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Special pack Cross Seiling

pack Special pack Cross Seiling

Ontwikkeld door 202 ecommerce
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pack - Kruisverkoop & Pakketaanbiedingen - Special pack Cross Seiling - 1
pack - Kruisverkoop & Pakketaanbiedingen - Special pack Cross Seiling - 2
pack - Kruisverkoop & Pakketaanbiedingen - Special pack Cross Seiling - 3
pack - Kruisverkoop & Pakketaanbiedingen - Special pack Cross Seiling - 4
pack - Kruisverkoop & Pakketaanbiedingen - Special pack Cross Seiling - 5
pack - Kruisverkoop & Pakketaanbiedingen - Special pack Cross Seiling - 6
pack - Kruisverkoop & Pakketaanbiedingen - Special pack Cross Seiling - 7
pack - Kruisverkoop & Pakketaanbiedingen - Special pack Cross Seiling - 8
pack - Kruisverkoop & Pakketaanbiedingen - Special pack Cross Seiling - 9
pack - Kruisverkoop & Pakketaanbiedingen - Special pack Cross Seiling - 10


Special pack cross selling! Suggestion of product in order to suggest a suggestion of products to your customers on the order.
Add to basket automatically, to easily and automatically add a product to the basket according to the desired triggers

Wat deze pakket u te bieden heeft

Gemiddelde bestelwaarde Verhoogt het gemiddelde aankoopbedrag van uw klanten

Suggested Products in Cart:
Increase your cart values by customizing your suggestions for each product. Our module allows you to:
  • Define suggestions depending on the product or products added in cart.
  • Closely follow the results of customized campaigns using statistics tracking. 
Automatically Add Product:
The “Automatically Add Product / Insurance / Gift To Cart” module will give you the possibility of adding a product automatically to a customer’s check-out cart according to a trigger element that you will configure on your back-office.
  • Our module will permit you to directly put products inside your customer’s cart, this module is practical for suggest insurance linked to hi-tech products.
Example: I want to add automatically an insurance when my customer want to add to his cart a new laptop.
Be careful, adding a product automatically to cart can be misunderstood by your customer. Your related product should be feeling as a service.


Suggested Products in Cart:
Our module has been completely renewed. You can now create suggestion campaigns, define campaign rules and access statistics directly in the module!
Several suggestion rules are possible: 
  • responsive to the products in the cart,
  • a product attribute
  • a selected category,
  • a selected manufacturer
  • a selected supplier
You can configure product suggestions by setting rules. 
When you create a campaign, you can add a text explaining why your customers should buy the product suggested.  
This module features a helpful statistics table that allows you to:
  • Have a look of the results of the campaign from the beginning to the end.
  • to know how much time a suggested product has been displayed.
  • view the conversion rate.
  • see the percentage increased turnover.
Learn more about the module : https://addons.prestashop.com/en/ventes-croisees-packs-produits/4995-suggestion-produits-dans-le-panier-cross-selling.html
Automatically Add Product:
Features :
  • Automatic add to cart
  • Add by product quantity
  • Choose products you want to add
  • Choose products which will trigger the action
Elements that can trigger off automatic addition in the cart are the following:
  • When a specific product is added to cart
  • When the first product will be added to cart
  • When a specific amount will be spent
  • When a specific brand is chosen
According to the Consumer Code "forced sale" is not allowed in France and within the European Union (countries which have implemented the Directive on the protection of consumers). In a relationship "business to consumer" This module is used only for adding products / services or free gifts. However, this directive does not apply to transactions between professionals.
Learn more about the module : https://addons.prestashop.com/en/inscription-processus-de-commande/4738-ajout-automatique-produit-assurance-cadeaux-au-panier.html

Ondersteuning en updates

U profiteert automatisch van 3 maanden ondersteuning bij dit product.

Tot 90 dagen na de aankoop profiteert u van technische en functionele ondersteuning en van toegang tot beschikbare updates voor dit product.

Kies de optie Zen om 12 maanden lang te profiteren van een goed werkend product!

Met de optie Zen heeft u gedurende een jaar na aankoop toegang tot ALLE updates van het product. De ontwikkelaar van het product beantwoordt via de mail al uw technische en functionele vragen.

Wat is de optie Zen?

De optie Zen omvat twee services:

  • - een onbeperkte aftersales-service tijdens de optieperiode;
  • - toegang tot alle updates van dit product in deze periode.

De optie Zen is tegen een gunstige prijs beschikbaar op het moment van de aankoop van dit product, maar u kunt deze ook aanschaffen na aankoop, dit vanuit uw klantaccount.rnDe optie is geldig tot een jaar na de aankoopdatum van uw product. Hoe vroeger u 'm koopt, hoe langer u ervan profiteert!

Wat omvat de Option Zen?

De optie Zen omvat:

  • antwoorden op vragen over het gebruik van de module/het thema;
  • oplossingen van technische problemen met de module/het thema;
  • toegang tot alle updates van de module/het thema.

Onderstaande diensten zijn niet inbegrepen in de optie Zen:

  • specifieke personalisering en ontwikkeling;
  • de installatie en update van de module/het thema:
  • het oplossen van problemen met de services van derde partijen, de hosting of de server, of met de software van PrestaShop.


Other 202-ecommerce modules:
We suggest to you the “Product Suggest” module for efficient cross selling and to maximize chances to increase your turnover.
About 202-ecommerce:
We are a web agency specialized in ecommerce web sites, and adapting web technologies for online sales. Composed of passionate web professionals in online sales, we are working alongside e-businessmen enlivened by the same wish to always sell more.


Wat uw klanten zullen waarderen

Suggested Products in Cart :
Our module allows your customers to discover new products that are complimentary to the one they are ordering.
Automatically Add Product:
  • The module permits the automatic addition of a pertinent or an essential product for the current order.
  • This module doesn’t propose compulsory sale. The customer can, when they want, remove the related product from his cart if he is not interested.


Automatically Add Product:
Hook available: HookCart

Over de ontwikkelaar, 202 ecommerce

202 ecommerce

202 ecommerce is composed of experimented and passionate web professional in online sale. With a strong backgound on IT projects management, we also work with our customer on webmarketing topics. Our modules are based on our experience made at working with our customers.

202 ecommerce is a young dynamic ecommerce agency based in Paris.  

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  • Compatibiliteit v1.5.1.0 - v1.6.1.15

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