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BRT Easyspeed export

module BRT Easyspeed export

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Export your orders to the platform of Web Easy Speed ​​Bartolini (BRT). With this module, you will not make more errors in the addresses manually load the module because it will do it for you.

Wat deze module u te bieden heeft

Automatic Translation
Export your orders to the platform of Web Easy Speed ​​Bartolini (BRT). With this module, your orders will be automatically exported to a file and then be easily uploaded to the site Bartolini (BRT) thus avoiding any kind of clerical error and speeding up the procedure considerably. Based on our tests on different stores, using the form developed by us, the loading times of orders are reduced by up to 90%.


Fully automated procedure.
Automatic transmission order status, from "payment accepted / preparation in progress" to "expedition in progress"
No room for error.
No complicated setup.
Automatic installation.
Continuous assistance.

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