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Hide Address Alias

module Hide Address Alias

Ontwikkeld door Online Services Rieder
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This module hides the field for the address alias during the registration process of a new customer.

Wat deze module u te bieden heeft


Navigatie Optimaliseert de gebruikerservaring

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Increased user-friendliness of the shop
  • More new customers through more registrations
  • Fewer jumps
  • Developed by an official PrestaShop partner agency


Often new customers are confused because they don't know what to include in this field during the registration process. This problem is now solved by simply hiding the field for the address alias. Instead, the default value "Your address" is simply stored when entering the data. This means that the customer can still store several addresses at a later date. This makes registration easier for the customer and eliminates a hurdle.

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Voeg "Hide Address Alias" toe aan uw winkelwagentje, samen met:

  • Automatically and intelligently change your products' position in your categories thanks to many different criteria (best sales, stock, price, profit, etc...).  

  • Ajax login & registration will let the customer to make login or registration in a pop up window without redirecting to different page. Customer can see all the error message if they enter something wrong before sign up/login which also save time



If you have any questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you with words and deeds.

Wat uw klanten zullen waarderen

  • Easier registration process
  • Better usability
  • Faster registration


We test all our modules in detail with the PrestaShop standard installation as well as some other shops for their functionality. Due to individualisation and other modules, the installation may not work immediately or further adaptations may be necessary. We have only limited influence on this. Of course we will help you in this case, just contact us.

Ondersteuning en updates

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Simple and quick one-click installation.

Wat is er nieuw in versie 1.0.0(2017-09-25)

  • Hide the address alias field in new customer registration

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Online Services Rieder

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  • Compatibiliteit v1.6.1.0 - v1.6.1.20

  • Versie 1.0.0 (2017-09-25)

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