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PrestaShop2Tradebyte Connector

module PrestaShop2Tradebyte Connector

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The PrestaShop2Tradebyte module connects your PrestaShop to Tradebytes TB.One fast and easy. With TB.One you can comfortably place your products on as many platforms or marketplaces as you like, from Amazon and ebay to Zalando!

Wat deze module u te bieden heeft


Conversies Optimaliseert de zichtbaarheid van uw producten op een marktplaats

For the first time it is easily possible to connect PrestaShop to Tradebyte - with the PrestaShop2Tradebyte Connector made by FATCHIP!
If you already use Prestashop for your data administration and you would like to place your products to alternative  shopping channels and marketplaces as well, Tradebyte is the right partner for you. 
The software solution from Tradebyte -TB.One- contains a PIM and OMS module, with which different marketplaces can be managed. For ambitious manufacturers, suppliers or online shops, TB.One is the solution for efficient multi-channel distribution, even across German borders.

See the casestudy of connecting to Tradebyte with this plugin:


The products which are to be exported to Tradebytes TB.One can be easily chosen by an additional check mark in the admin area. Of course it is also possible to select the products via your enterprise resource planning system or the like.
Configuration Options:
    - Merchantnumber
    - Username
    - Password
on Article- / Productlevel:
    - active for Tradebyte
Channels, so called marketplaces and platform, you can reach with Tradebyte (only a selection):,, .de, .es, .fr, .it, .nl, .de, .nl, .ru, .de, .fr, .it, .nl, .at
... and many more!

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The PrestaShop2Tradebyte Connector allows your customers to discover and buy your products on marketplaces and channels like Amazon, ebay, Zalando and many more!

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Wat is er nieuw in versie 1.1.2(2016-04-07)

  • added multishop support
  • added br to allowed longtext html tags
  • added infotext for rest url and php interpreter
  • don't check parent article ean if variants/combinations are available

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  • Compatibiliteit v1.6.0.14 - v1.6.1.18

  • Versie 1.1.2 (2016-04-07)

  • Requires subscription to a paid external service Ja

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