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Sparkpost Email Delivery Connector

module Sparkpost Email Delivery Connector

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Sparkpost - The World’s Fastest-Growing Email Delivery Service. This module allows merchants to integrate this powerful Email Delivery Service with PrestaShop.

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When your marketing area counts on email, we’ve got you covered.

Cloud Auto-Scale and SLAs - The industry’s only cloud auto-scaling platform with burst rates backed by comprehensive uptime SLAs with teeth.

99.99% Uptime Reliability - Our cloud-native architecture and high-performance email infrastructure deliver unmatched uptime and resilience.

Dedicated TAMs and Support - Enterprise Technical Account Managers (TAM) provide full-service support on a first-name basis.

Deliverability - No one delivers better than SparkPost, with the industry’s proven best inbox placement. Why? Our experienced email deliverability team and sophisticated technology for global email delivery is unmatched.

Support - Our first priority is ensuring you rarely need technical support—but we’re here when you do. From great documentation to responsive support and prompt resolution, you can rely on the hardest-working team in the email business.

Analytics - Email doesn’t stop with the send. Measure and improve your email performance with 35+ real-time email metrics that assess sending, delivery, and customer engagement. SparkPost’s email analytics give you the information you need, exactly when you need it.

Templating - Personalize email with developer-savvy variable substitution and flow control. SparkPost’s email templates give you the flexibility to programmatically tailor each message at the individual recipient or list level. Our powerful and adaptable template language gives you total control.

Reliability - There’s a reason 25% of the world’s non-spam email is sent with our technology. We’ve been building high-performing email infrastructure for more than 15 years. And today, you can rely on a 100% cloud-based platform that is instantly scalable and elastic.


No One Delivers Better than SparkPost

Email deliverability matters. That’s why reliable delivery is fundamental to how we built the SparkPost service. Better inbox delivery leads to better engagement and revenue for your business. SparkPost helps you focus on your business and makes it easy without the technical and staffing burden of managing your own email deliverability efforts.

Be confident in our proven inbox delivery
No one knows email better than SparkPost. We’re built on years of experience developing the world’s highest-performing email technology. It’s no accident that SparkPost has earned the industry’s proven best inbox placement.

Draw on the industry’s best email deliverability team, period
We’ve got this. There’s a confidence that comes from working with SparkPost’s email pros. From former postmasters to anti-abuse experts, our team has worked in the email trenches at the world’s largest senders and ISPs alike. These experts have seen it all and know how to solve nearly every deliverability challenge.

Leverage sophisticated technology for global email delivery
Trying to manage email deliverability at ISPs around the world means getting into the weeds, fast. That’s why SparkPost designed our technology to help you focus on your business and your app development, not the arcana of global email rules.

Get visibility into your performance with real-time email deliverability monitoring
Whether you’re looking for your aggregate performance or the details about a specific mailing, you know the numbers don’t lie. That’s why we make it easy to monitor your deliverability performance in real time.

Get enhanced deliverability help for enterprises
When your enterprise depends upon email, the deliverability difference between SparkPost and also-ran providers yields hard, bottom-line benefits. 

Email Doesn’t Stop with the Send
Learn how your email is performing through sending, delivery, and customer engagement with rich metrics and powerful email analytics.
Whether you want to spot-check how customers are responding to confirmation emails at a specific ISP, or need to incorporate real-time email performance into data-driven business processes, SparkPost’s email analytics give you the information you need, exactly when you need it.

Go beyond the bounce with 35+ real-time email metrics
No email delivery service gives you more data than SparkPost to get you the rich data you need to fine-tune your email strategy.

Visualize performance with email metrics dashboard
Whether you need a quick overview or want to drill down with sophisticated filtered views, your dashboard is a powerful tool for email analytics.
  • Make easy work of interactive queries of email metrics by drilling down with simple clicks.
  • Visualize at a glance what you need to know.
  • Up-to-the minute detail delivers real insight.

Query individual Message Events when you need them
SparkPost’s Message Events API gives you programmatic access to the details of any email message you’ve sent.
  • Customer support tools, CRM platform, or other systems can query message disposition and customer interaction details for specific messages.
  • Drill down by recipient, campaign, template, and more.

Unleash real-time activity and big data with webhooks
SparkPost’s high-performance webhooks/HTTP callbacks pushes every detail of message inbound or outbound activity as it happens, delivering you a rich stream of structured data for recording and analysis. With our webhooks, your ability to tie email sending and receiving into other systems, apps, sites, and processes in real time is virtually unlimited.
  • Trigger actions in your apps and business processes in real time with webhooks for outbound and inbound messages.
  • Every email metric and activity detail can be captured as it happens for data science processing and storage on your servers and data warehouse.
  • With webhooks available for anything you send or receive, there are no limits to what you can do with your data.

