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Smart Cart Reminder

module Smart Cart Reminder

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V1.5.0.0 - V1.7.6.8
Van V1.5.0.0 tot V1.7.6.8
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$179.99 $235.99

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More than 18% conversion observed in several e-retailers who have adopted it. The advanced solution for the abandoned cart reminder is what will fit your reminder emails, your promotions to your customers' cart.

Wat deze module u te bieden heeft

insert_chart Stimuleert uw bezoekers hun aankopen af te ronden
According to the abandoned cart content, and information about the customers, the Smart Cart Reminder module is the advanced solution that allows you to remind your abandoned carts in an autonomous and focused way.

« The only module of the cart reminder without subscription offering as many features »

Indeed, the module allows you to create "Reminder rules" according to:
  • Customer information (country, age, gender, group, etc.)
  • Cart contents (amount, products, product categories, stock remaining, etc.)
  • Time of year (Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, etc.)

« No more untimely and inappropriate promotions which let you feel that you are desperate ! »

With the reminder rules, create easily your own algorithms, for example:

Rule 1 : For the cart that exceeds $90, which still contain available items in my stock, the customer is in USA.
Then create a discount coupon to obtain the shipping costs for free.
Reminder1: Send the « Free shipping costs » email.
Reminder2: Send the « Only a few days to benefit from the offer» email.
Rule 2: For the new customers, create a 5% Off Your Order.
Reminder1: 1H after the dropped cart: send the «To celebrate your arrival 5% Off Your First Order » email.
Reminder2: 24H after Reminder 1: send the « Only one day left to take advantage of this offer» email.
Rule 3: From 15/11/2015 to 25/12/2015(Christmas time), create a coupon to obtain a gift on the order.
Reminder 1: Send the « Surprise Gift» email.
Reminder 2: Send the « Only a few days to benefit from the offer» email.
Rule 4: For the cart > €900, the customer is professional
Reminder 1: Send the « More information about our catalog dedicated to professional» email.
Reminder 2: Contact the customer by phone

My interest through Smart Cart Reminder module and the reminder rules:
→  I increase my sales
→  I control the cost of my marketing offers according to the cart
→  I approach as close as possible to the desire of my customers
→  I gain credibility by creating an intelligent and autonomous system which is no longer seen by my customers as an automatic emails or promotion distributor.

Two kinds of reminders to adapt a little more to your reminder process:
  • «Standard»: Sending an automatic email with a custom content of the cart to the customer.
  • « Manual»: The module notifies you by email to communicate with the customer.
You can even set the type of reminder that will suit your cart.

In one page, the module includes all the information of your customers; and includes many features dedicated for your manual reminders.

My interest through my module « Smart Cart Reminder » and its page dedicated for manual reminders:
→  I don’t lose anymore my customers information enabling me converting ( phone number, address, page visited, number of orders placed, current cart …)
→ I win in reactivity through the features present in this unique page: Sending a Pre-formatted email with the link of the complete order, creation of good (s) reduction (s)
→ I comment all my telephone conversations

The module provides a group of advanced reports easy-to-understand:
  • The evolution of the generated sales according to cart reminders
  • Reports about the opened/clicked emails
  • Cart reminder rule conversion reports
  • Reports on employees manually remind customers. This report contains the number of orders made, the number of manual reminder processed for each employee.

My interest through statistics is to improve me reminder system:
→  I improve my reminder emails to convert the maximum of cart
→  I improve my rules to build an autonomous system
→  I motivate my employees to increase my sales

« A quick start: Coming from a study conducted in the comb to a Committee of a dozen merchants, the module provides a clear and pleasant interface to use. Because we are committed to place the e-trader at the center of the process when we design our modules»

The module provides a range of features allowing you to act directly on the abandoned cart, you can manually raise without even that the countdown is finished, see explicit details of the choice of a rule for a cart...

My interest through its intuitive and transparent interface   
I spot in one glance:
→ The rules applied on the cart on each abandoned cart
→ The time left before the next reminder through the countdown
→ The list of reminders applied on the cart
→ If the reminder email was been seen and clicked
→ If the order was completed
→  ...

1 Installation in 1 click and intuitive setting in 2 steps:
1. I created my reminder emails, it’s easy and fast!
Several templates of emails delivered with the module, customize easily and quickly, select an example, edit the colors, edit the text, and here we go!
2- I create my cart reminder rules and I indicate for each rule the reminder emails to send. 
«Because your time is precious and that we want your full satisfaction! »
You have particular difficulty for the integration, you have some questions.
Our team will be glad to support you.
We are very sensitive about the responsiveness and the quality of our responses.
Source « »: 
From 09/2013 to 08/2015 
Tickets received: 362
Handled: 362
Our overall service quality: 99.7%

«Your module is terrific!!! »

15/08/2015 - 5/5
«Great module and great support! »

28/07/2015 - 5/5
Lots of options to help increase sales. Very friendly and responsive customer service. Highly recommended!

15/07/2015 - 5/5
Very good quality, congratulation.

« I tried the challenge and I am pleased, congratulations to the developers of this module. 
I like your system customizing email, this is top! » Cathy

« I'm a merchant since 8 years ago, and I gave some ideas.
In fact I wanted a new condition to treat new customers differently and according to my stock.
A module that I don’t leave no more! What flexibility! I paid the purchase in the first week. » Audrey
« Don’t hesitate to share with us your comments!»

Wat uw klanten zullen waarderen

The cart reminder solution, that allows you to get close closer to the desire of your customers.
Adapted email, adapted offers and credibility are all majors’ assets for your customers to feel special and recognized.


Complete documentation of the module in the following languages: English, French.
The documentation in Spanish is being implemented by our translator.

