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V1.5.0.V0 - 8.0.1
Van V1.5.0.0 tot V8.0.1


With this module, store customers can fill up in advance his/her personal account and immediately pay from it (fully or partial, if not enough money) all purchases in the store.

Wat deze module u te bieden heeft

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Internal balance module makes your shop more convenient for customers and, consequently, can increase your profits. The module offers flexible options for administrators:
  • full multicurrency module - can handle multiple currencies, the customer balance is carried out in the currency of the store on default
  • the availability of internal balance is adjusted for different groups of shop customers
  • the administrator can choose which store payment modules are available for account replenishment
  • automatic or manual charging of funds on the customer balance (depending on connected payment systems of the store)
  • the administrator defines the order statuses under which money is charged to the user balance
  • the administrator defines the order statuses under which the money is removed from the balance (in case of the order refund)
  • the possibility of mass balance funding or deduction of funds from the balances of all customers of a particular customer group
  • adjusting of VAT charging on operations to balance recharging
  • possible to charge affiliate bonus and royalties to the customer internal balance (requires installation of appropriate modules)
  • the ability to return the value of any customer order to its balance upon order cancellation
  • the administrator can allow or deny payment for goods from the internal balance
  • the administrator determines the order statuses (paid from the internal balance) under which money is debited from the balance and returned to the balance (in case of return of goods)
  • the administrator can allow or deny a partial payment for the order (if money is not enough on the customer balance)
  • the administrator can allow or deny advance account replenishment
  • the administrator can allow or deny money withdrawal
  • email-notification of the administrator about the customer request to withdraw funds
  • the ability to set a minimum amount for withdrawal, in order not to be overloaded with "penny" payments
  • detailed statistics for the administrator about the funds movement on the customers balance

Wat uw klanten zullen waarderen

Internal Balance module provides the customer with a flexible tool for instant payment (full or partial) of shop carts after advance refill of the personal account. What the module allows:
  • advance refill of the account as usual purchase of virtual goods, using the already integrated payment systems in the store
  • instant payment of the store orders from the internal balance
  • partial order payment if the customer balance has not enough money
  • the ability to withdraw money from the balance on the customer's request (in manual mode)
  • full multicurrency module - can handle multiple currencies, the customer balance is carried out in the currency of the store on default
  • the possibility of charging to the customer internal balance partner bonus and royalties (requires installation of appropriate modules)
  • the possibility of crediting to the internal balance the amount of any order made by the customer in case of cancellation of this order (refund to the balance)
  • detailed statistics of the money movement in the internal balance in the front-office, including refilling, withdrawals, shop carts payment, charging royalties or partner bonus


The procedure of module installation is standard - ONE STEP INSTALL ONLY! 
For each purchase we provide FREE support to module install and configure, if you need. Feel free to contact us!


IMPORTANT! This module can be interfaced with the modules Affiliate program RefPRO and User products PRO. The functional of the indicated modules expands this way: earned affiliate or author rewards can be not only withdrawn on request, but also spent on shopping in the store as a regular method of payment. Flexible setting available: possible either to withdraw or to spend for shopping, or only to withdraw, or only to pay at the store. Expanded statistics (bonus reward, bonus refund, withdrawal of bonuses, payment for orders) is available for both the affiliate/seller and the administrator.

Also, we DO NOT guarantee the correct operation of this module with other third-party payment modules. Probably some improvements will be required for proper collaboration.

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Module talen

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Compatibele PrestaShop versies

V1.5.0.0 - V8.0.1

Multi-shop compatibiliteit 


Module versie

V 1.1.2

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Creditcardbetaling of Walletbetaling


The module offers a user-friendly functionality of the internal balance, which can be refilled in advance by any integrated payment method in the store and it is possible to pay instantly with it all spending in the store. The internal balance also can be charged by partner bonus and royalties (requires installation of appropriate modules).


The module uses overrides: make sure that the overrides are enabled in your shop.

Wat is er nieuw in versie 1.1.2(25.01.2023)

  • module adaptation for PS 8.0

Ondersteuning en updates

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