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Referral program with rewards

module Referral program with rewards

Ontwikkeld door Community developer
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The module allows you to create a reward for sponsors for inviting their friends. Sponsor has its own balance and the ability to request withdrawal of money. The module allows you to create a personal sponsor coupon for inviting friends.

Wat deze module u te bieden heeft


Verkeer Maakt het mogelijk om klanten naar uw webshop te laten terugkeren

The module has a flexible system of bonuses for sponsors and referrals. Everyone like rewards!


Sponsor - These are the people that are recommending your products.
Referral (friend) - These are the new customers you are acquiring from your referral program.
  • You can choose of customers groups allowed to sponsor their friends
  • Sponsor may invite referral by email (pre-completed registration) or via Personal sponsor coupon
  • Form pre-completed registration, if the referral was invited by email.
  • Complete statistics with details by sponsors and friends.
  • Full compatibility with PrestaShop vouchers system
Reward options:
With any purchase of a referral, the sponsor is awarded a fee into the internal balance.
Example: total purchase of a new referral is $ 100 –> after the change of status "shipped" - the sponsor will receive a 10% reward on his balance.
Personal sponsor coupon options:
The module allows you to create a personal sponsor coupon for inviting friends.
The section is accessible from the left menu, displays a list of added coupons for sponsors.
It is possible to edit and delete the created coupon.
 How it works
1.     The sponsor gives his discount coupon to new friends (via blog, instagram, social network)
2.    A friend makes an order and uses the sponsor's coupon
3.    The client receives a discount on his order, and the sponsor has a reward set in the coupon settings
Vouchers options:
If you do not want to allow your sponsors to have a balance and withdraw money. You can always switch to a discounted voucher system.
The module can generate different vouchers:
  • Person: referral or sponsor
  • When create the voucher: upon a godchild's registration, at first order or at each order.
  • 3 kinds of vouchers: percentage (%, amount and % from the godchilds order
  • Other features:  the status of the order in which vouchers are create, limit the validity of the coupon (in days), Cumulative with other vouchers
  • You can set a minimum amount for referrals order for generate voucher for sponsor
You can choose any options for coupons, here are some examples.
 The module gives away $10 credit to Friends, but for a minimum purchase of $50.
The sponsor invites his friends to discover the shop. When a new user registers (with sponsor’s email) he will get a 10$ voucher (welcome coupon) validon his next order.
 The module gives Sponsor $15 off his next purchase.
Then Friend make an order (order total is 100$). His sponsor will get a 15% from the current order total (it will be 15$) on sponsor’s next order.

Vaak samen gekocht

Voeg "Referral program with rewards" toe aan uw winkelwagentje, samen met:

  • Automatically redirect customers to their local language and/or the currency by their location.Increase probability of purchase thanks to proper content presentation, familiar currency and language.

  • This module creates coupons with bonuses for the Sponsor and Referral (friend), when they make the registration or orders. There are a lot of configurable options in this module.  



How are the discount vouchers generated?
  • When a new user registers or when one of your customers places an order a cart rule will be automatically generated (with custom title).
You can find the cart rules and the codes created by the module in Price Rules > Cart rules.
What happens if a customer  gets 3-4-5 vouchers? Will he be able to use all of them in a single order?
  • Yes, he can.
What if vouchers amount will be greater than order amount?
  • Total price will be 0.


 If you will have any question about this module, just contact me.

Legal compliance

Algemene verordening gegevensbescherming (AVG)

Deze module voldoet aan de Europese Algemene verordening gegevensbescherming.

Ondersteuning en updates

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Module is installed with a single click.
An installation help manual is included in the download file. No core PrestaShop files are modified.

Wat is er nieuw in versie 1.4.0(2018-10-16)

  • added statistics section by sponsor
  • added product restrictions

Over de ontwikkelaar

Community developer

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  • 3 maanden gratis ondersteuning (Meer informatie)
  • Ontwikkeld door een Top Developer
  • Documentatie inbegrepen
  • Compatibiliteit v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.5.0

  • Versie 1.4.0 (2018-10-16)

  • Beschikbaar in het en es fr it

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