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Advanced SEO Pack

pack Advanced SEO Pack

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NEW FEATURES - Boost you SEO to the highest level with this 3 module pack. Manage and redirect of not founded pages. Clean the IDs from the URLs and setup proper URL structure and fill up the meta tags automatically with relevant information.

Wat deze pakket u te bieden heeft

Verkeer Optimaliseert de organische vindbaarheid (SEO) op alle zoekmachines

1. URL Redirect
You can create proper URL redirect to avoid 404 errors and give better customer experience. This is really great for domain change or shop migration.
Deleted Item Detector! When you delete a Product, Category, Manufacturer, Supplier, CMS Page or CMS Category the modules saves the deleted items URL offers you an easy way to convert it to a redirect. This helps you not to loose the exist SEO rankings.
2. Advanced SEO Friendly URLs
Do you want to remove those annoying IDs from your shop’s URLs?
Do you want to improve your shop’s SEO ranking with more search engine friendly URLs?
Do you want to use the simplest URLs - only {rewrite} in all routes without ending .html or slash?
This is the module what you need!
3. Automatic Meta Tag Generator
This module generates meta tags automatically from plenty of information through keyword variables like {product_name}, this keyword displays the product's name.
The keywords named properly, so you will know what they going to display.
Under every generator field, you can find the available keywords for the current field. Just click Show/Hide and the available keywords show up. If you click on the selected keyword, it will insert into the attached generator field at cursor position.
You are able to override the automatically generated meta tag by filling the desired content's meta field. E.g.: If you want to write a specific meta title to one of your products, navigate to the product edit section in the admin, click on the SEO tab and fill the meta fields. This is also useful when you have a large catalog and you don't want bad meta fields, the automatic generator creates good meta fields until you write even better manually. Because how the override working we implemented a maintenance tool which can clear meta fields. For a fresh start, we recommend to clear the meta fields.
We also implemented a product friendly url generator which can generate much more relevant urls than the built in version. This is also really useful when you use our Advanced SEO Friendly URLs module which removes the product id from the url, with this tool you can generate relevant but unique friendly urls which is required to the proper work. It generates the {rewrite} variable in the Preferences -> SEO & URLs -> Schema of URLs (panel) -> Route to products (input). So you won't need to add any other variables. IMPORTANT! For technical reason it can't be an automatic process, so you have to do this manually.


1. URL Redirect
- Add, Delete, Import, Export URL redirects
- 4 different redirect type: 301, 302, 303, 307
- 3 different old url matching type: Equals to, Begins width, Contains
- Internal and external redirects
- Export for mass edit in Microsoft Excel or in any CSV editor
- Multistore compatible
- Deleted Item Detector
2. Advanced SEO Friendly URLs
  • Remove ID from all URLs: Product, Category, Manufacturer, Supplier, CMS, CMS Category.
  • Support same URL schema, even only {rewrite} in all routes without ending .html or slash.
  • URL works both with our without ending slash and redirects to the canonical URL.
  • Support multi-language routes, like en: manufacturer/{rewrite}, de: hersteller/{rewrite}
  • Optionally remove linguistic sign from default language URLs.
  • Support parent categories in Product, Category, CMS and CMS Category URLs.
  • Able to use the same link rewrite for products if those products are in different default categories and parent categories are enabled in URLs.
  • Automatically detect old URLs and redirect to new ones. This helps keep your shop's current SEO ranking.
  • If a product or a category not found, try to find its parent category and redirect to. This helps not to lose deleted items SEO ranking.
  • Detect duplicated URLs when saving a Product, Category, Manufacturer, Supplier, CMS, CMS Category. Also offers a unified list with all of duplicated URLs, if no records found in that list, your shop is ok.
  • Product Friendly URL generator. Regenerate all or only the duplicated product URLs from plenty of information.
  • Support multistore.
  • Works like magic!

PrestaShop 1.7 Specific Features:
  • Removes both product and product attribute IDs from product URLs.
  • Optionally remove default combination parameter from product URLs
  • Removes "q=" parameter from Faceted (layered) search URLs.
3. Automatic Meta Tag Generator
- Product, Category, Manufacturer, Supplier, CMS, CMS Category meta tags generated automatically
- Customize Product meta generator settings by category
- Set maximum length of the generated meta fields values
- Override manually meta tags by filling the meta fields in the desired content
- Product Friendly URL generator (manually) by language
- Maintenance tool for clearing manually written meta fields by language and content type
- Multilang ready
- Multistore ready
- Cloud compatible

Ondersteuning en updates

U profiteert automatisch van 3 maanden ondersteuning bij dit product.

Tot 90 dagen na de aankoop profiteert u van technische en functionele ondersteuning en van toegang tot beschikbare updates voor dit product.

Kies de optie Zen om 12 maanden lang te profiteren van een goed werkend product!

Met de optie Zen heeft u gedurende een jaar na aankoop toegang tot ALLE updates van het product. De ontwikkelaar van het product beantwoordt via de mail al uw technische en functionele vragen.

Wat is de optie Zen?

De optie Zen omvat twee services:

  • - een onbeperkte aftersales-service tijdens de optieperiode;
  • - toegang tot alle updates van dit product in deze periode.

De optie Zen is tegen een gunstige prijs beschikbaar op het moment van de aankoop van dit product, maar u kunt deze ook aanschaffen na aankoop, dit vanuit uw klantaccount.rnDe optie is geldig tot een jaar na de aankoopdatum van uw product. Hoe vroeger u 'm koopt, hoe langer u ervan profiteert!

Wat omvat de Option Zen?

De optie Zen omvat:

  • antwoorden op vragen over het gebruik van de module/het thema;
  • oplossingen van technische problemen met de module/het thema;
  • toegang tot alle updates van de module/het thema.

Onderstaande diensten zijn niet inbegrepen in de optie Zen:

  • specifieke personalisering en ontwikkeling;
  • de installatie en update van de module/het thema:
  • het oplossen van problemen met de services van derde partijen, de hosting of de server, of met de software van PrestaShop.


2. Advanced SEO Friendly URLs
When you assign a category to a product, we recommend to assign to the default category the lowest level of the product categories. This will generate the best product URLs when you use parent categories in product URLs. (Recommended to use!)

Wat uw klanten zullen waarderen

1. URL Redirect
Avoid 404 errors and give better shopping experience to your customers.
2. Advanced SEO Friendly URLs
More relevant URLs according to the current page you see.


2. Advanced SEO Friendly URLs
After installation you may delete all your shop's cache in “Advanced Parameters” -> “Performance” -> "Clear Cache"

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