Serious email data for serious email senders
When your enterprise depends upon data, integrating email metrics into key business systems is mission-critical. That’s why the expertise of a SparkPost Technical Account Manager (TAM) is invaluable to businesses seeking to optimize email programs to capture and integrate email data.

Delivering Unmatched Support, Your Way
Our first priority is ensuring you rarely need technical support—but we’re here if you do. And whatever your email support needs, SparkPost’s email support team has a solution to help you get up and running fast. From developer documentation and collaborative community support to full-service technical account management for enterprise senders, we’re here to help you succeed.

Quick-start guides and developer documentation

SparkPost is designed to make it easy for you to start sending email within minutes. Whether you’re just getting started or ready to dig deeper into our features and analytics, our documentation, community Slack channel, and integration guides give you the resources you need to make the most of SparkPost at your pace.

When you’re building software to integrate email, nothing beats easy-to-grok documentation for deploying code in the real world. Get developer-friendly SparkPost support with API documentation, code samples, and integration recipes that give you what you need to be productive and build great things with email.

Responsive email support and priority options
When email matters to your business, “we’ll get back to you” isn’t good enough. SparkPost’s hard-working support team has got your back. Our team is on hand to resolve any technical or deliverability issues that might arise. Whether you choose the responsive support options available to all customers or the prioritized email and telephone support included in our Priority add-on plan, we follow through to keep you informed and to ensure that every issue is addressed.

Community support that developers love
Our developer advocates have your back—and practical resources in our Developer Hub. And when you need a helping hand, our developer community shares great ideas and code on Github, Slack, Twitter, and at hands-on events.

Dedicated support for enterprise senders
When email is mission-critical to your enterprise, you need a team that will stand with you every step of the way. When your business chooses SparkPost’s Premium or Enterprise add-on plans, you will be teamed with a dedicated and named Technical Account Manager (TAM) who will be with you from the start and beyond.

Live system status monitoring
We’re proud of SparkPost’s uptime and reliability. We’ve built a fully cloud-based system that scales instantly—and with full elasticity and redundancy. That ensures problems are rare, but if any occur, we will be all over it. We also will be transparent about it. That’s why we publicly update our system status and API availability around the clock for anyone to see.

Create Dynamic Personalization with Our Flexible Email Template Language
Say goodbye to generic emails—and to flaky, fussy template editing tools. Whether your messages need just a little customization or are completely data-driven, SparkPost’s email templates give you the flexibility to programmatically tailor each message at the individual recipient or list level. Our powerful and adaptable template language gives you total control.

Manipulate email templates from the API or UI
We’ve all used in-browser, point-and-click editors that are time-consuming, tediously repetitive, and even unpredictably quirky. That’s why SparkPost’s template system lets you add personalization, business logic, and dynamically generated content to every message you send in a programmatically effective way.
  • Create, manage, and control templates via API or UI.
  • Template rules and data can be as sophisticated as you need.
  • All template features are fully accessible to programmatic control.

Control message generation logic and flow control in your email templates
Our powerful and adaptable template language gives you total control over message generation logic, with rules and data as sophisticated as you need.
Templates support substitution variables and dynamic content in all parts of the email—headers, HTML, and text.
  • Configure default values if substitution data is absent.
  • Define nested substitution rules to go beyond simple variable substitution.
  • Build sophisticated logic with full conditionals like if, then, else, elseif, and more, or loop over JSON arrays using each.

Extend email template functionality with business logic
If your business processes are truly data-driven, SparkPost’s API-driven template system gives you unlimited flexibility to let your business logic control your email messaging.
  • Extend the capabilities of your email template with the SparkPost API.
  • Generate messages that reflect all the advanced functionality of external applications and services.

Import email templates and handlebars logic from other platforms
Developers will feel right at home with our template language, and SparkPost’s familiar syntax style helps your team hit the ground running. And if you’ve developed custom email templates on other platforms like Mandrill, we make it easy to leverage your work and investment.
  • Familiar handlebars-style syntax based on sit2.
  • Automated template conversion tools to pull existing templates into SparkPost from other services.

