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WK Suppliers Orders Management

module WK Suppliers Orders Management

Ontwikkeld door Community developer

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Module to manage suppliers orders for internal monitoring process.

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Productiviteit Vertegenwoordigt tijdwinst

  • Have ability to supervise your suppliers orders step by step until the orders are delivered.
  • Effective stock management has an undeniable impact on the success of your business. An out-of-stock product cannot be sold, and surplus stock can lead to significant profit loss. Procurement Management optimizes stock levels with the advanced stock alerts function and automatic sending suppliers orders (eg. when your stock has reached a critical minimum, or when a customer order has been made for an out-of-stock products). Thus you will save time and you will no more reason to be short of stock !
  • Allows better accounting monitoring and visibility into spending.
  • Benefit from a fast, intuitive and complete AJAXIFIED interface saving you time and effort in managing your orders.


  • Update real stock & wholesale prices of your shop products when supplier order has been delivered.
  • Export (simple/detailed) orders list to CSV format. Single export for each supplier is also supported.
  • Download supplier order form (PDF) or send it directly by email to supplier's contacts.
  • Send order form with the customer delivery address, so that the supplier can send the order directly to the customer.
  • Possibility to request from the supplier to send back a read-receipt for better order tracking.
  • Delete orders in bulk; Change order status in bulk.

  • You have the ability to add out-of-stock products on fly from the following tabs:
  • Tab 1: Load last orders already made for the selected supplier to give you the ability to reuse and load order's products in cart.
  • Tab 2: Load products out of stock to give the ability to add them in cart.
  • Tab 3: Load customers's backorders to give the ability to add products which need replenishment in cart.
  • Tab 4: Autocomplete search products/combinations to be added to cart.
  • Assign/Change order status (being processed, pending receipt, canceled, partial paid, delivered, etc.).
  • Each status change is saved (Log) for monitoring process.
  • You can know/manage related backorders for each product/combination in cart.
  • Possibility to specify a discount and tax rate for each product/combination.
  • Display a summary area of the order to have idea of total to spend (total products, total discounts, total taxes, total shipping, total
  • Define for an order: reference number used for administration; delivery order number assigned by the supplier; warehouse; expected delivery date; shipping cost, etc.
  • Ability to manage missing products by generating automatically new order for an incomplete delivery. By performing this operation, you can allow an automatic updating of real stock & wholesale pricesand mark at the same time the parent order status as "Delivered".
  • Payment log: Each complete or partial payment transaction is saved for supervising.
  • You can write a message and have it be sent to the supplier, in order to give him information concerning the order, a delay, etc.
  • Change order language & currency.
  • Print order; Write and save some notes about order.

  • This section provides you a general overview of customers's backorders that need replenishment.
  • You can see items that are unfulfilled at one glance on both backorders and supplier orders.
  • Filters are available to search by supplier, order supplier, out of stock products, customer orders not linked yet to any supplier orders.
  • You can also create bulk and quickly suppliers orders for each supplier to help you saving time.

  • This section allows you to manage and optimize quickly your stock (real quantity and minimal quantity to buy a product) for each product/combination.
  • Set the minimum stock for each combination/product, quantity from which the suppliers orders should be launched. (Mass editing is supported).
  • When your stock reach a critical minimum, stock alerts will notify you on this page letting you to know which products need replenishment.
  • Create and send suppliers orders forms manually or automatically (by using a cron task) if minimum stocks are reached.

  • Create/Customize/Preview/Duplicate order form templates according to your needs.
  • Order form (pdf model) is fully editable by using a rich text editor and many replacement tags.

  • Enable option to allow updating customers orders status from "On Backorder" to "Processing in progress" when updating real stock of supplier order products.
  • Create multiple contacts per supplier that you can select when sending the order form.
  • Manage supplier orders statuses.
  • Set "Delivery days" info for each supplier.
  • Track your orders by giving your suppliers the possibility to define through your shop the final delivery date of the orders's products.
  • Define a cron task on your server to remind and incite your suppliers during a defined period to validate their final orders deliveries dates.
  • Set emails addresses of employees (shop) who should receive a copy of order form sent to suppliers for internal tracking.
  • Options to customize the order reference format.
  • Know who created the order. (Super admin see all while the others view only their orders).
  • Frontoffice - Order detail page: display the products's deliveries dates letting your customers to track their orders.
  • Backoffice - Order detail page: Ability to display suppliers orders tied to customer's orders to be able to track them when you have received all of your products.
  • Statistics page by supplier (number of placed orders, number or ordered products; total spent).
  • Multi-Shops.

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Voeg "WK Suppliers Orders Management" toe aan uw winkelwagentje, samen met:

  • This module allows you to facilitate, accelerate and simplify bulk stock, wholesale and retail prices update of your store by processing external suppliers files import.

  • Module to allow updating quickly stock as well as suppliers informations of your store products without having to edit manually each of them.



  • To edit easily and quickly references, wholesale and unit prices, retail prices, currencies, suppliers associations and stock for each product/combination, please visit the following module:
  • If you have any questions or problems, please click “Contact the developer”, we respond very quickly and will do everything possible to satisfy your request as soon as possible.

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Give possibility to your customers to track their orders by letting them to know when they should receive their orders.

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Wat is er nieuw in versie 2.6.8(2018-04-25)

  • Add ability to set minimum stock for each combination/product, quantity from which the suppliers orders should be launched.
  • Ability to create and send suppliers orders forms manually or automatically (using a cron task) if minimum stocks are reached.
  • Ability to set Delivery days info for each supplier.
  • Ability to define (bulk) the minimum quantities of stock for a set of products filtered by supplier.
  • Add ability to look for "Backorders (not paid)" in addition of "Backorders (paid)".
  • Fix & Improve products's display in "Out of stock" tab during creating supplier order.
  • Add ability to add backorders products to cart when editing supplier order.
  • Improve Codes & CSS display.

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  • Ontwikkeld door een Top Developer
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  • Compatibiliteit v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.4.1

  • Versie 2.6.8 (2018-04-25)

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