the module generates the results pages and allows you to customize the meta tags, and other SEO elements. Discover it here:

Graphic pre-integration of the module in the best SEO theme on the market

To allow you to benefit from both an advanced search module and an SEO and UX optimized theme, we have pre-integrated the module styles into our Fashion SEO theme available here:

Wat uw klanten zullen waarderen

Advanced Search offers your customers an optimal user experience thanks to an ergonomic and powerful filter system. With just a few clicks, they can display the list of products that meet their criteria and find the product they need in a minimum of time.

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Compatibele PrestaShop versies

V1.7.4.0 - V1.7.8.8

Multi-shop compatibiliteit 


Module versie

V 5.0.2

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Zoeken & Filteren



You can create as many search engines as you want. The configuration of each search engine is done independently:

Configuration of the search mechanism

Search type configuration:

  • search by filters among a selection of products:
-Configuration of the starting point of the search: current or specific category
-Possibility to activate the search among all levels of subcategories
-Possibility to search only among products in stock
  • search by filters in the entire catalog

Note: the PRO version of the module (available here: offers another type of search: the step-by-step search. In a guided way, you ask your visitors to enter their search criteria in a precise order. The criteria are displayed and refined as the search indications are entered.

Search submission method:

  • Instant search (as soon as a criterion is modified)
  • Search by submission (the search is launched after clicking on a button, with the possibility of redirection to a page dedicated to the results). If only one result is found, an option allows you to redirect to the product page concerned

Configuration of the search engine appearance

General settings:

  • Possibility to give a public title to the engine (multilingual configuration) as well as an internal title (can be different from the public title)
  • Possibility to customize the CSS classes to be applied
  • Possibility to display the number of products found
  • Possibility to display a reminder of the selected criteria
  • Possibility to activate an automatic scrolling effect

Regarding the criteria groups (filters):

  • Possibility to order the groups of criteria between them
  • Possibility to hide empty criteria groups
  • Possibility to hide implicit criteria groups
  • Possibility to display a reset link for each group of criteria
  • Possibility to make certain groups of criteria visible only when the user clicks on "Show more options"

Regarding the criteria:

  • Possibility to display the number of products corresponding to each criteria
  • Possibility to hide the criteria that do not lead to any result
  • Selection of the display method for the out-of-bounds criteria: on mouse over, click or in an overflow block

Regarding the display of search results:

  • Central column: configuration of the CSS selector and possibility to add CSS classes
  • Possibility to match the image of the result with the combination meeting the search criteria
  • Possibility to pre-select the combination found on arrival on the product page
  • Possibility to set the number of results to be displayed per page
  • Possibility to sort results by: name, price, position inside category, brand, quantity, date of addition, date of modification, sales
  • Possibility to sort results in ascending or descending order
  • Possibility to display a reminder of the selected criteria
  • Possibility to write a customized description above the results (different for each language of the store)

Selection of the search engine location:

Available locations (hooks):

  • Left column (displayleftcolumn hook)
  • Right column (displayrightcolumn hook)
  • Homepage (displayhome hook)
  • Top of page (displaytop hook)
  • Top of page full width (displaynavfullwidth hook)
  • Custom (advanced user)
  • Widgets (advanced user)

You also have the possibility to prioritize the display of a search engine over the others, if several engines are associated with the same location (hook).

By default, the search engine is displayed on all pages where the selected hook is present. However, you can restrict its visibility to:

  • categories
  • products
  • manufacturers
  • suppliers
  • CMS pages
  • special pages


Once you have created your search engine, you can select the groups of criteria (filters) that you want to offer to your customers and configure their display, independently.

Available criteria groups (filters)

Filters of type "Product Associations":

  • All category levels (complete category tree, with configurable starting point)
  • Subcategories (only the subcategories of the current category)
  • Categories of level 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5
  • Brands
  • Suppliers

Filters of type "product attributes" and "product features":

  • As many filters available as attributes created in the back-office (example: filters by color, size, ...)
  • As many filters available as features created in the back-office (example: filters by composition, material...)

Filters of type "Product properties":

  • Prices
  • Prices drop (products with specific prices)
  • On sale (products with "On sale!" flag)
  • New products
  • In stock
  • Available for order
  • Web only
  • Product condition

Filters of type "Package properties":

  • Width
  • Height
  • Depth
  • Weight

Configuration of the appearance of the criteria groups (filters)

  • Possibility to customize the name of the criteria group (multilingual configuration)
  • Display method (depending on the filter type):
-Drop down menu with the possibility to add a text area to filter the values
-Links (simple, with color squares, value ranges, ...)
-Color squares
-Numerical ranges
-Category level depth
  • Possibility of authorizing the combination of criteria within the same group of criteria (with choice of the AND/OR operator)
  • Configuration of the maximum number of criteria to display
  • Possibility to display the criteria by:
-alphabetical order
-numerical order
-number of products
-position in catalog
-custom position (manual sorting by drag and drop)
  • Possibility to create custom criteria to group certain criteria by families (for example: all shades of red, etc...)

Note: The PRO version of the module (see link above) also allows you to add an icon to your criteria groups and to replace the criteria values by images (multilingual configuration).


General settings of search engines

  • Activation of the maintenance mode
  • Cache activation
  • Activation of automatic indexing when adding/editing/deleting items
  • Activation of the active/inactive status sync of items with your criteria
  • Possibility to reindex automatically (via a scheduled CRON task) all search engines or a specific search engine. Reindexing can also be started manually.
  • Possibility to display the products of the subcategories
  • Possibility to enable a blur effect when loading results
  • Possibility to duplicate a search engine
  • Integrated CSS editor with syntax highlighting

Results sorting options for the customer

In addition to the default sorting options of PrestaShop, the module allows you to propose to your customers a sorting of the results by:

  • Relevance (reverse)
  • Sales
  • Quantity
  • Brand
  • Date added
  • Update date

Display the product combinations found as separate products

By default, if several product combinations match the search criteria, the module displays the cheapest combination in the result list. Please note that if you combine Advanced Search 5 with the Products by attributes module (available here: you have the possibility to display all the combinations found as separate products.


In order to use the Advanced Search 5 module, you will need to disable the "Faceted Search" PrestaShop native module. Both modules can't be used at the same time.

Wat is er nieuw in versie 5.0.2(16.09.2022)

  • New: allow to define default behaviour of the search engine on mobile (opened or closed on load)
  • New: add compatibility with Advanced Subscription controllers
  • Fix routes after saving Traffic & SEO form
  • Fix eco-participation calculation when creating price index
  • Fix error when Combinations are disabled
  • Fix missing criterions reminder above product list
  • Others various fixes and improvements

Ondersteuning en updates

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U kunt uw abonnement op elk moment opzeggen voor het einde van de lopende periode.

Diensten inbegrepen in uw abonnement:

  • Beveiligingsupdates
  • Compatibiliteitsupdates
  • Evoluties en toekomstige functies
  • Onbeperkte ondersteuning

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PrestaModule is the first company to have been dedicated exclusively to the development of PrestaShop modules. They are a key player on Addons. Their modules are technically evolved and have a tons of really cool features. Two of them has been awarded at Best Modules Awards ceremony. It must be clear to you now that buying a module designed by PrestaModule means choosing quality, a follow-up service and enjoy one of the most responsive technical or commercial support out there.