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Gift card manager

module Gift card manager

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V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.8.8
Van V1.6.0.4 tot V1.7.8.8


Customers love receiving and giving gift cards. Thus, ‘the Gift Card Manager addon’ is the perfect gift idea for every occasion. Further, for indecisive buyers coming to your PrestaShop Store.

Wat deze module u te bieden heeft

insert_chart Stimuleert impulsaankopen
Promote impulse buying, brings new customers
PrestaShop Gift Card Manager allows customers to buy gift cards from your PrestaShop store for their closed ones. In fact, the users can send Gift Cards to their friends or family via email. Further, it is a must-have addon because it offers pre-crafted digital gift cards. Moreover, allows the users to upload a custom image for the gift card. For the customers, Gift Vouchers are an easy gift idea to give to friends and acquaintances. Thus, the store admin can also create customized gift cards.

Attract new Customers to your PrestaShop store
The Digital gift card provides an effortless way to boost the customer base. In fact, a Gift card has a huge potential of converting store visitors into paying leads. Furthermore, without indulging in the entire conversion funnel.

Enhances Personalised Customer Experience
Offer multiple gift card templates to your customers for various occasions. For instance, birthdays, anniversaries, Friendship day, Father's day, and a lot more. Furthermore, lets them create a custom gift card with a personalized image. Thus, a gift card helps you can increase customer loyalty.

Increases advance sales and brand awareness
One sale is equal to two customers. Hence, with one purchase of a gift card, you increase advance sales and capture new customers. Further, the revenue generates in advance increases customer retention. Hence, the gift card helps in enhancing brand awareness.

Easy configurations for the admin
  • Promote Gift Cards: PrestaShop gift card manager addon adds the gift cards section to the PrestaShop store. Further, lets customers buy a gift voucher. In fact, a Gift voucher allows the store owner to place the link of the gift card anywhere on the front-end of the website.  
  • Custom templates: The PrestaShop gift card module allows the admin to create gift card templates and products for various events. For instance, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and others.
  •  Ready to buy: The admin can create multiple products for different values. The customer can select the best-suited amount for the Gift Card.
  • Gift Card Order Management: The orders from the gift cards are trackable at a button click.
  • Pre-crafted email: The cards deliver to the receivers via email. On the other hand, the customer can print them by themselves. In fact, it does have some email templates available for the sender and receiver.
  • Generate Revenue: By motivating the visitors to purchase from the store, the gift card voucher can effortlessly boost the overall revenue.

What your customers will  love
  • Indecisive buyer? Don’t worry!: If you find choosing a gift difficult, a Gift Card is one of the easiest ways to come to a purchase decision.
  • Gift card for every occasion: The customers get an option to send gift vouchers for every special occasion to their near and dear ones with ease.
  • Custom Image Gift Card: Customers can purchase and send a gift card with a personalized image and a custom message by uploading an image during purchase.
  • Allows Partial Purchase: The gift card amount can be redeemed in parts. The customer can use the gift card partially.
  • Simple & easy to shop: The simplified transaction makes it easier for the end-users to complete their order from the store.

Wat uw klanten zullen waarderen

  • The customers get an option to send gift vouchers for every special occasion to their loved ones.
  • The customer can schedule the Gift Card delivery date
  • The customer can upload a customized image for the Gift Card
  • Instead of wasting their time to find a perfect gift for the loved ones the customer can send the gift cards.


To install the module smoothly kindly follow the detailed User guide provided with the Module. No Programming knowledge necessary. In case of installation or configuration related issues please contact us, we offer free support.

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en, bg, cs, de, el, es, fi, fr, hu, it, nl, pl, pt, ro, ru, sk, sv, tr, uk +13

Compatibele PrestaShop versies

V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.8.8

Multi-shop compatibiliteit 


Module versie

V 2.0.4

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Customer Interface

Once the customer clicks the Gift Card button it will redirect to the gift card page. Furthermore, the customer has to choose the design type and add a few details to generate a personalized gift card.
  • Choose the type of gift card purchase ‘print card by yourself’ or ‘send by email’.
  • Add basic details like sender and receiver details, email address of the receiver.
  • Upload a personalized picture and a note for your special one.
  • Select the gift card amount.

Admin Interface

  • Easy configuration: Admin can configure the settings of the Gift Card Manager Module with ease. Thus, install the module. In addition, do the desirable changes from the back office.
  • Promote Gift Cards: PrestaShop send gift card addon provides an option to add the gift card anywhere on the website. The admin can select the option to highlight the Gift cards in the Header, Site tab, and Footer section.
  • Easy setup for the gift card:  fix the minimum duration of the gift card order place and delivery from the back-office of the PrestaShop gift card module.
  • Define Gift Card rules: The PrestaShop gift voucher module allows the admin to set the terms and conditions of the gift card like validity and other cart rules.
  • Email Templates: The gift card module offers a ready-made email template that can be customized as per desires.
  • Multi-lingual support: Multi-lingual support allows the admin to customize the voucher cards in multiple languages.
  • Multi-store compatibility: Compatible with multiple stores
  • Compatibility with themes: It supports all the PrestaShop versions and themes.
  • PDF Settings: PrestaShop gift card module sends the email with a customizable PDF attached. The layout of the gift card templates can be changed and personalized as per the requirement of the e-merchants. The existing templates can be edited or deleted.
  • Gift Card Products: The card amount, validity period, currency setting, product quantity, and other conditions can be fixed by the store owners. The conditions can be enabled, disabled, or edited as per the requirement.
  • Partial use of the Gift Card: The admin can allow partial use of the card amount.
  • Gift Card Order management: PrestaShop gift voucher addon allows the store admin to track the orders for the gift cards from the back-end.
  • Cron setup: The Gift Card Sender can schedule the Gift Cards delivery so that the Gift Card will get delivered to the recipient by the defined delivery date.
  • Resend the Gift Card: The Gift Card Manager module allows the store admin to resend the Gift Card if the customer requests to resend the Gift Card.

Wat is er nieuw in versie 2.0.4(15.08.2022)

  • Minor bug fixes

Ondersteuning en updates

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