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Lookbook - Staging your catalog (fashion, deco…)

Modulo Lookbook - Staging your catalog (fashion, deco…)

Sviluppato da 202 ecommerce
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The Lookbook module, so common on fashion sites, has finally arrived on PrestaShop, so you can stage your fashion, decoration or furniture catalog. By offering a mix of products, you multiply the chances of additional sales.

Ciò che questo prodotto ti offre

Conversioni Valorizza i tuoi prodotti

Increase your conversion rate: Increase your conversion rates by letting your customers see your products in real situations. Choose a picture in portrait mode and offer the products in the image you've chosen for sale.
Offer a new user experience: According to a study commissioned by WiziShop and Init Marketing in October 2014, 89% of online shoppers are willing to spend more if they have an excellent customer experience. Let your customers enjoy a new shopping experience that they can already experience on other e-commerce sites.
Be ergonomic: Using the module is very simple and it doesn't cause any slowing of your online store. As it is designed specifically for PrestaShop, the module uses all its functionalities to the full.
Ideas for using it: Are you a fashion blogger who wants to sell the outfits you have on your blog? Thanks to PrestaShop's Lookbook module you can now begin to make your first sales.


Look categories: Create categories containing all the looks you want to display.
Looks: Create new looks by adding a description, an image and the products that make up your looks.
Enable / Disable your looks: You can easily turn off your looks or your categories without deleting them.
Show your looks on your homepage: Choose a specific image for the PrestaShop slideshow for each look you have.
Display a side block to access your looks: Depending on your theme, choose whether to display a block of links to your outfits on the right or left sidebar.
Display all looks: Navigate through all the looks in your shop using a slideshow.
Multi-language: Our module is initially available in English, French and Spanish. Because it fully utilizes PrestaShop's functionalities, you can easily add an additional language in the "Translations" tab.
Simple configuration: You only need a few minutes to see your first look in your shop.


Compatibility PrestaShop 1.7

It is possible to make this module compatible 1.7. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want the module to become compatible with Prestashop 1.7.

Other modules developed by 202-ecommerce
We suggest the "Flash sale by product" module which allows you to set up flash sales quickly and simply. The "Send automatic email to supplier" module allows you to automate your dropshipping supply.
About 202-ecommerce
We are an agency specialized in e-commerce, and we have web techniques adapted to the specific problems of online sales. We are a group of web professionals who are passionate about online sales and supporting e-retailers, driven by the same desire as them - to sell more.

Ciò che i tuoi clienti apprezzeranno

Responsive and mobile friendly: Whether your client is on mobile, tablet or PC the module display will adjust depending on the size of their screen.
Real life product visualization: Thanks to a visual that brings together several products from your shop, you can give your customers ideas for complete outfits.
A new customer experience: Let your customers enjoy a new shopping experience that they can already experience on other e-commerce sites.

Supporto e aggiornamenti

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Per 90 giorni dopo l'acquisto, benefici di un'assistenza tecnica e funzionale, oltre che dell'accesso agli aggiornamenti disponibili per questo prodotto.

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Che cos'è l'Opzione Zen?

L'opzione Zen comprende due servizi:

  • - un supporto post-vendita illimitato durante il periodo coperto dall'opzione;
  • - l’accesso a tutti gli aggiornamenti di questo prodotto durante questo periodo.

L'Opzione Zen è disponibile a un prezzo vantaggioso al momento dell'acquisto di questo prodotto e, in caso di ripensamenti, puoi ottenerla anche dopo l'acquisto a partire dal tuo account. rnÈ valida per un anno a partire dalla data di acquisto del prodotto. Prima l'acquisti, più a lungo ne approfitti!

Cosa include l'opzione Zen?

L'Opzione Zen comprende:

  • le domande relative all'utilizzo del modulo/tema;
  • la risoluzione di eventuali problemi tecnici legati al modulo/tema;
  • accesso a tutti gli aggiornamenti del modulo/tema.

L'Opzione Zen non comprende le seguenti prestazioni:

  • la personalizzazione e lo sviluppo specifico;
  • le prestazioni di installazione e di aggiornamento del modulo/tema;
  • la risoluzione di problemi relativi a servizi esterni, l'hosting, il server o, ancora, il software PrestaShop.


Installing the module is very simple, you simply go to the "Modules and Services" link and load the downloaded archive to install it in your shop. 

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Lookbook - Staging your catalog (fashion, deco…)
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  • 202 ecommerce Sviluppato da

    PrestaShop v1.6.0.4 - v1.6.1.17 Compatibilità

  • Community developer Sviluppato da

    PrestaShop v1.3.2.3 - v1.7.2.3 Compatibilità

  • PrestaShop Sviluppato da

    PrestaShop v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.2.3 Compatibilità

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Novità nella versione 1.1.0(18/04/2016)

  • New release of the module

Informazioni sullo sviluppatore, 202 ecommerce

202 ecommerce

202 ecommerce is composed of experimented and passionate web professional in online sale. With a strong backgound on IT projects management, we also work with our customer on webmarketing topics. Our modules are based on our experience made at working with our customers.

202 ecommerce is a young dynamic ecommerce agency based in Paris.  

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  • Compatibilità v1.6.0.4 - v1.6.1.17

  • Versione 1.1.0 (18/04/2016)

  • Disponibile in en fr es

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