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One page checkout for Prestashop

module One page checkout for Prestashop

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Intuitive. Powerful. Customizable. Responsive. One page checkout for Prestashop

Now available also for PS 1.7.


Wat deze module u te bieden heeft


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(!) Prestashop 1.7 users, check the compatible version here:

Higher conversion rates.
Easily customizable checkout form.
Professionally looking and responsive checkout.

Our advantage over competitors?  We provide not only product as-is, but also Professional support, Consultations and Customization according to your special needs.


One Page Checkout module is now a very mature product and when it comes to professional looking and powerful checkout it's being No.1 choice since 2009.

While PrestaShop has it's own One page checkout since v1.4, many shop owners think it's just not it, that it lags behind especially in customer comfort and intuitiveness.

Following our successful One Page Checkout module for PrestaShop 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4, we've spent lot of time discussing with many business owners to help us design really powerful OPC module for latest Prestashop. We're bringing few new features and completely new styling which could help customer satisfaction and conversion even more.

Feature highlights - or what's changed compared to standard OPC:
  • No redundant clicks required - no buttons for choosing checkout type, no "Save" button, it's true One click checkout
  • Designed with customer visual comfort in mind - compact, not too much cluttered, no surprises, just simple understandable form
  • Inline validation - as per study (, inline validation definitely helps to increase customer satisfaction and thus buying potential
  • Better error reporting - error messages are more unified in look and are displayed closer to problematic area and thus help customers to locate more easily what's wrong
  • Payment methods are displayed right away and in stylable fashion as radio buttons, no waiting for address fill-in and ToS confirmation
  • As with previous versions, very popular Sticky cart and/or Sticky summary, i.e. cart block or cart summary sections is always visible, it's floating.
  • Info block (also sticky!) ...everybody likes it, see for yourself on demo site
  • Page fading, for better focus on checkout while being on checkout form (fades out disturbing elements on checkout form)
  • Multiple addresses support, seamlessly integrated as in previous version
  • Finally, support for virtual goods! No delivery address, just email and payments.
  • Extensive configuration possibilities back office
  • Automatically localized to your language - reusing default translations + many translations contributed by our existing customers worldwide
  • Checkout form compliant with the new German e-shop law!
  • Integrated ship2pay module (restriction of payment modules based on carrier selected, payment modules are ajax-refreshed immediately)
  • 3 layout options available - single column, two columns and three columns for even more compact look
  • Fully Responsive with all responsive templates for PS 1.5 and 1.6
  • Want more? Let us know, we're eager to know your opinion and we're prepared to develop this according to YOUR needs

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Module is compatible with any theme and any payment module, should something be incompatible, fix or refund is guaranteed.

Wat uw klanten zullen waarderen

All checkout form options visible immediately.
No half filled-in forms to see the rest.
Very usable from any device - smartphone, tablet, laptop or big screens.
Peace of mind.


Prestashop 1.7 users, check the compatible version here:

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Installation instructions are in enclosed document - Installation_and_Setup.pdf

Wat is er nieuw in versie 3.2.1(08.09.2019)

  • [fix] Store also hidden payment inputs on payment block reload (to support Mollie payment methods)
  • [fix] Force email overlay - shall not disappear when using already registered email
  • [feature] Added show_product_stock_info config option, to show in-stock, out-of-stock or missing qty in cart summary
  • [fix] submitReorder was allowed also for non-logged in customers (from default PS core)
  • [fix-payment] klarnapaymentsofficial
  • [fix-payment] stripe_official v2.0 (popup window)
  • [fix-payment] creditcardofflinepayment (square bracket in name attribute)
  • [feature] New checkout form styling theme - German style, clean checkout
  • [feature] Shipping and Payment required fields - when not filled in, these section would be inaccessible
  • [feature] Added possibility to hide shipping and total cost in cart summary when shipping method is not selected
  • [fix] Improved showing shipping to (location) in shipping area - when enabled in config
  • [fix] Reorganized configuration page for better readability
  • [fix] Unset id_state when switching from one country (that has states) to another that also has states / provinces
  • [fix-shipping] pakkelabels_shipping - display postnummer input box for pakkelabels shipping modules
  • [fix] need_identification_number in country setup was not respected on checkout (e.g. for Italy)
  • [fix] Improved performance on shipping refresh on checkout form
  • [feature] Floating save button in configuration, squeezing top navigation bar in configuration
  • [feature] Capitalize automatically fields: firstname, lastname, address1 and city, and uppercase postcode
  • [fix] Refresh mini-cart (available for some themes)
  • [fix] It was possible to proceed with order if quantity decreased during cart session on background
  • [fix] Tax label shown incorrectly for tax exempt customers in shopping cart summary
  • [feature] Missing street number notice
  • [fix] Avoid customer account save if data wasn't changed
  • [fix] Birthdate translation

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Community developer

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  • 3 maanden gratis ondersteuning (Meer informatie)
  • Ontwikkeld door een Top Developer
  • Documentatie inbegrepen
  • Compatibiliteit v1.5.0.0 - v1.7.6.1

  • Versie 3.2.1 (08.09.2019)

  • Beschikbaar in het EN, CS, ES, FR, IT, PL

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