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Online User PrestaShop Training

Online User PrestaShop Training

Ontwikkeld door PrestaShop

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formation - PrestaShop Opleidingen - Online User PrestaShop Training


Take your online store to the next level. Learn everything you need to optimize your shop.
Become a Pro from the Pros...
Unleash the true power of the world's number one free e-commerce solution!

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Steve G., Merchant
"PrestaShop's merchant training was amazing for my business. I didn't know there were so many features that I wasn't using. Thanks again guys."

Uitvoerig programma

  • Manage the implementation of PrestaShop E-Commerce software
  • Develop skills for a good use of PrestaShop back office
  • Learn PrestaShop's key features and modules

Day 1: 4 hours
  • Introduction

  • Preferences
    • ​General
    • Orders
    • Products
    • Customers
    • Themes
    • SEO & URL
    • CMS
    • Images
    • Store Contacts
    • Search
    • Maintenance
    • GeoLocation
  • Advanced parameters
    • ​Configuration
    • Performance
    • E-mail
    • CSV Import
    • DB Backup
    • SQL Manager
    • Logs
    • Web Services
  • Administration
    • Preferences
    • Quick Access
    • Employees
    • Profiles
    • Permissions
    • Menus
    • Merchant Expertise
  • Localization
    • Localization
    • Languages
    • Zones
    • Countries
    • States
    • Currencies
    • Taxes
    • Tax Rules
    • Translation
  • Shipping
    • Carriers
    • Preferences
Day 2: 4 hours
  •   Catalog
    • ​Products
    • Categories
    • Monitoring
    • Product Attributes
    • Product Features
    • Manufacturers
    • Suppliers
    • Tags
    • Attachments
  • Orders
    • Orders
    • Invoices
    • Merchandise Returns
    • Delivery Slips
    • Credit Slips
    • Statuses
    • Order Messages
  • Customers
    • Customers
    • Addresses
    • Groups
    • Shopping Carts
    • Customer Service
    • Contacts
    • Titles
    • Outstanding
  • Price Rules
    • Cart Rules
    • Catalog Price Rules
    • Marketing
  • Modules
    • Modules
    • Modules & Themes
    • Catalog
    • Payment

Language : English

You will receive hands-on remote training with interactive instruction to help you develop the necessary ecommerce skills to build a dynamic PrestaShop store. 
  • Questions will be encouraged.
  • Each trainee will receive course material.
  • User login and password to connect to the platform will be provided prior to the date of the training. 

  • 2 consecutive days, 4 hours training per day.
  • Hours: from 9 AM to 1 PM (Eastern Time) / from 3 PM to 7 PM (Central European Time)  


In order to access our online training (Go To Meeting) you will need :
  • Earphones/headset or speakers
  • Internet access to join the training session in VoIP
  • Optional: A microphone to interact with the trainer (instant messaging will be available).



Over PrestaShop Trainingen

PrestaShop Training

Met PrestaShop Training leert u van officiële PrestaShop trainers hoe u van uw winkel een succes maakt! Onze trainingen zijn ontworpen voor iedereen (verkopers, ontwikkelaars, integrators op alle niveaus) en garanderen deskundigheid over PrestaShop en e-commerce en een hoogwaardige, altijd geüpdatete inhoud.Wij helpen u de vaardigheden te ontwikkelen die nodig zijn om uw webshop rendabel te maken!

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  • Compatibiliteit v1.6

  • Beschikbaar in het en

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