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Fullscreen Slit Slider

Modulo Fullscreen Slit Slider

Sviluppato da Community developer
  • PrestaShop
    1.6.1 -


The slideshow with a twist - when navigating the slides, the current one will be cut open into two slices and moved away.  It can be used in full width, fixed height or fullscreen mode.

Ciò che questo prodotto ti offre


Conversioni Consente di gestire promozioni

Change the look of your shop to be more  eyes catching.

Show your best products or something else with powerful&attractive slider and give your webshop a better look.

By defining the rotation angle, horizontal or vertical and scale of each slide, it gives us the possibility to create really unique effects of each slide transition.


  • use it as full screen mode or full width, fixed height mode - both of them are responsive,
  • define your own rotation angle, type (horizontal or vertical) and scale for each slide,
  • define your own image, link, title and description for each slide,
  • define your custom CSS style,
  • enable/disable:
    - full screen mode, (full screen demo:
    - navigation (next/prev arrows navigation),
    - pagination (dots pagination),
    - autoplay (slideshow),
    - keyboard (keyboard navigation),
    - Lato font (use google Lato font),
    - optopacity.
  • define your own:
    - transitions speed,
    - slider height,
    - translate factor - amount (%) to translate both slices - adjust as necessary,
    - maximum possible scale,
    - maximum possible angle,
    - time between transitions,
    - title and description text color.
  • unlimited number of sliders
  • multilingual and multi store,

Acquistati di solito insieme

Fullscreen Slit Slider
Immagini SEO (tag Alt)
Notifica scheda browser (Favicon)


Hooks availables: displayTop, displayHome or pleace custom hook anywhere you wish.

Supporto e aggiornamenti

Disponi automaticamente di 3 mesi di supporto per questo prodotto.

Per 90 giorni dopo l'acquisto, benefici di un'assistenza tecnica e funzionale, oltre che dell'accesso agli aggiornamenti disponibili per questo prodotto.


1/ Login to your PrestaShop Admin
2/ Click on Module Tab
3/ Click on Add a module from my computer | Add a module from PrestaShop Addons
4/ Upload the module
5/ Install and Configure as required.


1/ Unzip
1/ Upload 'slitslider' folder to your prestashop modules directory
2/ In your shop back office install the module:
- go to Modules Tab, then under Front Office Features section find Evolution Slider
3/ Next click "install" button
4/ And then "Configure" link.

To use full screen mode follow the steps:

1/ In any text or html editor open header.tpl file from your theme folder. Directly beneath the opening tag insert: {hook h='displaySlitslider'}
2/Upload header.tpl file on your ftp.
3/In slider settigns enable Full screen option and save settings.
4/ See top right options and choose „Manage hooks”.
5/ Again see top right options and choose „Transplant a module”.
6/ From 'Transplant to dropdown' choose 'displaySlitslider' and save.
7/ From 'displayTop' section click arrow near Edit icon and choose „Unhook”.
8/Go back to module Settings.
9/ If you use default Prestashop theme: In slidder settings add to 'Your custom css' field:
header {background: none;}#search_block_top{padding-top:30px;}#header .shopping_cart{padding-top:30px;}header .nav,.shopping_cart > a:first-child,#header .cart_block {background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.3);}#header .cart_block{top:76px}.sf-menu{border:0;background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7);}.sf-menu > li > a{padding:14px 20px;color:#000;border:0;}.sf-menu > li {margin-bottom:0;}.sf-menu > li > ul {padding: 20px 30px; background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.8);top: 50px;}
8/ Go to Advanced Parameters → Performance and use „Clear cache” option.

Settings help & small (reasonable)  customization for your theme included.

Novità nella versione 2.0.0(20/02/2018)

  • configuration options changed/added
  • js changes
  • css changes

Informazioni sullo sviluppatore

Community developer

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  • Compatibilità v1.6.1 - v1.7.3.0

  • Versione 2.0.0 (20/02/2018)

  • Disponibile in en da es fr gb it pl ru

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