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Contributor's Guide

Take advantage of our advice to easily complete your module’s product page, guarantee quick marketing validation and encourage customers to buy your module!

Creating good product description pages is essential for both selling and facilitating the validation of your contributions!

Don't forget that when selling your products on PrestaShop Addons you're talking to agencies, freelancers, and developers but also many online e-merchants who often have very little technical knowledge.

So you need to make your product page easy to understand.

Follow our 11 advices for a successful marketing validation !

1 - Find a clear, concise and representative name

The name of your ZIP file must be identical to the module name given on the product page. This makes it easier for the merchant to find your module in the list of modules within the shop's back-office.

  • Choose a name that's clear, concise and representative.

  • Banish the words "module", "responsive" and "PrestaShop" from the name of your module.

  • Avoid specifying the module version in the title; this information is already automatically included in your product page.

  • Avoid using the same name as an existing module on the PrestaShop Addons marketplace. Stand out from the crowd!

IMPORTANT ! Use of these trademarks is strictly regulated and governed by a number of rules. As Sellers, you are therefore required to verify that you may use third-party trademarks for the listing, distribution, and promotion of your Addons modules. If you sell a module using a trademark on PrestaShop Addons, we encourage you to immediately review your agreements, and if needed, to contact the trademark owner(s) in order to obtain a license or familiarize yourself with the guidelines for using this trademark.

2 - Add an attractive icon with a good pixel resolution

  • The icon must represent your module! The icon allows visitors to understand the module functionality at a glance, which is particularly important on the category pages and on your seller page

  • The icone must measure 57x57 pixels for optimal resolution on the site (jpg, png or gif format).

3 - Describe the features and main benefits of your module

3.1 - Describe your module and make people want your module !

Make it snappy to convince e-merchants how useful your module is from the very first lines ! (250 characters maximum). The short description is visible on the home page and the category pages

3.2 - What does the module provides for the merchant ?

The e-merchant is the person who buys your module on PrestaShop Addons.

This field allows you to clearly display the benefits your module provides to him.

Does your module save the e-merchant’s time?
Improve natural SEO? Boost sales?

Complete this section with clear, concise and motivating bullet points!

Here are some examples …


"This module allows you to
convert your sales"


  • “In just a few clicks send an automated reminder email whenever a shopping cart is abandoned”.

  • “Benefit from an intuitive very easy to configure and entirely personalizable module in your shop's colors”.

3.3 - What are the features of your module?

The features should describe in clear points the main features of your module. There is no need to specify the version within the description; this information automatically appears to your product page. Don't commit to the terms and conditions for refunds or the duration of technical support: this essential information is already included in the Terms and Conditions approved by the customer. Mention of these terms on your product page may discourage the customer from purchasing.

For an impactful presentation, think about ...

  • Present the features in a list: e-merchants will easily be able to understand the essential features of your product. Also highlight your module's strengths and competitive advantages. Stand out from the crowd!

  • Be motivational and concise! Use action verbs where possible to engage potential customers and demonstrate the use of each function. Your text should be equally comprehensible for online e-merchants, who don't necessarily have a lot of technical knowledge.

3.4 - What are the benefits for the merchant’s client ?

This field allows you to display how your module benefits a merchant's client. Do not forget to make this distinction!

Will the customer enjoy improved navigation thanks to your module?
Quickly find what they're looking for?
Tell their friends about the shop?

These are all questions you need to answer to convince the merchant that your module is essential for his shop. Make it a must-have!

4 - Make your screenshots relevant

Screenshots are mandatory in order to demonstrate how the module works. They allow the seller to quickly understand your module and its features.

For an optimal presentation, make sure to:

  • Add at least 3 screenshots (and one for each feature)

  • Get screenshots of the Back Office and the Front Office

  • Use a square format of 1000 x 1000 px and in jpg, png or gif format

  • Check that they are of good quality (readable content and not blurred).

  • Do not add any external redirects to your business addresses

  • Create screenshots for each language if you offer your product page in several languages.

5 - Find at least 3 suitable keywords

Keywords are essential to promote your module on PrestaShop Addons as such they are used by our search engine.

To optimize the referencing of your module, please carefully follow these main points:

  • Add at least a minimum of 3 separate keywords and translated into the languages in which your product page is available

  • Write close variables (synonyms, spelling mistakes, singular/ plural) that users would be likely to search

Exemple: “rgpd”; “rgdp”: “rdgp” …

Remove generic keywords such as "PrestaShop" and "module".
On the contrary, choose words that are relevant and adapted to the features of your module.

Tips: To find out if your chosen words are relevant, ask your friends and colleagues which words they would use in the search bar to find your module. This will give you the chance to modify or add some!

6 - Specify what needs your module meets

To help guide e-merchants, a layer is provided to help them search for modules by theme (“Conversion rate”, “Navigation”, “ Productivity”). As such it is essential to find THE key benefit of your module!

Do you think you need to add a second benefit to your module? Feel free to contact us directly via the Help Center so that we can include it on your product page.

7 - Fill in the countries of distribution!

Select only the countries where your module works 100% correctly.
Your module will so then only be visible for the country selected by the merchant.

In addition to English as the default language, it will be then necessary to translate the product sheet into the selected languages.

8 - Select the fair price!

Choose the price which seems the most suitable from the price list which ranges from €49.99 to €4,999.99.

If other modules offer similar functions to those of your product, avoid offering a lower price: your product will appear to be poorer quality.

Would you like to offer a module for free? You can become a PrestaShop Partner: contact our Partnership Service and we'll be happy to help!

9 - Specify if the module requires external Paid Services

Does your module require a subscription to an external service? Check the box provided: this will protect you from possible client disputes.

Clients will be disappointed after purchasing if information is missing from the product page, and may then rate you harshly... or request a refund

10 - Link to set up demonstrations!

88% of our merchants said they trust more with a module displaying demos.

We strongly recommend you to add demonstrations of your module so that all merchants can understand how it works. Your videos must be in HTTPS and hosted on Youtube/Vimeo/Dailymotion so so they can be accessed by all our e-merchants.

Your video demo must show the installation and configuration of the module step by step and should not be for commercial purposes.

Remember that it is strictly forbidden to insert links or personal details in your demo, so that all support is provided via the internal inbox. We can then help you in case of any dispute!

For access to your back-office demo, just use the user name "[email protected]" and the password "demodemo".

For access to your front-office demo, you can use our Classic Theme via this link:

Don’t fill any external email address in the “Informations” section, into the demo’s footer.

11 - Create a detailed documentation

The documentation allows buyers to understand how to install and set up the module by themselves.

  • It absolutely must be written in English and the other languages in which you provide your product page.Please respect ISO Standard. If your documentations are both in english and spanish, you must name them: “readme_en” & “readme_es”

  • Where possible use screenshots and simple sentences that can be understood by e-merchants (whatever their technical ability).

Do not forget: clear documentations significantly reduce the need for after-sales service: don't waste time, and optimize it!

Tips: Do not hesitate to add a “ FAQ” at the end of your page where you will integrate all the recurring questions asked by your customers.

That’s ok ? Submit your product sheet for a marketing validation !

Our Marketing Team will then be able to check it and for each languages you selected within a maximum of 10 working days.

If it is a new module, you will have to wait until the technical validation before the module is put online on PrestaShop Addons.

It it was an update, modifications will live the day after.

Need more help ? Feel free to contact us via the Help Center !

PrestaShop Addons Team