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SEO Premium Translations

module SEO Premium Translations

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9 out of 10 internet users prefer browsing sites in their native language. Don't miss the Cross-Border train! Invest in an optimised translation  and make the most of our native translators and automatic content export and translation import tools

Wat deze module u te bieden heeft


Conversies Vereenvoudigt de internationale verkoop


Navigatie Vereenvoudigt de navigatie voor gebruikers

  • Translation by qualified, native translators who are e-commerce specialists
  • A made-to-measure, personalised service. We are not a translation platform                                                                                                                               
  • The most reasonable rates, thanks to our free repetition policy (an average of 20 to 35% of an e-commerce site is repeated)
  • Automated content export and translation import


• Monitored extraction of site content to be translated
• Integration of translated content straight into the CMS
• Transfer of images and theme files and templates for translation
• Cron function to extract recently added content to be translated
• Productivity gains and simple exchange of content with the translation agency


ATTENTION: Translations are done by certified translators specialized in e-commerce and SEO (no automatic translation). This Premium service will allow you to multiply your sales and improve your international positioning. The module is of free use and translations are invoiced (budget will 've sent by e-mail).

Wat uw klanten zullen waarderen

Your customers will be reassured to be browsing a native site, which will greatly increase their trust. Your conversion rate will increase fivefold


  Technical requirements
• PrestaShop version 4.1, 5.1 or 7.1
• PHP version 5.5.2
• Language modules installed in the localisation menu in the PrestaShop Back Office             


  Detailed instructions in the module

Wat is er nieuw in versie 2.2.3(2017-11-18)

  • Redesign of the graphical interface

Over de ontwikkelaar, PrestaShop Partners

PrestaShop Partners

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  • Compatibiliteit v1.5.0.0 - v1.7.2.5

  • Versie 2.2.3 (2017-11-18)

  • Requires subscription to a paid external service Ja

  • Inbegrepen in PrestaShop Ja

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