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Promoter Shopper

module Promoter Shopper

Ontwikkeld door Community developer
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Boost your sales by measuring your Net Promoter Score ®! Convert your shoppers to loyal customers who refers you to friends and relatives!

Wat deze module u te bieden heeft


Klantrelatie Verbetert de klantrelatie

  • Easily capture user opinion on your store
  • Improve areas that customer dislikes
  • Increase conversion by having greater user satisfaction
  • Increase sales by having loyal customers
  • Increase sales by having new customers referred to you 
  • Follow your score from your dashboard
  • Gives you the opportunity dress a list of customer to target with custom promotions


  • Survey shoppers either from the left block of your store, or from a popup window at the bottom of the browser window on PC, tablets or phone
  • Gather user feedback 
  • Configurable color for the bottom window survey 
  • Inherits your theme font and color for the content
  • Display your Net Promoter Score as an awesome graph on your dashboard
  • Display users comments and date, along with users email addresses if they have signed in
  • Configurable delay between individual user survey
  • Configurable number of comments to display in the dashboard
  • Compact or large dashboard widget display

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Wat uw klanten zullen waarderen

  • Spontaneously, quickly and easily provide comments  and feedback
  • Get better experience on your site 
  • Participate in survey promotions that you may decide to run


If you decide to survey your customers using the left block of the site, we recommend that you position the module left block on top of the other modules left block for greater visibility and efficiency. You can easily do this by using the Prestashop module positions feature.

Ondersteuning en updates

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Copy the module under the "modules" forlder or your Prestashop installation, and install it via the Modules interface of Prestashop.

Wat is er nieuw in versie 1.0.0(2015-01-31)

  • Improved redirect from footer

Over de ontwikkelaar

Community developer

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  • Compatibiliteit v1.6.0.4 - v1.6.0.11

  • Versie 1.0.0 (2015-01-31)

  • Beschikbaar in het en fr

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