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module Moneta

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A module that allows customers to pay with Moneta, a popular mobile payment system in Slovenia. 

Wat deze module u te bieden heeft

This module will help you generate more revenue because customers Slovenian customers trust Moneta payment system because of its simplicity. Almost every customer today has a mobile phone and this will help you gather more payments from customers that don't have credit cards and  this method is also less risky and complicated than other methods (cash on delivery, bank transfer) because payment with Moneta is instantaneous and works 24/7.


 Enables customers to pay with Moneta for their order.

Currenctly subscribers from Telekom Slovenije, SiMobil and Debitel can pay with Moneta. That is more than 80% of Slovenian mobile phone users.

Slovene translations are included.

Simple setup - only enter ID that you got from Moneta provider and you are ready to go.

Test mode included (for testing proper functionality before going to production mode)

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Wat uw klanten zullen waarderen

 Payment with Moneta is simple for customers, most of Slovenian mobile phone user can use it and they do not need any special equipment. Customers are also less hesitant to pay with Moneta because of its recognizability. It is also very safe for customers as they have to enter PIN that they get on their mobile phone via SMS before payment can be completed.

Paying for orders is also quite simple. Amount that they spent with Moneta payments is added to their monthly mobile phone bill. 

Ondersteuning en updates

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Tot 90 dagen na de aankoop profiteert u van technische en functionele ondersteuning en van toegang tot beschikbare updates voor dit product.


 Simply copy this module to the modules folder and then install as any other module. After the installation configure your module as described in the documentation.

Wat is er nieuw in versie 1.1.0(2015-06-29)

  • Now supporting detailed invoices in Moneta
  • Added full supports for discounts, free gifts and gift wrapping
  • Numerous bug fixes

Over de ontwikkelaar

Community developer

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  • Compatibiliteit v1.5.1.0 - v1.6.0.14

  • Versie 1.1.0 (2015-06-29)

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