Serious template support for Enterprise senders
If your enterprise has chosen SparkPost’s Premium or Enterprise add-on plans, our email pros will help your email team make the most of email templates.
  • Technical Account Managers (TAMs) deliver template best practices and help you integrate business logic.
  • Integrated SMS text message and mobile push in templates with Enterprise add-on pla

SparkPost has been in the email infrastructure game for 15 years, better known as Message Systems and Port25.  Over that time, our software—the MTA that powers our cloud service—has run in the data centers of the world’s top Email Service Providers (ESP), as well as other high-volume senders such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

Why We Chose AWS
When planning the launch of our email API and SMTP service in 2014, we decided not to build out our own data center and instead to build on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS).  This choice has given us a lot of flexibility and enabled us to grow our service rapidly. Since we’re not splitting our focus between our core business and the details of operating a data center, we can keep our technical staff focused on building new features and improving the overall customer experience.  In early January 2014 we were in beta and handling a few million messages a month.  Eighteen months later we are handling tens of billions of messages a month for not just the tens of thousands of active users on our SparkPost cloud offering, but also for very large SparkPost customers including Pinterest, Zillow, and Careerbuilder.

Our #1 goal is to be the leader in cloud email infrastructure. We have no desire to be experts in data centers, much the same way our customers do not want to be experts in running email infrastructure at scale.  When building out a data center, by definition, you can only solve the problems you’re facing at that point in time. It can be very difficult to make the adjustments you need as your business and technical needs change rapidly over subsequent years.

In Good Company
The trend in the last few years has been increasingly for companies to leverage public cloud infrastructure instead of building out and maintaining data centers.  As told in the Wall Street Journal, in 2011 Zynga spent $100M to move off of AWS and build their own data center.  However, by mid 2015 they reversed course and decided to move back to AWS as part of a $100M cost cutting effort.  “There’s a lot of places that are not strategic for us to have scale and we think not appropriate, like running our own data centers,” Zynga CEO Mark Pincus told investors on a conference call. “We’re going to let Amazon do that.”
When looking at the costs between using public cloud infrastructure and building out your own it is hard to get a true apples to apples comparison.  It can be easy to calculate the hard costs of each but the real challenge is calculating all of the soft costs.  Running your own data center requires a large number of highly skilled staff responsible for hardware and networking, redundancy and disaster recovery, data center security, database administration, and hardware lifecycle management.   With a public cloud infrastructure these things are taken care of behind the scenes, allowing your engineering team to focus on building out your service.
We let the thousands of experts at AWS manage the infrastructure in a much more reliable, secure, and cost effective way than we would.  For example, we use Amazon’s Availability Zones to easily distribute our servers across their fiber linked data centers which provides huge high availability gains that would be hard and very expensive to accomplish on our own.  And the level of proactive security measures employed by Amazon’s team is a tremendous value that helps us sleep better at night.

The Real Advantages
However, a server to server cost comparison is missing the point of using the public cloud.  The real advantages are not in immediate hardware cost savings.  When using the cloud, you only pay for what you use. The flip side is you can get what you need as soon as you need it.  We have found this to be very useful in making our capacity planning so much simpler.  As we need more capacity we add it just in time.  No purchase orders required, no waiting for servers to be shipped and then racked.  We can use the AWS console or APIs to spin up new servers or databases in minutes, including automatically using Amazon’s autoscaling capabilities.
This increased speed in provisioning more computing resources was critical to us when Mandrill announced that they were moving away from the transactional email space and recommended SparkPost as an alternative.  We had to add capacity to our platform several times over the course of 2016 to keep up with growing demand.
Netflix provides some good insights into their multi-year transition to AWS they completed earlier this year.  As Yury Izrailevsky, VP Cloud and Platform Engineering for Netflix notes, they realized significant improvements in service availability along with more efficiency due to the economies of scale and improved utilization rates available in the on-demand public cloud.  We’ve seen similar service availability benefits from the underlying stability and high availability features of AWS and the improved utilization efficiencies.

Focus on Strengths
We can reduce our costs even further by purchasing Reserved Instances (RI) on one and three year terms. For capacity we know we will need on an ongoing basis, this significantly reduces our baseline costs. It also maintains the flexibility of on-demand pricing for when we need to spin up a new virtual server to handle peak workloads.
Shifting focus from data centers to building the leading cloud email service is one of the best decisions we’ve made. It greatly reduced our time to market and continues to help fuel our ongoing agility in meeting customer needs.  We have found AWS to be a great partner with fantastic technology and services. I encourage you to read more about how we use AWS in our blog post about our Technical Operations stack. If you have any questions about our experience at AWS please reach out on Twitter or our community Slack channel.

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