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Store Delivery: In-store Availability, Pickup at Store

module Store Delivery: In-store Availability, Pickup at Store

Ontwikkeld door 202 ecommerce
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This module will enable your customers to check the in-store availability of a product and pick up at store their purchase at a point of sale.

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This module will enable you to offer your customers to pick up their purchase at a point of sale. All it takes is to provide the products and variations available in store on the product sheet. This is good to develop your multichannel presence at reasonable cost by putting the available point of sale forward on each of your product sheets.
In order to make configuring the module as easy as possible, you can also change the available products by point of sale directly from the module configuration.


In back office
  • Adding a new carrier for store pick up
  • Choosing a product availability in point of sale by product and by variation
  • Change a product availability from its product sheet or from the module configuration
  • Displaying a summary table in the module configuration including the store availability for each product
  • Temporarily disabling a point of sale
  • This module enables to make interconnection with an ERP or cash management tool easier
  • Modifying legal documentation: The delivery address in store is displayed on the order form, the receipt and the delivery note.
On the product sheet
  • A new icon stating “available in store” is displayed
  • When clicking, a pop up appears with in-store product availability or variation consulted
  • The store’s details and opening hours are displayed with an accordion style
  • Integration of the information present in the native configuration of the “stores”
  • Responsive: The pop up and module configuration is entirely adapted to mobile, tablet and PC display 

In the order tunnel
  • A new carrier “pick up in store” is displayed
  • The user can select a point of sale where they want to pick up their purchase
  • Display of a Google Maps map to locate points of sale
  • Display of the store’s details on a Google Maps map
  • Compatible with 1 page check out
  • Responsive module
  • Display of unavailable products from the cart in the selected point of sale
General characteristics
  • Multilingual: By using the PrestaShop native translation features, you can quickly add or change a translation
  • Multi-store: This module enables you to define a configuration by store
  • Compatible with PrestaShop 1.5 et 1.6  
  • We can customize this module to integrate the features you need. Contact us to get a quote and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

This module does not enable you to define a specific quantity for each product in each point of sale. If you own a considerable sales volume, we offer customized development services to link your cash software or ERP to in-store storage management.

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Voeg "Store Delivery: In-store Availability, Pickup at Store" toe aan uw winkelwagentje, samen met:

  • Automatically redirect customers to their local language and/or the currency by their location.Increase probability of purchase thanks to proper content presentation, familiar currency and language.

  • With this module you can edit existing orders from back office. You can easily modify ordered products, documents, shipping, payments and many more. You can also set rules for automatically generating numbers for orders and other documents.



Other modules developed by 202-ecommerce
We suggest the “Redirection 404 Manager Pro” module, enabling to quickly and easily detect and set up redirections. The “Automatic email dispatch to the supplier” module enables to make your resupply automatic with a drop shipping solution.
About 202-ecommerce
Since our agency is specialized in cyber commerce, we adapt web techniques to specific issues related to online sales. Composed of web professionals who are online sale lovers, we accompany cyber merchants, with the same desire of always selling more.

Wat uw klanten zullen waarderen

  • New carrier: A fast in-store pick up makes your customers save on delivery time
  • Point of sale details display
  • Product or variation in-store availability display
  • A transparent integration with the order tunnel

Ondersteuning en updates

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Wat omvat de Option Zen?

De optie Zen omvat:

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  • specifieke personalisering en ontwikkeling;
  • de installatie en update van de module/het thema:
  • het oplossen van problemen met de services van derde partijen, de hosting of de server, of met de software van PrestaShop.


Installing the module is very easy, you just have to go to the “Modules and services” tab and charge the downloaded archive to install it in your store.

Wat is er nieuw in versie 1.0.3(2016-09-08)

  • [+] First release
  • [+] PrestUI installed
  • [+] add confirmation or error messages

Over de ontwikkelaar, 202 ecommerce

202 ecommerce

202 ecommerce is composed of experimented and passionate web professional in online sale. With a strong backgound on IT projects management, we also work with our customer on webmarketing topics. Our modules are based on our experience made at working with our customers.

202 ecommerce is a young dynamic ecommerce agency based in Paris.  

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  • 3 maanden gratis ondersteuning (Meer informatie)
  • Ontwikkeld door een Top Developer
  • Documentatie inbegrepen
  • Compatibiliteit v1.6.0.4 - v1.6.1.20

  • Versie 1.0.3 (2016-09-08)

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