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Modulo Shopping List | Save Favorite Products | Multi Wishlist

$69.99 $69.99
Shopping List | Save Favorite Products | Multi Wishlist

Modulo Shopping List | Save Favorite Products | Multi Wishlist

Sviluppato da Community developer
Through Shopping List | Save Favorite Products | Multi Wishlist module, allow your customers to create shopping cart lists and add their favorite products into their shopping cart lists for buy later.
Dalla V1.6.0.4 alla V1.7.6.5

Solo prodotto

$69.99 $69.99


Through Shopping List | Save Favorite Products | Multi Wishlist module, allow your customers to create shopping cart lists and add their favorite products into their shopping cart lists for buy later.

Ciò che questo prodotto ti offre

attach_money Aumenta il carrello medio dei tuoi clienti
Sometimes your customers wants to save some specific or their favorite products for buy later it can be in the form of multiple shopping list for multiple occasions.
The Shopping List | Save Favorite Products | Multi Wishlist module will help you to improve your retail sales by making your store more comfortable and functional for customers.
The module will allow customers to add any products what they like to add in the shopping list, making it easy to relocate and purchase them in the future.

The customer can manage their shopping lists in their account. They can therefore add / edit / delete their shopping lists. Each shopping list displays a summary of the products.

Improve the user experience by offering a feature loved by the customers of the biggest e-commerce sites (Amazon, etc.) on your shopping cart summary;

Increase your customers’ average basket: they forgot this impulse buy that they had set aside during a previous visit, but this time they will add it even though it wasn't their original purpose;

Improve the shopping cart summary by letting your customers list their favorite products and set them aside;
Boost your sales by letting them find these items on a future visit and slip them in their shopping cart;
Retain your customers by letting them set aside a product they like for their next order;

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Versioni compatibili con PrestaShop

V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.6.5

Versione modulo

V 5.2.1

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Community developer

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Whishlist & Gift Card


Back Office

  • Configuration of the module from the Back-Office.
  • Admin can manage the customer shopping cart lists and their products.
  • Admin can set the maximum limit of shopping cart list to create by the customer.
  • Admin can set the position of the shopping cart lists to display in front office.
  • Admin can set or change the shopping list icon any time.
  • Admin can set or change the color of shopping cart list text and background.
  • Admin can configure module to create default shopping list for the customer after registration automatically.
  • Create default shopping list for old customers by group(s) or by choosing specific customer(s) in single click.

Front Office

  • In a few clicks, create shopping cart lists in the shopping cart list summary page!
  • Quick access to the Shopping lists for logged customer.
  • Dplays the quantity of products in each shopping list.
  • Display all the created shopping lists by the customer in multiple positions in front office either in list or dropdown list as per the configuration.
  • Display default shopping cart list icons on each product in product listing and cart page if configured.
  • Customer can move the products from shopping list to current cart easily.
  • Customer can add any of the shopping list products in cart and proceed to order any time in just one click.
  • Feature to add products in shopping list by both registered and non registered users.
  • Display all shopping lists and their products in sidebar in all front office pages as per the configuration.
  • Feature to create new shopping list from product listing page.
  • Customers can see their shopping cart lists in their account.
  • Customer can create several shopping cart lists as per the configuration.
  • Group actions with the shopping lists and products (removal, move to cart)
  • Product quantity alert will be display in shopping cart product list.

Novità nella versione 5.2.1(12/12/2019)

  • Minor bug fixed

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