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Compatibele PrestaShop versies

V1.5.0.0 - V1.7.6.8

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Module versie

V 1.0.58

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Remarketing & Achtergelaten winkelmanden


« A full interactivity and transparency»
  • See the list of all abandoned cart in audit, current, completed
  • For each abandoned cart, see: applied rule, information of the customer, all executed reminders or run, the time remaining before sending the next reminder, open email or clicked.
  • Display for each abandoned cart a schematic view of the choice of the rule applied (allowing you to easily deduce why this rule was applied to the cart)
  • The possibility to operate a raise without waiting for the end of the countdown time
  • Display the "Phone" form manual reminders to interact directly with the customer
  • Save your private messages or the telephone exchange that will be visible only to you or your employees
  • Check the client list unsubscribed to the cart reminders, ability to delete a customer from the list

"Learn more about your customers; refine your reminders to improve the conversion rates"
According to the selected period
  • Sales : Sales generated by reminders created during the selected period. 
    Reminder conversion rate
    Graphical statistics to monitor revenues, conversion rates, etc.
  • Emails: Seen detailed for each enamel model: number of shipment, number opened, clicked number
  • Rules: Detailed view for each rule, number of carts, number of orders, conversion, and total revenues generated.
  • Employees: Useful for manual reminders: Detailed view for each employee: the number of reminders completed, number of orders generated, conversion, and total revenues generated. 
"All of the features and information necessary to improve the responsiveness of your manual reminders (telephone). Respond better and more quickly... ‘’
  • Centralize the entire customer’s information:  Telephone, address, page visited, cart contents, orders completed, active coupons, last log-in, and customer groups
  • Mark the exchanges with your customers
  • Form to send email to the customer with ability to use a prefilled template
  • Create of a coupon without leaving the page
« Create an unlimited number of reminder emails simply»
  • Save time by using one of the templates provided with the module. The templates provided are responsive (adapt to the type of resolutions PC / mobile / tablet)
  • Preview your PC & mobile emails
  • Test easily sends email to your inbox
  • Customize your emails, variable integration as the first name, the name of your customer,the content of the cart, the coupon code, the expiry date of the order, the link of the complete order…
Create an unlimited number of reminder rules according to your purposes.
Rule administration is divided into several sections:
1. INFORMATION SECTION: General information (rule name, status)
2. DISCOUNT SECTION: Indicate if the cart reminder rule includes a discount (cart rule).
3. CONDITION SECTION: Indicate under which condition the rule will be applied, add the condition(s) that you want the rule to validate. Conditions can be combined.
A range of possible conditions, examples of possible conditions:
Cart - Product : Choose the product(s) that the cart must contain (quick search of products by name, reference and EAN code)
Cart – Product Category : Choose the product category (ies).
Possible uses:
→You currently have a limited time offer on a product family and you want to notify the customer of such and that he must complete his cart as soon as possible to take advantage of it.
→You want to suggest a related product with this kind of item.
Cart – Amount : Comparison condition (less than, more than, equal to) a specified amount.
Possible uses:
→You want to be notified and then call the customer when there is a significant amount in the cart.
→ Offer an appropriate discount for the amount
Cart – Product inventory at least 1 : Comparison condition, at least one of the products present must validate the comparison (less than, more than, equal to) the value you indicate
Possible uses:
→ Ensure that the cart to remind indeed contains available items
→ Inform the customer that the remaining quantities are very limited.
Customer number of orders : Comparison condition relating to the number of orders placed by the customer.
Possible uses:
→ Allows you to determine if it is a loyal customer who regularly places orders.
→Conversely, if a customer has never placed an order before (new customer)
Customer group : The condition will be true if one of the customer groups is included in the list of groups you have defined.
Possible use:
→ Interact differently with certain kinds of customers, such as professionals
Customer country : true if the customer’s country is included in the list of countries you have defined.
Possible use:
→You want to offer free shipping to certain countries only (and absorb your costs)
Customer gender : True if the customer’s gender is included in the list of genders you have defined.
Possible uses:
→ Send emails depending on the gender (Male, Female)
→ Define occasions like Valentine’s Day, or provide an additional gift for Father’s Day.
Customer rule already applied : If your customer already received a reminder under a specific rule, the rule may no longer be applied to the customer’s future abandoned carts
Possible use:
→ Useful if you do not want to remind the same customer the same way for each abandoned cart.
4. REMINDER SECTION : Define an unlimited number of reminders. Reminders are sent once the defined delay has expired.
The module allows you to choose a reminder from the following types:
For « automatic » reminders
→ Choose one of the email templates you have created in email templates administration. This email will be sent to customers.
→ Delay before sending the email
For « manual» or « telephone » reminders
→ Indicate one or more of your employees’ email addresses. These people will then receive a notification to inform them to contact a customer. This notification includes all of the information about the customer and the cart.
→ Mark the timeframe before sending the notification.
Example of a notification: 
Subject: « Reminder to do / cart #67 / $1305.61 / Jean Delanoe»
The email content will include the customer’s information as well as the cart contents.
Possible use:
You can easily create 2 automatic first reminders and the next manually. Then you will receive a notification if the customer still hasn’t completed the order despite two automatic reminders.

  • Configurable delays: minimum timeframe after which to consider a cart abandoned timeframe after which to delete coupons generated by the module that are now expired....
  • Coupon prefixes,...


Many solutions proposed the module is compatible with the cron jobs module available in your store by default. The “cron jobs” solution requires no particular action.

Wat is er nieuw in versie 1.0.58(18.02.2019)

  • official module psgpdr / compatibility customer data deletion
  • Prestashop 1.7.5 with PHP in strict mode

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Our modules are simple and intuitive, and participate in the growth of e-commerce.


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