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Mercado Pago

module Mercado Pago

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With the official module of Mercado Pago you will have an integration, hundreds of solutions and thousands of sales. Maximize your conversions and make your customers return to your store by increasing their confidence in the shopping experience.

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With Mercado Pago charge and pay has no limits:

  • Install Mercado Pago in your online store and be part of an ecosystem designed to make a difference.
  • Charge as you want and sell without limits processing online payments in real time and offering a unique payment experience for your customers.
  • You will have a high rate of payment approval thanks to our fraud analysis and prevention tool.
  • It offers a payment adapted to your customers.
  • We work to maximize your sales.
  • You have tools ready to use and specialists ready to help you.
  • We notify you every time you receive a payment for an online sale.
  • Improve customer confidence in your website.


Take your online store to another level by simply activating the Mercado Pago checkout. Once the module is installed, you can:

  • Receive payments instantly.
  • Offer promotions with the best possible financing for your clients.
  • Set up the final purchase experience of your customers who choose to pay with Mercado Pago.
  • Accept the means of payment that everyone prefers.
  • Offer promotions and sell in installments with the best possible financing.
  • Return payments, receive or make total or partial reimbursements and cancel pending collections.
  • Reconcile your payments and other operations with our reports.
  • We support you with our Seller Protection Program if you have any problems.
  • Split payments: payments with two cards.
  • Payment as a guest: you do not need your customers to open an account in Mercado Pago.
  • Return of payments and cancellation of pending payments.
  • Reject or accept payments automatically.


We handle more than 6 million transactions with Visa and Mastercard cards every year and that is why we have PCI level 1 certification.

To receive payments you must have a registered seller account in Mercado Pago and you must go through an approval process by completing the 'I want to go to production' form. This way you will be protecting the security of your data and those of your clients.

You can use the HTTP protocol while you are in a test environment (Sandbox) and you do not have real transactions. When you go to Production you must have an SSL certificate to offer a safe navigation that protects your data and those of your clients.

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Your customers will appreciate:

  • Pay by the payment method they prefer.
  • Pay in installments without interest and without additional cost.
  • Pay with two cards.
  • The ease and speed of processing the payments they make.
  • Pay as guests: they can pay without having a Mercado Pago account.


  • The module works without problems in the Prestashop 1.7 version.
  • Make sure to install an SSL Certificate to guarantee a secure navigation that responds to the HTTPS protocol.
  • Works with PHP versions from 5.4 to PHP 7.
  • For the database, use MySQL 5.6 (Oracle or Percona).
  • Must have cURL extension installed and enabled.


You don't need special knowledge or design or program to install Mercado Pago in your store.
Also, we are here to help you. You'll find all the steps to follow:

  • Install the module in your online store.
  • Place your credentials and create payment preferences.
  • Offer your customers the means of payment they use the most.
  • We send you notifications for every payment you receive.

Wat is er nieuw in versie 3.7.8(01.02.2019)

  • Security improvements

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PrestaShop Partners

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  • Compatibiliteit v1.6.0.4 - v1.6.1.24

  • Versie 3.7.8 (01.02.2019)

  • Requires subscription to a paid external service Ja

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  • Beschikbaar in het EN, BR, ES

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