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Contributor Guide - 
How to make sure you get good ratings
for your products?

The secret to getting good ratings, optimizing your products’ visibility and increasing your sales: satisfy your customers.
Follow our guide!

7 visitors out of 10 look at customer ratings before buying.
A customer that is helped will be a satisfied customer that will leave a good rating for your product. It’s the best kind of advertising for you.
With good ratings, you will reach Superhero, Captain, or Conqueror status on our expertise scale more easily, guaranteeing better visibility for your modules in our catalog.
We know that it’s not easy to handle every customer perfectly, but here are our recommendations to avoid disputes and refunds:

Don't forget that when selling your products on PrestaShop Addons, you're talking to agencies, freelancers, and developers, but also to many online e-merchants who often have very little technical knowledge.

Conscientious technical support

80% of customers request refunds because they do not hear back from the developer.
If you don't respond to e-e-merchants' questions, you raise the risk of having to give a refund and creating frustration...which can lead to poor ratings, even if your product is of good quality!
Answer all questions to improve your reputation and increase the number of satisfied customers.

Be calm before responding

A customer sent you a message that irritates you? Wait a few minutes to calm down before responding, and don't respond to them while angry. Have a coffee, take a deep breath... We know it's not always easy, but think: by making your customer satisfied, he may then leave a good rating and help optimize your visibility! You're smart, think of the good ratings to come :-)

Keep a professional tone in all circumstances

In case of a misunderstanding, keep cool and stay professional so that the e-seller, agency, or freelancer has a good impression of you. Ask him or her to send you screen captures, and specific paths for support to help them even further.
A satisfied customer is a repeat customer...and one who leave you a good rating! :-)


  • Let us into your FTP so we can help you! What did you think!

  • At some point, the fault is somewhere between your chair and your desk...

  • You’re funny...
    Did you think it was impossible to have bugs?


  • Could you please send us your FTP login so we can help you quickly?

  • It seems like maybe a mistake was made. Could you please take the following steps to solve the problem?

  • As surprising as it may seem, there can indeed be technical errors in modules. Thank you for sharing your comments with us so we can optimize our module!

A response under 48 working hours maximum

When an e-seller contacts you, they are often panicking: their store is their main business and a few hours can feel like an eternity. Respond to them in under 48 working hours to help them get back to business in the best possible conditions.
Remind yourself that if the customer cannot use their store, they will be very angry in the comment they leave for your module.

Simple and clear language

Many e-e-merchants who use PrestaShop have little knowledge in IT. Use clear and simple instructions to guide them.
And don't forget about the customary salutations: a simple "Hello" or "Thanks!"  and a friendly tone will put the customer in the mood to respond in kind (tested and approved!).

Technical support in languages you speak well

In your contributor account, only select the languages that you speak well and in which you can provide technical support.
Use English if you don't speak the same language as your customer and do not use an automatic translator (don't respond in Tuyuca-yes, that's a real language-if you've never studied it!).

Here’s a reminder of refund conditions

  • Always converse with your customers over the PrestaShop Addons platform. In case of dispute, if we do not have proof of your conversation directly on our platform, we will be obliged to decide in favor of the customer.

  • PrestaShop accepts refunds when:

    • the technical problem could not be resolved

    • no response within 48 working hours was made

    • an error in the order was made

    • there are unpaid invoices.

Your clients are the ones who will give your products
good visibility, be smart!